Girls Be Huggin’ Me

I was just about over my cold last week as I headed to another doctors appointment. I’m excited to be back to game, with nothing holding me back (no cold, no fucked up face from the dermo). As the doc and I start to talk, she wants to make yet another pass on my face to get rid of some troublesome patches of skin (precancer, normal for super-white guys like me). I was pissed. That’ll means another week of leper-face. I’m not so badass as to think I can run good game w/ blisters on my face.

I talk about this shit… because this is part of life. This is the kind of stuff that does, actually, stop you from making progress — week long delays, over and over. It’s also “ugly” stuff, and I like to share the ugly parts of my life, as it makes other people feel “normal” about their ugly stuff. That’s a big part of this blog, sharing the hard parts and failures, so the next guy knows this is just part of the journey. Keep going.

Anyway, pissed me off. I put the doc off for a few weeks, which will give me some time to make some progress and maybe get some love before I am forced to take another week off from daygame and dating.

So, next day, Friday… yes, I was ready.

And my wing was back from some adventure in South America, so he was going to join me. I’ve done almost all my game in the last year solo — which is good. I like running game alone, without a wing, it makes me more flexible, not dependent on a wing to give me courage to approach. But I was looking fwd to seeing him.

I did six sets that day (not enough). No numbers… but the interesting trend of the day was I got hugged, not by one girl, but by two, in one day. I did nothing special to encourage those hugs, I certainly didn’t ask for them. The sets were pretty good, but not closable.

Girl #1 was a cute white girl. Natural blonde, so I assumed she might be from Europe? I’m trying to keep an open mind so I’m opening up white girls (instead of just Asian girls), when I’m particularly interested, when she’s super short (which I love), or something else that makes me curious. If I get the “tug,” yes, I go after her… and this one inspired me. She was the 2nd approach of the day.

She went into this big hotel. I don’t usually follow girls inside, but I did this time. I actually had one of my favorite sets ever in this hotel about 4 weeks ago, so this feels like friendly territory. I thought she might duck into the bar (and I probably wouldn’t have followed), but she didn’t. So I opened, and she loved it.

She said right away, “This has never happened to me before,” which made me feel extra great to give her that experience. We were in a hotel, so I asked if she was a tourist. Yes she said, from Montana, here for work. Perfect. I teased her about having guns and riding horses, and it all went well. I went into logistics. It was her last night — fine, I was ready to be her “last night adventure.” But no, she was hanging w/ her mom that night, until late, it wasn’t going to happen. Leaving the next day, early. It was a pretty sexual set, I was in close, talking slow, it felt good. As I ran out of options to get intimate w/ her before she goes home, I said, “Well, I guess this is goodbye,” and I lingered with all the energy of what I wanted to do with her hanging in the air… and she jumps forward to hug me.

Wow. That’s never happened to me before. I’m at about 700-900 girls in daygame, and I’ve never had a girl try to hug me after the set.

As I met up w/ my wing, I told him the story. He’d never been hugged either.

Girl #2. So we’re back to approaching, and I open this lovely Asian woman. Mature, maybe 30? 32? Very attractive. She opens well, but she’s so comfortable, I’m not sure she really gets what’s going on. Not much sexual tension, even as I was pretty on about it. So I ask what she’s doing, and she said, “I’m going out to dinner w/ my husband.” Oh! Right at the minute, I notice her ring, which I hadn’t seen. I tell her, “Okay, well, I’m definitely hitting on you, and I just noticed your ring, so I should let you go.” It’s nice and easy and happy for both of us. And she gets even more into the pickup, and thanks me, and says I have to hug her. So I did. And it was a really nice, warm, long hug. Beautiful. I told her she was charming, and she thanked me 2 or 3 more times, and I walked off.

Hmmm. Interesting. 2 in one day, and none in the 800+ sets before that. Some of this is that I’m getting better. Some of this… is meaningless. Just chance.

I texted my other wing, he’s active and good at daygame, and he said he’s never had a girl offer the hug either. He said he sees patterns in himself, little clusters, which are probably about your state. I agree. Something was going on w/ my state, and girls be huggin’ me.

It’s likely a “nothing” pattern, meaningless, but I’m certainly not scaring these girls off. Good. Another reference experience for how much women can love a good approach.

Okay… going back out there now. Viva daygame.