First Time Daygame in DC || 9 more

Jesus H Christ — DC traffic is terrible and the drivers are incessantly on the horn. I live in a major US city, but DC puts us to shame when it comes to the ever-impatient and hostile horn. It’s nerve wracking to be on the street here.

I ran a bunch of daygame anyway.

It’s my first time here. I’m visiting my friend the Poet. Got here last night around midnight local time. Beers, pizza, sleep on the couch. We woke up and I tried to get him to relax about that little election thing. We did some work at a cafe, I left him with my computer and I set out to test my skills in a new market.

I don’t know anything about this city, but it didn’t matter. I asked a few questions, did about one minute of research, and headed for a shopping district to find some local girls.

I ended up on M Street in Georgetown, between the Universities. Did some laps. Talk to 9 girls. Proper session.

At first it was slow and awkward. I was a little nervous in the unfamiliar surroundings. But the first set went fine. Not great, but okay. And I’d popped my DC daygame cherry. A few more weak sets with girls I wasn’t that into, and then as the sun set, and the 5 o’clock girls hit the street… it was amazingly comfortable and normal. Just like home.

I hadn’t been here 24 hours yet… but I was out proving myself. 9 sets. 2 numbers. Could have done more damage, but I wanted to meet up with the Poet — we had some drinking to do — but this could have been an 15 approach day, for certain.

The greater meaning for me of all this is… I could get a local tornado going here quickly.

Daygame is a portable delivery vehicle for a player’s value. Assuming you have value, you can take it anywhere, hit the streets, and you’re in your element… even if you’ve never touched that bit of sidewalk before. And of course the girls are “new,” that’s a great thing about daygame… fresh girls, wherever you go.

Today was remarkably like a day at home. I doubt I’ll get laid while I’m here (I flew across the country because I want to spend time with my friend), but after the little session today, I have all the proof I need that that would happen here as quickly as at home (which is not terribly quick, but I’m only getting better at this).

That’s why I went out hunting today, I wanted to prove all this to myself. And I want to hit my 200 approach target before 2017… I’m getting close. And, I want to warm up for Japan… it’s looking like that trip might happen.

(Baby Jesus… please let that Tokyo trip happen.)

I’m ready. No help. No experience at all in this city. And I’m out producing leads in under 24 hours. Part of that is the daygame model and part of that is obviously me. The rest would just take time and luck.

Set of the day was… the first Asian girl of the day (#4 below). Ha. There aren’t as many Asian girls here as at home, but there are some. After a few white girls in a row I was genuinely happy to see this one. She was much younger than me, plain, but totally cute. She stopped, nervous, and a lot of the conversation was done at about 3-4 feet apart, as she needed a minute or two to settle down.

She blushed. I called her out on it. It was cute.

This was more practice in that extreme social savvy that daygame teaches us all. She needed me to be slow and to show her this was cool. And I did. And she settled down and we got closer as she relaxed, and… she had a conversation with an older man from another part of the world. Good deal.

I didn’t close her, but this is the set where I knew my session was going to work out and the doubt disappeared. This was the set that reminded me I can do this anywhere. My skill set is portable. I am a daygamer.

I wanted at least five sets to make this feel like a real day, but the day opened up and was better than that. It was a good day… I really proved some things to myself today. I feel fantastic.

Proud daygamer. Sometimes… that’s what it’s about. You hit the street to game yourself.

Here are the rest of the sets.


1. The streets weren’t that crowded, so it wasn’t easy to find my first approach. White girl, Italian, but grew up in Spain. Young and reasonably attractive. She stopped, quick chat, no magic… but my DC cherry had been popped. Hell yeah. On with the show.

2. White girl, late 20s, glasses, quite attractive. Reminded me of the Yes Girl that I overgamed last summer. “I would,” as my little cousin would say. When I said, “You caught my eye…,” she wanted to argue. Some girls think that’s the same thing as “we made eye contact.” Anyway. Kind of an awkward set… I asked for some recommendations for what to do and we moved on.

3. Yoga white girl, her face was still red from the workout and her ass was amazing. Looking at her, she was clearly an undergrad… 20 years younger than me. She stopped, looked a little cautious. After a minute or so of chatting, she spit out 3 different reasons why she needed to go and I laughed and she took off. Bye yoga girl.

4. Asian girl… She was the set of the day from above. Cute girl.

5. Short white girl… she looked like she was maybe close to 30 as I got up closer. I was feeling good by this point and I starting spinning a story and she hooked. Fine girl, a little serious, complaining about the election. I didn’t like her that much, but it was a strong approach and I demonstrated a lot of what I can do there. Felt good and her eyes were popping throughout the set. She loved it and thanked me for stopping her and I moved on.

6. Asian girl, kinda cute. I thought we’d had eye contact and that’s part of why I was excited about the approach. I stopped her, she paused, took out her headphones, and then… blew me out. Only blowout of the day.

7. 5 PM brought out more girls and more Asian girls. This one was had an interesting face and a great body. I was guessing mixed race and I told her so… I was right. A mix of Korean and Norwegian. She loves my city and is coming to visit for a work conference in December… adventure sex possibility there, for certain. I took her number. We’re texting, she’s promising to contact me. I’ll practice my long game and try to get her out when she’s in town.

8. Short girl in a business outfit and hightops… made me laugh. As I talked to her, I was thinking she was Latin. I got the best reaction from her from probably any girl all day, she liked me and liked being picked up. If you were looking at this girl, you’d guess 25? 26? But when she smiled, the skin in her cheeks was oddly wrinkled. I can’t explain that. So I was ready to cut it short, and I thanked her and turned to go, but she asked for my name so I jumped back in an flirted a bit. She was very enthusiastic about the pickup. I took a few recommendations for places to dance (she likes hiphop but is getting into deep house) and I split.

9. Young Asian girl with great energy, and some lanyards and badges around her neck. I stopped her and it took her a minute to get what was going on, but she liked it and smiled brightly. She is an intern for a new organization here. I asked where her accent was from and she said southern China and I guessed that she was Cantonese and she couldn’t believe I could guess that. Little does she know I talk to 20+ new Chinese girls a week where I’m from… I’m learning a fuck-ton about China. I told her that her badges made her look like she had a lot of authority and she laughed. She had me walk with her, which I did. I gave her a sticker and number closed her as well. Fun girl. I would.

Great day. I solidly met my goals and I’m proud. My plan is to put in another round of approaches today. This is all just a drill for “away game,” finding some spots, making the approaches, getting the leads that would lead to dates if I was here longer…

I’m looking forward to going out again today. Talking to girls is fun. And everyone knows, talking leads to fucking “dancing.” And speaking for dancing, I have a date set up with Firecracker for the night after I get back home.

Viva daygame.