Dedicated to Jenny // More Stats

These notes are little old now… but I’ll post them to share.

This batch of hustle was motivated by this girl I met on the street recently. I dated her once. I couldn’t get her out again quickly, and I think I ended up over-gaming her via text, trying to keep some momentum between she/I until I could see her again. She was never a strong lead, but I liked her, and the date. I blew it with gamey text stuff. Especially ironic as I was bragging about some text stuff I’d done w/ her… which I think was fine. But when I went at it again, it was too much. Oh well, she’s done. Back to the drawing board.

So that week, I hit the streets to drum up some more leads, and I did it “in her honor.” This was me playing with the disappointment and lack of results, and trying to channel that disappointment in a positive way into the next round of approaches, leads and dates. My life situation is certainly no girls fault.

Her name wasn’t Jenny, but let’s say I hit the streets with the idea that the days grind was “Dedicated to Jenny.” It felt good, actually. “Jenny, this one is for you!”

It’s interesting how we make sense out of all the failure and frustration. This is me doing just that. Onward and upward.

Apr28: 1. Was on my way to lunch, saw her — Taiwanese girl taking touristy pictures. Language student. She was timid, but it was a good set. I have been focused on getting physically closer in my sets, and I did that several times w/ her. Including once, when I said that I wanted to visit Taiwan, because “Taiwanese girls were cute” and stepped into her space as I said it. Her eyes popped, she giggled, stepped back, and we went back into rapport. Took her number, she was texting back/forth right away. 2. Oddly dressed little Asian girl. Long dress, flight jacket, boots, super-cropped bangs. I opened her and she stopped nicely. I guessed she was an art student, and she is — film. At one point she had me guess where she’s from, and I guessed Taiwan, and… I was right again, she couldn’t believe it (mostly luck on my part, and the influence of the other Taiwanese girl earlier that day). Took her FB. She/I are chatting. 3. Asian girl w/ yoga mat, and great legs. Fucking great legs… I can still see them in my head. Good talk. Her — timid, backing up, but liking it. Her English was really bad… I could have number closed, but it looked like too much work to talk to her. 4. Really, really attractive little one, dressed up. Whitegirl, turned out to be Russian. She was pulling her coat over her little shoulders, and I told her she looked like she was hiding herself, “like a secret.” Her English wasn’t great. I asked where she was off to and she said, “To cinema wiss my husband.” Oh! I let her go. 5. Asian girl, nice eyes. Opened her. Flat conversation. I let her go.

So two very good sets that day w/ the two Taiwanese girls. Made me feel better about my other leads drying up and going nowhere. I dated the first one already… might have something with her again soon, very responsive via text. I had a date set up w/ the 2nd one, but she cancelled, said she was sick. Uhhh. More disappointment — and celibacy! Fuck the celibacy part.

As an aside, I’ve been trying “do we know each other?” sometimes in set. I live in a big city, but I clearly have a certain type of girl I like (Asian girls), I hunt in the same area mostly, and I have opened the same girl more than once before in the past (which I’m vaguely proud of — I know what I like!). Based on the look in the girls eyes, and some kind of feeling in my gut, I have been throwing out “do we know each other?” or “have we met before?” in some sets as a way to cover for when I have, in fact, opened that girl before. It flows pretty nice in set, and I can stack to how talking to her “feels like” we already know each other when I’m wrong. Sometimes it does feel like I know the girl, even when I don’t.

Apr29. Had my date with #1 from Apr28. Day date, tea in the afternoon. Went well, I think. I liked her. Tried to kiss her twice, she wasn’t having it, but I’m glad I made that attempt — most of all, because I genuinely wanted to kiss that girl. She’s kissable. I felt hungover or sick or something (I didn’t know which, at the time), but ran two more sets after the date, to keep the routine alive. 1. Lovely little Asian girl, w/ a camera and a shopping bag — thought she was a tourist, she was not. Chatted her up, pretty flat, so I let her go. 2. Very good looking Asian girl… I weaseled at first, then double-taked on her, and we caught eyes, I walked a bit further away and went back in. She opened pretty well. Pretty flat until I mentioned dancing. Okay for a minute… but not much there. I let it go.

That’s seven sets total for that week… not enough! I was sick that week, and the beginning of this week, but still. I know I need to get my volume up. Having my face fucked up from a dermatology appointment, and then being sick again, is fucking with available days to grind the streets. Baby Jesus needs to give me a fucking break over here. Maybe this week! C’mon Baby Jesus, let’s do this!

Viva Daygame.