Fruitless but Fun | 40 Approaches

I want to get it going again. I want to see if I can start another Girl Tornado. And I want to get laid. That sounds fun.

I feel caught up and reintegrated after my trip to Japan and the imbalance in the way I was living there. I was full-time into game there. It was fun, but not entirely healthy or well-rounded. Now that I’m home, I’ve gotten my clients more settled, seen friends and family, and made some progress on my longterm goals and my finances. I got my taxes out of the way. I even got thru another fucking cold… my 4th in three months.

It’s time to get back to game. It’s time.

While I haven’t been picking up as much, I have had the unusual experience of dating even without much approaching in the last three weeks. This is Siren, and two of the girls from my last day out with Pancake.

The dates thinned out a bit this week, which reminds me to get it going, to put in some effort… to talk to some girls.

Miss Thick canceled a date with me on Tuesday,

MISS THICK: Sorry, I think we shouldn’t date anymore

This came out of nowhere, and she has been a very warm and exciting lead. I was thinking that might have been the sex date, and maybe it would have been… but perhaps she wanted to derail that train. We did some negotiation via WeChat, and we left on a good note.

MISS THICK: Great, maybe I have too much pressure right now. When I’m ready, I’ll tell you
MISS THICK: I like you, dangerous guy
NASH: Okay… That sounds about right. You have a lot going on right now…
NASH: I’ll check in after a while… Go do your thing. We’re in no rush.
NASH: I like you too, Creative Girl
MISS THICK: Okay, see you in the future ;)

Hmmm. Big turn around that day as we messaged. I think I handled her well. She was genuninely enthusiastic there… and I think she does like me. I’ve dated her twice, and both were great dates by my standards.

And the 21yr Old Virgin has been elusive. I think she is enjoying the attention, but may not come out again. Here’s her saying “no” to me on three separate occasions.

VIRGIN: haha it’s toooo lateee. I’ve other planed to do so
VIRGIN: I’ve class on Monday sry
VIRGIN: my friend already book the time haha

Last we left it, she was going to check her schedule and I haven’t heard back from her. Maybe she is a silly-mess of a young girl, and I need to herd her into something sexual and substantial. Or maybe I just had shit luck with the nights I offered her. One thing is clear, she’s not “gagging for it.” I think I’ll lean back, try once more in a week or two… But otherwise, let her go. That’s too bad… I am looking to sex a virgin and she was looking like a good candidate.

And then there is Siren…

SIREN: Yes, I am free on Saturday night:)
SIREN: Yes, I am free on Friday night after working~…

^ This is the flavor of message I want in my life. She has been delicious, consistently, and is a remarkably rich experience each time. And the sex has been fantastic.

We are going on 3+ months of dating each other. Siren has not made any kind of move to have “the talk” or make us exclusive. That has surprised me. As I consider this, I think that perhaps that is not actually what she wants. I wonder if my expectation of her asking for a “k-selected” lockdown with me is proof of how little I understand about women?

Or maybe… That moment is coming and I am just a little early in my anticipation.

Before I learned game, and shaped myself toward a more bountiful lifestyle, I was truly the k-selected type. Girls either didn’t like me, or pushed for the boyfriend-experience. Nothing in between. Perhaps it’s my style, and the way I meet and date girls now, sends different signals? And even for a good score like Siren, even with her being very happy with me, maybe this new path won’t go into Boyfriend Land like it used to?

As a man, I am beginning to feel solid in the frame: “it’s about what I want.”

To apply that in a more diagnostic way, I can ask myself, “What do I want?” That is really what matters… and I see so many men fail to seriously ask themselves that question. When it comes to a girl and her plans for an LTR and exclusiveness, that’s not what I want. That’s all I have to know. Her plans are irrelevant at the point.

So on the one hand, I can just sit around and wait for that awkward-bomb to make impact. I think I can steer her and I past that talk if it comes up. And in the meantime, I see her 1X per week, don’t message her often (=every few days), and cultivate the “lover” vibe instead of sending “provider signals.” So far, so good. Really good. She is a fantastic lover, in and out of the bed. Charming girl at every level. And very nice to look at.

Yeah, that girl is great, but I do not want to be anyone’s boyfriend. Fuck that. The question is, “What do I want?” And the answer is… to be free and explore women. And daygame is a great way to do that.

So, with Nash’s State if the Union out of the way…

I did some daygame this week. Monday through Thursday — four days on the street in a row. It had been over two weeks since I’d approached. I felt out of shape. Day one, was eight approaches. Day two was six more. Another six on day three. And then, 19 girls on day four. That is about 40 girls this week.

And that 19-girl day… felt great. Really fun day.

In general I argue that high-volume days are almost always better in terms of results and vibe. And also that high-volume weeks (several days of approaching in a week, preferably in a row) will sharpen up your game as well. And then the fact that it had been six days since I’d had an orgasm was also helping me… I had serious intent. A lot of my approaches were very hot. Steamy day.

