Girl Tornado Forecasted for November || 18 More

It’s November 1st and the forecast is for a continuation of the girl tornado. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

17 18 approaches today. That’s a personal record, I think. Definitely for this city.

I started out the day trying to set up some sex dates… it didn’t go well.

I had a fun little banter session in Spanish with Miss Firecracker (who’s native tongue is Cantonese). Then I say to her, “Tell me when you’re free…” I want to avoid saying dates/times, as she has been testing me a lot, and I don’t want to give a specific time she can robotically shoot down. I like that I was dealing with her in commands. She tests me anyway by replying “never.” I talked to Yohami about this on the side, a little “think tank” going on, and replied. She came back in rare “realness” (she’s very real in person, but not in logistics). I think I did some good work in there (may post that if I get her out). Nice exchange. It was an interesting day with her. I think she/I have a date for Friday. I do noticed that I have fucked her twice, and I have no certainty at all about her… No control, just opportunity.

The Online Girl and I have had a few long negotiations where I try to convince her she should “come over” or “meet me.” She has engaged, extensively, but keeps saying no. She has told me that she does not like blondes. That’s part of her stated objection. She has also bantered here/there, contributed and complimented me in many ways. But I think she is a no.

Miss Sincere and I had a very good date on Sunday (I didn’t write about it). She is like a show that doesn’t sound that entertaining, but every time you watch it, it happens to be the best episode. I may be drunk on tornado fumes, but I think I am bringing out something in her that wants to play. I also think she is an intense girl. Quiet, but “strong flavor,” as I told her on Sunday. I think I am getting her good side, her charming side and it a very nice position to be in. Today, after some nice chat, she says:

“I don’t know if I should keep seeing you, I don’t want to be one of many many girls you’ve flirted with.”
— Miss Sincere

I have never bragged about girls before with her, not at all. But she knows I’m not trying to find a girlfriend and… I think I look a little slick right now, which isn’t always a good thing. I think I did some good text work here as well, and as of this evening, we have a time and place for Sunday set up. We were back to warm… Part of me thinks this girl is already hooked. She still has to confirm the date. She has already said “no” (or “not sure”) 7 times to me as we set up the first 2 dates, but she’s typically comes around. I think she likes me. I like her too.

I set up the scene for tomorrows date with Miss Shanghai. She is a girl I picked up years ago and failed to close. I couldn’t solve her puzzle (“Puzzle Theory” is (R) Yohami, and really excellent analysis by him) … She was in my house, I just wouldn’t own it. She was the one that knows the first girl I sex-closed from daygame, just by coincidence they know each other. That might be part of why I am getting another chance? She knows the plan is lunch… then my place. Yohami thinks she is specifically coming for sex. I will do my job tomorrow. We’ll see.

I still have not had sex with Thai Girl. I saw her last Tuesday… So it’s been a week. I messaged her at 11 AM, and I didn’t hear back until midnight. I’m not a top priority for her, that’s for sure. I may be losing her. I have Friday and Sunday dates right now. And those girls I like more, so I locked them down first. It took all day, but she did respond. We’ll see.

What I would say at this point is that I’m closer to abundance than I’ve ever been, but I don’t really feel that way. I have emotional ups/downs, every day. I wonder if a certain girl is going to stop talking to me? I wonder if the tornado will end? Plenty of doubt.

In many ways I think that is actually healthy. Girls — as with life — aren’t processions. I can’t “buy” a girl, put her on the shelf and it’s done. This is an ongoing process. It’s like doing laundry… no matter how much laundry you do today… you still have new work to do next week. This is life.

My main tool at this point to keep my emotions in check is to go run more approaches. Which works for me. Short term, I enjoy the hunt. Long term, it keeps my pipeline full. Helps me gain skill and calibration and experience. But also helps to keep me from spinning over a particular girl. The process distracts me from my own beta-chode tendencies.

So this particular day was high volume. It worked to help me take my mind off of Firecracker. And I pulled some new leads… And the girls that day were surprisingly young.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: In no way do I want to date under-aged girls. Period.

So the sets of the day — there were two — were both teenagers.

The first one didn’t strike me as especially young at all. She was dressed well, out shopping. She was not particularly happy about the stop, but she did stop. Heard me out, and quickly said, “But I’m 16.” Oh. Okay, cool, “good call,” I said, “thank you for telling me that.” And I said I would let her go, and she smiled and I wandered off. She was #3 for the day.

Then, a bit later, same street… Asian girl, nice style, headphones on her head. Stopped her… 19 years old. It was a good set. She is not that cute, but I liked the experience. Took her number. We’ll see.

Surprisingly… neither of the teens were my favorite girl of the day. I liked #18 best, actually. She was great girl, good chemistry, and very attractive. That’s the one I really want to date.

18 girls… wow.

Here are the rest of the sets:


1. I opened this girl the second I stepped off the train into my hunting grounds. She is 4’9″, I love that. She is an animator. Cantonese, not terrible cute… but “I would.” Nice boobs, couldn’t help looking at her cleavage. At one point she asked if we were being video taped. That is the second girl to ask me that… maybe the third. Took her number.

2. Asian, backpack, glasses, said hi and ran off.

3. Cute, cute… Stopped, right away told me she was 16. Oh! She knew what was up.

4. Graceful, tall, Asian, young, great body. Drifted slowly, but chatted, I let her go.

5. Chinese girl from Vancouver, insane little body. Amazing hip/ass/waist ratio. Her walk was unforgettable. Here for 3 more days, wouldn’t let me take her #.

6. Short girl, white? Latin? Bad approach, she didn’t really stop.

7. Swedish girl, pretty cute, opened strong and fun, but set was kind of flat… Tried to #close, but she said she had a BF. There is my token white girl for the week.

8. 1 min after Sweden, Chinese girl… Made a crazy face and walked off. Ha.

9. Boots, older, walked out of a hotel… Barely stopped. I wasn’t bold enough with her.

10. Asian girl, juicy ass, tight jeans. Smiled ran off.

11. This girl I opened back in May. I didn’t recognize her, but she had a funny look on her face so I asked if we’d met before and she says “Yeah… and I’m still married!” Ha. Cute, fun. Beautiful. I love that girl. She’s totally cool.

12. Asian, great body, no English at all.

13. Tall beautiful, from Boston, dentist. Would not give me her number… “Maybe if I see you again.”

14. Tiny, very cute, very brown little Indian girl… Nervous, stopped, then ran off.

15. This is the 19 year old from the sets of the day above.

16. Asian girl, gray cashmere sweater, wouldn’t stop.

17. White, blonde, young, sexy, great body, confused, awkward, so I told her to leave then… but she stopped… gave me crazy bitch face, told her to leave again and she did.

18. Really attractive Asian girl, great style, a little artsy looking. Lovely, freckles, beautiful face, funny teeth, but in a charming way. Teased me a lot. Made some reference to Venezuela, she has fame there, but she is from China. #close.

Viva daygame.