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I went back and listened to Krauser’s Womanizer’s Bible video product again this week. “Mind wank,” as Krauser would say. All theory. And very good thinking, I might add.

Over the summer, something was up with my “game.” I was working hard, going nowhere. And Yohami was burying me in “stop the madness” comments about daygame. It was a hard time. I was disappointed.

Since then, my results are looking better. I’m dating, I’m making out, I’m having sex. I have a little bit of a girl tornado going right now. This is what I wanted.

Yohami is a game-genius, IMHO. I know he has studied a lot other players and their theories. I also know he “field tested” his thoughts intensely… he has a lot of personal experience. But he has been more than skeptical about daygame, and has expressed some surprise that I have suddenly been able to produce some results, 90% of which is classic, straight-up daygame effort.

“I’m surprised you were able to get into “girl tornado” by doing daygame. I didn’t think it was possible – to be fair, judging by Krauser’s and Tom’s own explanations of how it’s done, I still don’t think it’s possible to LEARN the proper frames you need to be good with women, since you need a starting position of abundance and detachment with goes in opposition with hunting in the streets – but you made it happen, so congrats.”
— Yohami

Yohami thinks that “chasing girls that aren’t interested in you is madness.” And that is a true statement. He is right, the reality of daygame is most girls won’t want you to put your cock inside them. It is a fact that every time I go out on the street, I get several girls that are not interested in me. Sometimes they politely smile and move on. Sometimes they don’t even look at me. Sometimes I get thru a few minutes, ask for a phone number, and they say they don’t want to see me again. And sometimes… I end up in bed w/ that girl in a little over 24 hours.

I think this discussion is very much like the “inner game” vs “outer game” comparison. This isn’t where Yohami goes with this topic, but this is my POV… So… what is better? Inner game or outer game? What’s more important? Don’t you need good inner game before you can find success with women? Maybe. But how can you have good inner game if you don’t have any mastery of the basic skills of approaching, attracting, taking a number, dating, etc… all that outer game stuff? Which do you do first?

The inner game vs outer game conversation is paradoxical. There’s no right answer to which is more important, that’s the wrong question, actually. A players growth is not “inner game first, then outer game, in this specific order… blah blah blah.” It’s not like that. You are growing inner game and outer game, in little bits, fits and starts, all the time… as long as you’re out talking to girls. That is really the essential ingredient. Some theory to point you in the right direction (and knock the bluepill out of you, which is easier said than done), but then… talking to girls. Practice. All the rest, including success, follows that first step of approaching her.

That helps me see how Yohami can be giving me great advice, and at the same time, I can grow incredibly fast via the daygame model. True, I studied game, in general, for years before I got into daygame (which helped me quite a bit), but daygame pushed me into growth I was not getting from other avenues.

Part of that was having the discipline to approach, in the daylight, no alcohol… that’s “outer game”, in some ways, but required growth in my inner game to get there. And then… just taking numbers. I never got this down until daygame… mostly because daygame put me in contact with more hot women that I was ever talking to in bars, or cafes or whatever. I could hit the streets 3 days a week, and practice taking a number 3 to 5 times a day, each time. 3 weeks of that, and I was very comfortable taking a woman’s number. That confidence added to my inner game. That skill made my outer game more slick.

But for now… I want to point to something Krauser said in that video that I think is precious to understanding why daygame has worked for me. A very specific skill that can be learned elsewhere, but is a major part of daygame.

“The other modern player USP that I think is really important is extreme social savvy.”
— Krauser’s Womanizer Bible video series

He is talking about “USP” in the last video in that series. That stands for “unique selling proposition,” and that a man has to work on several aspect of this selling proposition if he wants women to “buy.” Krauser is saying that daygame will sharpen your social savvy and that that skill will become part of what makes you attractive to women.

“Especially if you’re doing daygame, cold approach generally, but especially daygame, is one of our really big, strong signs of sexual market value is our extreme calibration, our extreme social knowledge.

Because we’re literally having thousands of interactions with women. We’re going thru the stages of the courtship ritual — certainly the beginnings of it, before we get blown out — thousands of times. Thousands of thousands of times. Way more than a normal man ever would. Way more than the girl ever will.

That will generally engender experience. And that experience leads to extreme social savvy and calibration, which is, in itself, very, very attractive.”
— Krauser

That nails a lot of where I am at about daygame. I’m clearly getting a lot of chances to practice my ability to read and calibrate to women – my “social savvy,” or “social calibration” skills. This will increase my value in the sexual marketplace. It already has. I am always reading girls. Telling them what I can see in their face. Reacting to their body language. All that.

