DC, Race and Daygame || 7 More

It’s been a wild week in the US. Much like the Krauser post, I currently see the world through daygame eyes. Nothing changed for me, not last Tuesday. But the rest of the US is all worked up — and my hippy friends are losing their minds, particularly around race. I’m in DC. That story is playing here too. And this city has more color in it than back home.

Yesterday I went to Georgetown for some daygame practice in a city I’ve never been to before. I didn’t know anything about that part of town, but it turned out to be plush neighborhood, big name stores, very comfortable spot, high-end, much like home. Fully “gentrified.” Lots of different colored faces, but all from the same social class… an affluent place, and good for pickup… for the girls that hold my interested. I was a little nervous yesterday, my first day out in DC, but that was about me in unfamiliar surroundings… not about the spot itself. Georgetown, itself, was perfect.

Today I wanted to try a different part of town. Testing new waters. Trying to drill performance in hunting grounds that were unfamiliar to me. So I tried the area around Chinatown. I heard it was crowded. Sounded like it would be worth a shot.

As the car drops me off, it feels different immediately. Mostly because there were a group of about 10 black guys, with a sound system, talking about killing white people. Like very amplified sound, over and over, about how much white people have stolen from black people and lots and lots about killing people that look like me. It was, as we said in SoCal when I was a kid… gnarly.

And this is all happening during a time when the story of race is on a hair-trigger in the US. After a year of BLM. People are scared, on both sides.

I don’t feel that scared. Not in general, and not today. I just want to run game. And this is not helping my vibe. None of this is “sexy.”

Again, I was a bit nervous, just because I’d never been in this spot before, and it was only my second day in DC. I decide right away that I can’t pretend I’m not hearing that “kill, kill, kill the white man.” No fucking way I can pretend that’s not there. I have to get away from this part of town, if I want to hit on girls.

So I wander off in the most crowded direction I see away from the Black Hebrew Israelites (that’s the particular flavor of “kill whitey” that was going down that day). And this part of town… is just not Georgetown. It seems to be a mostly black crowd. I don’t happen to be into black girls (Pancake, you’d like DC!)… as we know, I’m into Asian girls. Almost exclusively. And it happened to be a National Holiday (Veteran’s Day), so maybe the population was different that day because all the worker bees had the day off? I don’t know… my first/only time in this spot. But I’m not into what I see, and this is not my “target demo.” This isn’t just about race, it’s about socio-economic class. And I’m liking this spot less and less.

And that reminds me, I like to talk about how important segmentation is to life, and that includes game. A simple way for me to talk about this is, for instance, that “college game” is not the same as “young urban professional” game. In the first segment, a beer bong has a certain cachet and in the other, a robust 401K might serve the same purpose. So what is your segment? What segment are you in? And what segment has the girls that you like? Knowing the answers to those questions will help you plan your hunting trips.

This reminds me of a time when I went to a “block party” this summer. Hiphop, drinking, DJs. Sounded great. I thought it would a fun place to hit on girls. And the weather was warm and perfect and there were a lot of girls in skirts there… almost 80% Asian girls. Sound really good right?

No. That party was “rough.” I grew up in more lower economic class situation than I live in today. That party reminded me of where I grew up, which was rough as well, but a Latin gangster version of rough. There is reason why I don’t like there anymore. That party felt like a fight waiting to happen… and sure enough, I saw three fights before I left. The first fight was between a couple of girls.

So segmentation is important. Yes, I think I have skills. Portable skills. And much of that will work in different socio-economic conditions, but not all of it. And I won’t even want certain girls, even if my game could be effective there, because I’m not attracted to that socio-economic segment. It’s not just which segment I am, but where my target girls are as well.

Back to DC… I want to stick around this spot and make it work. I want to show discipline. I wanted to prove that I could pickup here too… and then I realized this was a waste of my time. This spot isn’t going to work. Not my segment. I don’t belong here.

Tying this back to the election… this is what a lot of the vote was about. A group of people saying that one candidate or another wasn’t going to create a place where they, as a voter, felt like they belonged. On a day to day basis, people have some choice, they can pack up and move to where they belong… and they’ve done that. And the vote reflects it. Certain locations for certain segments. The real upset comes as all segments US have to share one president. That can be uncomfortable… like me, standing around listening to “kill whitey!” in a all black neighborhood.

I took a car back to Georgetown, because I could. And it was so much better. Turned out to be a nice day. 7 sets. Everyone stopped. Long, comfortable chats on the sidewalk with these girls… all of us comfortable… in a segment that was relevant to our shared experience.

