Gifts and Inner Game: Tourists vs Girls

I’m a daygamer, and I love it. Proud, proud, proud. Sober, direct, during the day, with nothing to cling to but the grip of your shoes on the pavement, takes some balls. Takes some inner game, as well.

Much like the rest of learning “structured game,” I have a hard time convincing people what a great idea this is. I’m not here to be the Daygame Evangelist, but I do have a couple of close personal friends I’m trying to convert, and… and they can’t wrap their “blue pill” heads around how this is more than “acceptable” behavior. Fuck “acceptable” when it comes to societal standards, but “acceptable” in the sense that it works, that women like it, they love it, that they “accept” this so well, you may very well end up in bed with them, as they accept your cock between their legs. The ultimate acceptance. YMMV.

When I started, I needed some rationale as to why I should risk the “heart attack” of my first 100+ approaches just to “annoy” girls?? <-- That, is an inner game issue (on many levels). Of course that's not what this feels like to me now, but that's a stage all of us go through. This one friend of mine, who flinches every time I try to nudge him into daygame, he can't get over the internal hurdles of the reasonableness of it all. That's what this piece is about... some examples of how this works out so well, how it's more than reasonable, about how proper daygame is about giving your gift (that's one way to think about it, anyway). As you internalize this, your inner game will improve, and your outer representation will show it. ("Giving your gift," by the way, is a classic hippie mentality inner game stance that helps explain how becoming a player can be an honorable tradition and pastime, a net positive for everyone. Inner, as in, non-tactical. Honorable, as in spending years of your life in the game and knowing you’ve done much more than just “take” from those around you. I’ll post about that some other time…)

And, to take the edge off the wonderfully dirty, filthy-sexual reality of street romance, I’ll show the same street approach psychology works out mutually with helping tourists — in a decidedly non-sexual context.

Here’s a common approach scenario:
— Guy sees girl out on the street
— Guy approaches girl, and she’s not expecting it
— Girl is a little suspicious/guarded… at first
— Guy begins to give value (showing charisma, begins banter)
— Girl rejects the interaction initially, starts to leave…
— Guy confidently continues to deliver value
— Girl hooks… it’s on
— Girl verbalizes how much she liked the interaction

HER: “OMG, you totally made my day!”

The interaction wasn’t the girls idea, she even resisted it at one point, but she totally accepts it in the end. Happens to me, exactly like that, every time I go out. Sometimes better, sometimes worse, but that’s not far off of average. This is classic guy/girl mating ritual, as old as time. It’s also exactly like what it’s like to approach a tourist… and offer value help.

— Guy sees confused tourists in crowded daygame territory
— Guy approaches tourist (often in 2 or 3 sets), they are not expecting it
— Tourists are a little suspicious/guarded… at first
— Guy begins to give value (showing charisma, offers directions/suggestions)
— Tourist reject offer of help at some level, assume protective stance…
— Guy confidently continues to offer to help (“Are you sure? Where are you going?”)
— Tourists hook… it’s on
— Tourists verbalize how much they liked the interaction

THEM: “Thank you so much, you’re so nice!”

Notice the resistance stage here as well.

In both examples, it’s in there, completely normal-healthy reaction for the “target” of your gift. And notice how even in a completely non-sexual context, when you are *not* trying to *get* anything from the Tourists, there is still that resistance stage. And you overcome it, exactly the same way, but having good intentions, some balls, and some determination. And the results, are beautiful. Gift offered, gift received. Just another man out doing is job. Proud as fuck.

Try it. Feel that resistance melting into a shared experience. Memorize what that feels like. And take that into your sets w/ hotties.

I don’t go out looking for tourists, but this happens to me, every time I go out number farming… as it’s really common for me to help tourists while I’m out. In part, as it’s fun, and feels good, and is just cool behavior. It also serves as a great check on how “reasonable” this whole process is… and it’s a perfect warmup and social lubrication exercise.

Understanding how *cold approaching* tourists is structurally identical to the first stages of daygame takes you further down the road to being a “Natural” – or making this natural, default behavior for you.

This is a man giving his gift. He does it by default, for everyone, as that’s who he is. People love him, as he is out, giving his gift, giving value, everywhere he goes.

As you extend your “gift” to more than just seducing lovelies, you actually become a part of our community — which is one of the best things I’ve gotten out of daygame. “The streets are my playground,” and I am a part of a real community. I have a greater sense of connection and belonging (even if this is a huge city, full of people I’ll likely never see again). I know people “from the street,” as I see them all the time, and we say “hello” as I’m out running around doing my thing. Confidently exercising my role in my community is part of the man I am.

Experienced guys, I’m sure you know all this.

For newbies, this is an ideal mental frame, a great warm up exercise, and I’d argue, a habit worth developing. Proper men have great intentions, and that “goodness” is internal, and comes out naturally, and smoothly, with each gift. Running a little non-sexual tourist game, calibrates to this kind of honor, and I find… helps me dial in the vibe in set w/ lovely girls as well.

Go meet some girls, and make a few tourists happy along the way — there’s just so, so much of you to go around, big guy.

Viva Daygame.