A Dream: RSD Free Tour Review

I had a dream I went to an RSD Free Tour Event. Any similarity to actual events is purely a coincidence. This is a piece of creative writing and is in no way based on reality. I’m a complete fool and everything I say is madness. Everyone knows it.

With that said, here is an account of that dream:


Ugggg. That was so painful.

Julian is a very smart guy. I’ve studied some of his Pimp product. And his 10 Game product. Excellent content. I quote him sometimes. I think he is clearly one of the best minds in game. We have all seen infield footage of the guy and he kills it. He’s a monster — and I mean that in a good way. I think he is worth modeling as you try to develop your mindset. And yet…

I “recently” walked out of his free talk. I was thinking of “social freedom” as I thought of how to leave… I waited until someone asked a question and I split. I wish I had walked out earlier.

The talk was an unorganized “giggle fest.” A complete waste of time. And after looking up to the guy in the way I do, it was surreal to be in front of him and have those thoughts running through my head, “why am I here?”

I know he has to do these talks all the time. And it’s unrealistic to expect miracles even at a premium, let alone for free. But a basic overview of his most generic points would have 1000% more value than what went on in that room. And I just got the text from RSD asking if I’m ready to sign up for his upcoming paid program… I can’t imagine who would want more after his “free talk.” You’d have to go on pure faith from what you know he has done in the past.

Want to see Julian drop real value:

“Fun, carefree, passion.”
— RSD Julian

^ I read this in an internet forum somewhere. That is simple, but excellent content. If you can imagine Julian talking about those points… you would have something worth a good listen.

I’d highly recommend you check out RSD’s Pimp Game product. Unlike what I saw at the event, that product is really good.

I know this post isn’t “bringing good emotions.” And RSD taught me that concept, too — I think it was Julian himself. But this is a “the emperor has no clothes” moment. I won’t disclose any info from that talk (save you the pain), but let’s say, it essentially had no value to me. And a room full of guys giggled and cheered him on. I’m genuinely curious about what those guys were getting out of that talk.

My friend The Cigar was recently booted out of an RSD forum. He said it was “a cult.” And I agreed, but in a mostly positive way… dudes really want to get laid. RSD can absolutely help you do that. Of course they have a cult-like following… in many ways, I am part of it. But this talk was not about learning about girls. It was about being in a cult. It was about getting a moment in front of a cult leader. And the giggle-boys were loving it. And it was sad and boring.

Yuck. It’s so much more honest and real to be out of that room. I wonder if anyone else was thinking that? I wonder if anyone else left?

I’ll take this moment to double down on my love for RSD, and everything I’ve learned from them — mostly from Tyler, but even Tim, Ozzy, Todd, Max, Jeffy, etc. Genius moments from all of them… based on the very real experience they all have as players, and their expertise in explaining what they have earned. I am grateful. I’ve been studying Tyler’s Hotseat at Home, and it’s full of genius moments. Blueprint, which like this talk starts off a bit retarded, but goes on to be a masterful product. I think about it all the time, and I know many men that quote Tyler from that product. Full “yes” for RSD. Triple “yes” for Tyler.

But I wish I could get the last hour of my life back.

When we’re talking about quality and real value, here’s another nod at Krauser. And his level of organization and professionalism. The value of the content he brings, even to a “free talk.” Another “yes” for Krauser.

Being organized is masculine. Structure is masculine. Chaos and giggles… I’d put that on the feminine end of the spectrum. But I guess if you’re focused on nightgame and scatter-brained party girls, if that’s the world you’re in every night, maybe that’s what you need? That kind of justification feels like a generous read of what I saw.

And to Krauser again, for his work with the concept of Sigma. If Julian was “alpha” tonight — and he was alpha because of the pack of fan boys made him so — Sigma is knowing that being a part of that particular hierarchy is to tool yourself. Maybe that’s THE thing I learned from that talk. Sigma is about knowing that “being at the ‘in’ spot” is often a circle-jerk. A type of “golden cage.” Going it alone may mean you don’t have the company of the “ship of fools,” but you’re likely better off that way. There was a lot of metaphorical moments as I watched those guys snicker and worship emptiness.

So much of life is like that. Like pedestalizing a “paper hottie” because she meets some false-standard, that in real life is certainly not worth chasing. As bluepill as anything else.

Julian went from hero to “paper hero” in that talk. I know he’s more than that… but that was the impression.

And the herd was loving it… I guess they loved it for the opportunity to see themselves reflected back in each other’s faces. Pukey cult stuff.

I love the camaraderie of game. The forums where we help each other. All the excellent videos, blogs and comments. That’s how we show each other “the light.” This was the dark side of all that. It was like sitting in locker room watching a an inane sitcom. Terrible company and shit content.

I was very much ready to sign up for the next Hotseat. I think I’ll still do it, but probably not if it’s Julian. This talk was the opposite of good marketing.

That’s too bad. Too bad for RSD. And too bad for me to have to witness that.


And then I woke up, and realized while there may be some truth-like moments in the complete and utter fiction above… it was just a dream. Some nonsense in my head… and nothing more.

I hope next time I dream of something more interesting.

For now… I’ve almost already forgotten it… what? I can’t even remember.

Viva daygame.