I had chosen the gentrified spot afterall. I wear Vans sneakers, black jeans, tshirts. I’m not a fancy guy, but I am selling an artsy-outlaw vibe, to a relatively highend crowd. And it works. Those segments are compatible. At least some of the time.

And I see some symbolism in my flight from that “bad neighborhood” to the prissy experience where I was comfortable.

This election has so, so many segment related battles. White vs color. Rich vs poor. Men vs women. Conservative vs progressive. I have to get in where I fit in. Understanding game is like politics in that way… what segment? What do they want? What works for them? Racial segments. Economics segments. Psychological segments. All different “puzzles.”

Meanwhile, it turned out to be a good day on the street, once I found the segment that appealed to me, and where my value is real for those girls. That’s the puzzle I want to solve.

And I like #5 below the best (radically feminine and beautiful Vietnamese girl, wow), but the set of the day was #7.

She was a professional woman. Asian (thank you). She stopped well, had just left a happy hour with her friends. I think she was a little buzzed, but I only know that because she said something to that extent, I couldn’t tell by looking at her. She was probably around 30. Korean, from upstate NY.

We get into a nice chat. I got comfortable with her right away. As we talk, I start to sense she is compliant… maybe submissive. I could be wrong, but Yohami’s coaching has me on the lookout for her “puzzle.” Looking for “what she wants” in the little clues and cues in her behavior.

I was asking about what I should do for Sunday — before my plane leaves — and I don’t know exactly why, but she says, “I already have plans.” I didn’t ask her out, but she sort of assumed it. I liked that. Maybe she assumed the date because I was really feeling the set and I had slowed down, stepped in closer to her and changed the tone of my voice to add some sex and swagger. Or maybe because she wanted it, so she imaged the invitation. I told her to cancel and come spend some time with me. And said no, but it was a weak no… I could tell she was considering it. I felt a little intimate with this woman, and fast. It was pretty hot.

This woman would sex me, if I was here longer, I can feel it. Good set. Number closed her and told her to make time for me on Sunday… Low probability, tough logistics, but if I can score a little date I will. We’ve exchanged several texts… we’ll see.

Daygame in DC.

Here are the rest of the sets.


1. Very Feminine, Asian women on “dinner break” from work. Charming and beautiful and slow. We chatted. She was very pretty, but tired. And going back to work. I asked why? And she kind of stared at me, and I said, “because you’re very important.” And we both smiled. As I left her, I was kicking myself for not trying to insta-date her. In some ways I’m glad I didn’t try, because I made several more approaches that afternoon I wouldn’t have had time for if I had been with her, but it still sounds like it would have been fun. I’ve never had an insta-date. Not yet.

2. She was a slightly plump, very young, delicious little white girl. I was in a great mood at this point, and I was pretty slick and confident in the pickup. She figured it out, bloomed into a big smile, and said she was sorry, but she had a BF. Good for her. Tasty little college girl, that one. I would.

3. Another little white girl. Prettier than the one above, more put together, more “mature” (but probably about the same age), and with a really great ass packed into tight jeans. Huge smile from her, full sexual vibe. Attraction… but she was drifting away. Slipping out of the reach of this dangerous, dangerous man. That was fun. Bye, hot girl.

4. Tall Asian girl with a great body. Ahh, what an ass, and a killer sexy walk. I swing around in front of her and she has really bad skin… I couldn’t really tell until I got close and had already opened. If a girl has a pretty face, nice skin, and healthy hair… I would fuck her almost no matter what her body is like. But bad skin… all the rest doesn’t matter, I’m done. I had already opened, and she was still figuring me out, but I finished my line, smiled, and immediately said goodbye and split. She was totally confused. That’s my bad for not getting a better look at her face before I got her open. Confusing girls with great asses is not the goal of all this.

5. I was following one very young, very hot Asian girl with skirts and boots (hot Winter/Fall look for girls, I love it). I “upgraded” during the pursuit to a different Asian girl that was a little sweeter looking, probably more beautiful, maybe not as “hot.” She turned out to be from Vietnam. Wow, such a near-perfect, incredibly charming, feminine one. I was in love. Great chat. She said she had to go, and for some reason, closing her felt pointless as I have no time to see this girl (even though I closed another girl later in the day)… God she was lovely. Heart-breakingly lovely girl. Wow. I wish I had taken her number.

6. Tall Chinese girl, nice body. Simple, practical, not very charming at all. Good chat… long chat… her leaning against the wall near where I stopped her. Very tempted to try to close her, but didn’t really have any desire to see her again. Said goodbye.

7. This is the set of the day above. If Baby Jesus wants it to be so… maybe I’ll see her tomorrow.

Viva Daygame.