On this last day, Thursday, the 19-girl day… I had straightened out my place before I left the house. I didn’t have a date for the night, nor any important plans (DJ party later in the evening, but I could skip that if I could source some pussy). So I was actually hoping for a SDL. That was very doable in Japan, but I haven’t had anything close since I’ve been back… in part, as I haven’t been working nearly as hard, or as often, thus my recommitment to volume.

I want to kick-start this tornado.

For the week, 40+ approaches. That is good volume. But… only two leads. And that is surprising. I’ve been averaging two-three leads every time I go out since I’ve been back from Japan.

If I want to analyze my low results — and I do — I think that is a combination of three things: First, I hadn’t run any daygame in a few weeks. I was rusty and out of practice. Two, my first three days were low volume days… just a few girls each day. That means I wasn’t warmed up, not really, and didn’t give myself time to get warm and THEN approach once I was warm and the sets would go better. Three, just bad luck. It happens.

But I still loved the time out on the street. And I felt very good as a man, doing what I could to get more action going in my life.

It is one thing to be a bit hungry. It is another to fail to hunt. I am a daygamer. I am a hunter.

Even with only two leads in 40 girls… I was a hunter this week.

“We have a right to our labor, but not to the fruits of our labor.”
— Krishna

I have cited this quote before, and I continue to love it. It is true. I don’t have “the right” to any women necessarily. But I have the right to hunt. To flip over stones. And to take what I find… when I find the yeses and warm-maybes that feed a man like me.

I built up momentum all afternoon and only stopped at 19 girls because it started raining at a Biblical level. But at several times that day I would spin around and chase a girl down (like #13), that approach would wrap up and I’d see another girl, and find myself down some street I’d never been on before as I moved to open her. Letting my cock lead me through the city. Again, no leads, but I was feeling very entitled, lots of hot girls out, and I was feeling free at the hunt.

In terms of highlights… here are a couple of quick stories.

Favorite girl of the day was #3. Asian girl, fucking-A hot. Great ass. I was instantly in the mood for sex, just looking at her. She stopped, kind of, but walked off quickly. Didn’t hook… but damn, even now, such a sexy little girl. Wow.

#6 was an older Asian girl, with great style and short hair. I approached, she stopped, smiled, took the compliment, shook my hand, and started to walk off. I said, “Wait,” and kept talking. She stayed, but said she had to catch her train. I said I’d walk with her, she was into it. Great, little, playful chat. I wanted to roll-off before we got to her train… So I stopped, told her we’re about to her train, I wanted to let her go, but I wanted to see her again. She says, “well… I have a GF,” and gives me a big smile. I smile and say okay. “I don’t want mess with a good thing!” And she smiles. Fun. Pretty on. I think I believe her that she does have a GF. And I think I believe her non-verbals that she liked what went on with us and knew it was sexual, even if she dates girls.

And ^ that, BTW… is only the 2nd “lesbian” I’ve ever engaged in a long street interaction. In over 1500 approaches. I bet several of the girls that never stopped or brushed me off may have been gay, but I’m still surprised how few lesbians I run into on the street. Anyway… very fun set.

#9 was an interesting woman, dark skin… not sure where she was from at first. As I watched her walk by… she had a great ass. And then… very nice, bouncy hair. When I’m not certain about the approach, “good hair” is a very strong biological signal, and when I see really nice, healthy hair (=genetically expensive), I almost always go in. And I did. And I said, “There was something really interesting about you, I wanted to meet you.” She lit up, blushed a bit, and said, “What was interesting about me?,” in a playful challenging way. And I said, “I don’t know! I want to figure that out…” And our chemistry was great. And I talked about her interesting face. And then… how she had a great walk and that made me want to meet her. And she loved it. But when I asked why she came here from India (I guessed that she was Indian, and she confirmed), she said… because her husband moved here. Ahhh. So I told her I was definitely hitting on her, and we both smiled. And I asked about her marriage, and it seemed solid/healthy, so I excused myself and we exchanged another round of huge smiles and I was off… and feeling very turned on by that woman.

#12… I swear she wanted my attention. There was something very hot about her, like she was sex-ready. I swear she was subtly calling me in a way as we stood at the interaction. As the light changed and she walked over and onto the sidewalk… I approached. Huge smile, but she quickly walked off. Hmmmm. I was all about testing my intuition there. Don’t know about her… still swear she “needed” something.

#14. I was “in state” now and could open easily and my vibe was very on. This very tall white girl, 6 ft, walks by. Very short hair. Tall, and not super skinny, by great body. I had a flash of what it would be like to fuck her, to see her bent over from behind, so I went after her. I stopped her, said, “You passed me back there and caught my eye… I came to check you out.” Her eyes bugged out in attraction… she loved it. But she had an appointment starting in 5 minutes and I could tell she really had to go… I planted my feet and gave her a very cocky smile… and she left all lit-up, very into it, but late and running off. Ummmm. White girl… and tall… not my usual type… but I wanted that girl.

