I Get Around || Unfinished Business

For context, this is a story about a girl I picked up a long time ago, talking to me about a girl I picked up a few weeks ago. Apparently, via the magic of Facebook, they have discovered they both know me.


It’s true.  I haven’t run daygame in a couple of weeks… first it was Burning Man, then clients, I’m excited to get back to it this week, but I have taken a big break.  I assumed this was mistaken identity, but I like this girl “Nancy,” so I was happy to chat w/ her about spicy things like hitting on her friends.


How many Asian girls do I talk to?  A fucking lot, that’s how many.  If Nancy had read this blog, she’d get it.  But she already knows I date mostly Asian girls.

Nancy… is also Asian.  Let’s talk about her for a second:

It was 3 or 4 years ago.  She walked into a cafe I was a regular at at the time.  I was not in top form at that stage of my life, but she was my type.  Something about her hips… I’ll never forget.  She got me.  I was tempted to get up and go find some contrived reason to talk to her… she was really ringing my bell as she walked to the counter.  Turns out, she comes over and sits next to me.

There is a song I like to quote that says:

I noticed how you waste no time making your way
Across the room. You leave a wake of tongues
Still waving after you. And it isn’t no coincidence
Where you finally choose to stand. I guess soon
You will be leaving your man.
— Bright Eyes

Yeah, it’s no coincidence, I figure. I open her. She’s very talkable, it goes well.

Turns out she lives nearby, and I see her all the time.  She is married. That didn’t come out for a while.  When Nancy and I see each other, we always take our time about it… but this one time, she was with her husband, and it was kind of dark, and we pretended like we didn’t know each other…

The pics of this girl on Facebook… for me… are like softcore porn.  Maybe the next guy would just see a skinny Chinese girl with big 70s glasses… but I see the sass and she triggers something primal in me.  I want this girl.  I have for years.

That’s how I know, Nancy.


Nancy is into art, and she know I am too.  So we have hung out a bit.

First time was a breakfast date.  Rainy day.  She wore thigh-high boots.  DEAD SEXY.  Simple date, but I liked her.

Then this one time… she and I went to lunch, then… back to my place to draw.  Mid-day, weekend, but it was a date.  She wore shorts that were barely bigger than a belt.  Smooth, skinny legs, leading to her tiny, but inspiring little ass.

Anyway… I touched her a bunch, smelled her hair, had a moment where I felt like the kiss was in the air… but I didn’t do it.  And that, was one of the biggest mistakes I can think of in recent years with girls.  I’m not saying anyone should hook up w/ hot, married Chinese girls… but I wanted to, and I failed to make my move.  You usually don’t get a second chance in situations like that.

We saw each other a week later, and the vibe was gone.  I tried some weak shit that night, but she wasn’t haven’t it.  I remember me sending some lame, frustrated texts later that night… nothing too explicit, but basically me failing to get intimate with her.

We have seen each other since… never in a romantic context.

Although… I did get a late night text last year from her, asking if I could join her for a drink.  I asked about it, and she made it sound like nothing.

I have been actively thinking about trying to get something going w/ her… like I said, she rings my bell.

Again, I haven’t run game on the street in a few weeks, so I’m still assuming this is mistaken identity.  The name she gave above (“nicename”), didn’t mean anything to me.  So I was curious, but didn’t see any connection.

part3Ahhhhh – ha!  It is me, afterall.

She is talking about the Taiwanese Girl.  Taiwanese Girl is actually from Taiwan, just visiting, she’s never lived her.  Nancy is from China, lives here, and is a few years older… what are the chances? Turns out they met here, a few years ago, and have been friends ever since.

Of course… I’m proud as fuck. Daygamer. Networking thru life… one beautiful Asian girl after another.


Of course I did ask her out.  We had had 3 dates by the time of this conversation…

I don’t know how much I’ve told Nancy about my relationship with girls.  She has known me a long time.  I never hide that I like to meet/date/sex girls… but I certainly haven’t told her about this blog.  She does know that I was in a relationship last year, with the Tokyo Queen, and that before that, I was seeing the Queen along w/ as many other girls as I could work into the rotation.

part5Ha.  Okay.  So Nancy and I both know Taiwanese girl.

At the time this conversation was going on, I was actively trying to get my next date w/ Miss Taiwan… I wasn’t sure this was going to help or hurt me… and I was curious what it was doing to my chances of ever hooking up w/ Nancy?  Personally, I assumed this might help increase my chance of getting Nancy out of those little shorts some day.
part6Interesting to me to see Nancy disqualify herself here.  At least that’s what I think was happening.  All that stuff about her being “shallow.”  I don’t think of her as shallow, at all.  She’s a little harsh.  A little “all business.”  But not shallow.  I wouldn’t say that.

Here, I take it a little sexual, talking about Miss Taiwan’s lips.

To be honest, I’d never seen Miss Taiwan’s Facebook profile… and her profile pic… is delicious.  She looks amazing… I was getting turned on looking at her, thinking I was about to see her again.

I also took the opportunity to pound on Nancy’s frame about being shallow, kind of forcing her to agree with me about Taiwan’s lips, and to gain some momentum after that particular frame battle.

Here… the conversation seems to have taken a surprising turn.  She is doubling down on the idea that I’m a bastard, all of a sudden, which is not how she typically reacts to me.  Maybe I had successfully fired up a jealousy plotline?  Maybe talking about Taiwan’s lips was a bad idea?  I don’t know.

As for the “Japanese girl,” she’s talking about Tokyo Queen.  And while I would be happy to be the bastard, if in fact I was…. it’s true, she and I became exclusive, she did move in.  That was the LTR of last year.  And I did break up w/ her in February.  Ehhh.

And that was it.

I don’t know about how that ended.  Didn’t feel right.  I don’t know that the mutual “friend” and my reputation as a street seducer has made it more/less likely I will ever see the wet side of Nancy’s thighs?

Meanwhile, Taiwanese girl did come over last night.  She was on her period, so no P in the V, but I took her to dinner, lots of fooling around, she slept over.  I really enjoyed her.  Again.

I did ask her about Nancy, and the conversation was brief and uneventful.  I asked if she see’s Nancy when Nancy goes to Taiwan (which she does somewhat often), and yes, they do see each other there.

Taiwanese Girl is only here for another week.  She was really ramping up the sexuality this morning, really teasing me, there was a blow job in the mix.  Best vibe between she/I yet.  I think she’s relaxing a bit.

Nancy and Miss Taiwan will likely see each other this week.  I have no idea what they will say… either of them.  I would love to be a fly on the wall for that hangout.

And after Miss Taiwan goes home… I think I will let things cool off… and I will invite Nancy over for a daytime date.  She and I had talked about it less than a month ago… I had said evening… she countered with “daytime.”   I think she’s trying to see me when her husband is at work.  If I get her over, I think I will have to try to kiss her… but I have also thought about telling her I want to draw her… nude… and seeing how that goes.  Something about Nancy tells me she might be up for that.

We’ll see.

Viva daygame.