Firecracker, Rainy Day(game) || 9 More

Pancake messaged me last night, he wanted to get after it again. I don’t blame him. He got a taste of the potential bounty of the streets. But the forecast was for full-on rain, all afternoon, so he decided against it.

I had a somewhat frustrating morning. I’m still trying to get out from under my client workload… And Firecracker ran me through a bunch of hoops as I tried to set up my next taste of that delicious wet spot between her milky thighs.

I got worked. Texts are below.

I am trying to schedule with multiple girls. She’s not the only one, but she’s the one I like best right now. I wanted to settle with her first.

NASH: I am making plans for the weekend…
NASH: Saturday night… come spend some time with me.
FIRE: If I only have one hour with you on Saturday. What would u do
NASH: I would bring you to my house…
NASH: Get everything ready…
NASH: And watch Lion King!

Yohami would probably say I should have just said “sex,” or something in that general direction. If that’s what you think, man, I think that’s legit. Maybe I should have said that. In this case, I didn’t want to be too thirsty for the sex, I genuinely wanted more time with her than that… and her comment didn’t feel real. So I like how I played that part.

NASH: If you really only have an hour, Delicious Girl… I will make other plans.
FIRE: I have plans on that night
NASH: Cancel them, come spend time with me.
FIRE: Convince me
FIRE: Why should I
NASH: For one reason… And one only:
NASH: Because you want to.
NASH: I’m am making plans with friends for the next few days… Say yes before I get busy.

This was true… But I didn’t want to wait forever.

FIRE: Nope.
FIRE: You get busy

This is her, calling my bluff. Turns out, I still don’t have plans for Saturday… Nobody was available. It’s Halloween weekend.

NASH: Oh. You’re so cocky, but I know…
NASH: You’re going to miss me sooooooo much!

This is me, trying play a little… Not just storm off, mad. I was a little mad. She’s so cold. So Chinese about it.

FIRE: Don’t be mean
FIRE: I am having an exhausted week
NASH: I don’t want to be mean. We’re good when we’re nice.

Trying not to encourage any struggle…

NASH: If you’re busy Sunday too… I’ll talk to you later next week.

I am kind of begging here, I don’t like that. I would have given her Sunday, but she doesn’t bite. And I really was going to go dark for a few days.

FIRE: Appreciate the plans tho


Ahhh. Fine. I want to see Thai girl and Miss Sincere anyway. And I have a date for tonight, with Online Girl. But Firecracker is under my skin. Frustrated.

She messaged me around midnight tonight, randomly asking what I looked like when I was 25. We traded some msgs. She had a final project this week. She was saying it kicked her ass.

NASH: You had a hard week… that’s why you weren’t much fun this week?
FIRE: I just wanna do nothing

To Yohami’s point, I don’t want to “take her side” (that is a great point, Yohami)… But I believe her.

Somewhere I read that this is how “love” is generated in men. When they can’t get the sex they’re after, they confuse that longing for “love.” The frustration is twisted into some kind of false meaning. I’m in no danger of falling in love… But she is playing me pretty well. If I can get some sex going with another girl… Maybe I’ll care less.

But this is the thing about dating multiples girls — and I’m not bragging when I say I dated about as many girls as possible this week — if you have perspective, and you still like her… maybe you fucking like this girl. Yeah, I’m fucking horny. But I like this girl. I enjoy the Thai girl, and want to fuck her. But I like Firecracker.

I know what I need to do about Firecracker… Nothing, for a while. I need to focus on the other girls. Enjoy my date tonight. And… Run some more daygame. That’s how I met the nerdy-hot temptress in the first place.

So, I did run daygame today. And it did make me feel better. Not a great day, but some more good experience.

Set of the day…

She is probably 5’3. But stacked on 4in heeled boots, combined with her natural skinniness, made her look long and tall. All black clothes from the boots up. Topped with a nice, “rocker” leather jacket. And black hair, in a bun on her head.

Very attractive girl. She was hotter than most girls I hit on. And I was intimidated, but I approached anyway.

She took out her ear buds, and was slow and easy to talk with. She’s Chinese, has a proper Chinese name, but is visiting from NYC. No accent, pretty Americanized. She was here for a party, and was a bit hazy from the night before, even as it was late afternoon.

She did the crossed legs thing as she hooked. Cat-eyed contacts. Comfortable. Small chested… But very sexy. I was slow and confident with her. We had a good fit. Teased her a bit. Challenged her. We had the kind of chemistry that made me feel like a cool guy.

We chat for a bit and she asks me to walk her to the phone store. After she was checked in, we chatted a bit more… And I number closed her for a possible date tomorrow… Her last night in town.

Fun girl, and possibility of adventure sex. We’ll see.

Here are the rest of the sets… My first daygame in the rain. It’s kind of hard with the umbrellas.


1. Asian, black raincoat… Looked like an assassin. Married and cold. Later.

2. Young Asian girl, jeans and big hoop earrings… Took the compliment, smiled and marched off with a “thanks.”

3. Young, tall white girl, with a great face… Australian, leaving tonight. Lovely. I was enjoying her, but moved on as it was her last day in town.

4. Short white girl, walking fast, nervous smile and said I’m in a rush before I could say anything. She knew what was up.

5. Indian girl, put on a tough face an blew past me. She was very cute.

6. This is the set if the day, from above. Ummmm. Fun approach.

7. Little Asian, rain outfit, awkward stop, blew by me.

8. Hiding under an umbrella, miserable rain face, I tried, couldn’t get her to even look up… hard, umbrella to umbrella… lots of barriers.

9. Chinese girl, also from NYC. Nice chat, but she’s leaving tomorrow… I let her go.

Viva daygame.