And I could tell I was very on as I was telling girls “I wanted to check you out…” Very much a “buyers” mindset and a bold thing to say. Ahhh, when you’re in the right mood… feels really good to say that to a girl. And as I go over these notes… the feeling is still there. Great day.

So then #16… dishy, kind of sloppy Asian girl. Super tight, short skirt, and high wedges. Sexy as fuck, with a slow walk. But I was resisting her, thinking she was a little too sloppy and thick for what I normally like. We ended up going several blocks in the same direction… I’d pass her, because she walks pretty low, then check out some other girl or something, she’d get past me again, over and over, I’d always end up with a view of her ass as she walked, and I’d see her tugging that short skirt down every hundred yards, and her smooth but short legs… and that bouncy hair. She stopped in front a building and I opened. Long chat, went pretty well. But she was waiting for her friend, which turned out be a guy. She gave him a big hug, but I don’t think they are lovers. I shook his hand, said hello. He was, of course, a little surprised and uncomfortable to find me hitting on his friend. But it got awkward so I didn’t try to close her. Thinking about her now… I’d like to fuck that girl.

There was more, including the girl at my pool, after the daygame session was over. Indian girl. Not that hot, but watching her stretch in her bathing suit had me inspired. I said “hi” without even thinking about it. She loved it. She kept looking up at me as she was in the water and I was on the deck. She climbed out and we started talking. Nice chat. Talking about her muscle tone… I was pretty sexual right away. Ended with me talking about the sparkle in her eyes. The two of us, both wet, long-slow handshake as the lifeguards watched us hit on each other… she went off to the locker room and I put in my 1100 meters.

So… no date that day. And no SDL or insta-pull. Not even one lead in 19 girls… which is amazing, that’s not easy to do!

But I was ready… even if the day didn’t have anything substantial to offer other than practice and pride. I was feeling potent and powerful and the day was more than entertaining.

As much as anything… it’s that feeling of saying, “I want more women in my life,” and then committing to daygame, and then actually doing that work. Feels good. There is integrity there even when there is no new pussy. And feeling like I can “swing my dick” and show some integrity in my life feels like the man I want to be.

Yes to that.

Here are the sets of the day:

1. Indian girl, chatted, wouldn’t give me her number

2. Hot Asian girl, with umbrella… awk

* Ran into Thai Girl… She looked messy, barely recognized her. Said hello and then split. No suggestion from either of us to see each other again. Good. I’d rather focus on new girls.

3. Hot, lovely, short Asian girl… Very hot, didn’t really stop. Goddamn. Wow, this girl was so sexy.

* I ran into a Chinese girl that I took a lead from on another day this week… one of my two leads that week. She offered me her FB contact. There are some modelling photos of her on FB (hot and a bit intimidating), but in person she is cute, young, a little silly. Late for class. She was nervous-excited around me. I like our vibe. Trying to get her out.

4. Blowout, hand up, nod, kept walking

5. Super fem, nice girl. Wasn’t in to it. Very charming. Wouldn’t give me her number.

6. This is the Asian lesbian from the notes above… older, short, hot… Tried to #close, she has a GF. Ha

7. Lovely Thai girl, Berkeley student… Had a BF, goofy/cute

8. White girl, big green scarf… Little smile, didn’t really stop. I think she was French.

9. Indian, great body. Hot set. Married. Very hot set.

10. Chinese girl… Art student. Bad skin. I was charming her, but let her go based on the skin. Feeling super on by this point… Married Indian woman put me in a great state.

11. Chinese, cute… Blowout

12. Sultry, slow-burn. Something hungry about her. Opened, smile. Asked if I knew her. She laughed walked off.

13. 5 ft tall, little, very cute. Top knot. Hurry. Asked if she was single. She is not. Great smile. Let her go.

14. Very tall white girl, short hair. 6 ft. Told her I came to check her out… In a hurry.

15. Cute, young white girl… Big smile, wouldn’t stop. She said “I’m good” when I told her to stop. But her smile was awesome. Fun approach… but basically a blowout.

16. Super dishy Vietnamese MBA student in a tight skirt… Good talk, went well. Her friend showed up and I let her go.

17. Redhead white girl, followed her down to Muni. Blowout. Ahhh, sexy. I swear she knew I was following her and was excited about it.

18. White girl, great ass, hair out of her rain jacket… Not that into it… but very charming girl.

19. Short white girl, umbrella… Pouring rain. Smiled, wouldn’t stop.

* Indian girl at the pool…

Wow. Good day.

See all those white girls??? You know I’m in a rare mood when I open this many white girls in one day. And three Indian girls. I’ve still never dated/kissed/fucked an Indian girl. On my list to try, for sure.

Viva daygame.