Even on days like the one in this post (sets are below). 9 girls. No numbers. No love connection. A little magic, but not much. But what was GOOD about the day, despite all the disinterest I witnessed in those approaches, was this:

More time calibrating. This is the “thousands and thousands” that Krauser is talking about.

I was thinking that there is no “set of the day” in this batch. I liked #6 below the best… I should have pushed “pulled” that one a little more, I think she was just nervous… but the set of the day for me was #5.

That girl didn’t really like me. But what I took away from that, was additional calibration practice that got her to stand still and let me spit game. This gets added to the “thousands” of other times I’ve had a chance to practice making a stranger feel comfortable with me in cold approach. I do this with tourists too, and the exact same skill, but with girls… it’s a little more real.

The win here wasn’t fucking this sweet girl. The win was getting a nervous girl to relax and let me play with her for a minute. I can do that, because I have “extreme social savvy.” I’m not saying I’m that good… many, many guys are much, much better than me… but I’m infinitely better than most people. And this week, I talked to 25+ girls on the street. I am going to hit 200 new girls in the Oct-Dec timeframe. That’s daygame. And each one of those brings me into a class of men with more experience “dancing” with strangers than most men could ever dream of.

She was nervous. She would back up, pull her arms up toward her neck… at first. Classic protection of her vital areas. I am not a threat (well, a sexual threat, maybe), but the simple animal in her is doing a great job of staying safe — even if this all went down near the Apple store, in front of 100 people, in broad daylight. Even with all that actual safety, she needed me to demonstrate some real skill or she would have walked off. She didn’t walk off.

I opened, she paused. She drifted a bit. I had to move with her, subtly, inches, as she pivoted around me. I had to smile and gesture, etc. I had to be vulnerable and real and genuinely curious, so it didn’t feel like a hustle. And it worked. She backed up in tiny ways… but we end up within normal conversational space, she shook my hand, she talked with me for as long as I wanted. She was pretty relaxed at the end. She’s not the girl for me… but she is excellent calibration time so I am ready for a girl that really matters.

Girls that don’t “like” you are still excellent practice. Maybe even better than girls that do want some cock.

Yohami is right — we need references experience of girls chasing us. And girls chase high-value men. Yes. That’s right.

But to Krauser’s point… extreme social savvy is very attractive. It’s high value.

Expert calibration is high value in that it’s not easy to acquire and impossible to fake, and the girls can feel it. They can tell it’s nothing like most guys they will meet. The Korean girl Miss Sincere actually told me that I was extremely socially calibrated… except she said it like, “You’re a very good talker.” She told me she was going to say she wasn’t interested, but I danced my way past that moment. She could see how good I was and she was impressed. That is its own “social ladder.” And my daygame skills are pushing me up that ladder. Girls can tell.

My progress will continue, because… I love women. And because daygame… is a lot of fun.

Here are the rest of the sets:


  1. Chinese girl from Shandong. Little chat. She hooked and had a good time. Student. Bad teeth. I let her go.

  2. Tall, hot woman from Tokyo. Very hot, great body in super tight jeans. She 1/2 hooked, body facing away from me. I wasn’t that into her, and she wasn’t that into me, so I let her go.

  3. Little frumpy Asian, w/ a great face. Suspicious and confused. I had an awkward approach and that didn’t help. I could have done better… she walked off.

  4. Asian girl, short hair. Carrying two coffees. Said she was busy and walked off.

  5. Asian girl from LA. Slow walk, very sexy. She was very nervous, kept backing up… I danced with her for a bit and she relaxed. Good chance to calibrate. I let her go.

  6. Very cute Asian girl with interesting style. Fine art student. Interesting girl, but she would only repeat “cool!,” after everything I said, over and over. I think she was nervous, but in a good way. I let her go too. I regret not taking her number, actually. I liked her.

  7. Older Asian woman, around 30, great style… No accent, but I’d guess Taiwanese. Good chat, she was feminine and giggly and fun, and she cut it off kind of suddenly, with a smile, and we said goodbye. She felt married to me, but I didn’t see a ring. She knew what was up. Good for her.

  8. Short hair, very cute, wouldn’t really stop.

  9. Lovely Asian girl, incredible figure 8 body. Conservative, but sexy. Smiled but wouldn’t stop.

Viva daygame.