A good “reopen” || 11 more sets

It was another in the days of game. Pretty good day, in some ways, 11 sets, which is the 2nd most in a day this year. I could have easily done 15-20, but I weaseled on several girls.

It was also my second day out since my coaching with Yad… trying to focus on Yad’s recommendations.

I was trying to concentrate on these points:
— Not “turning my head” until I was at her 12 o’clock on the approach
— Talking louder
— Not “scanning her” up/down on the open

I’m particularly interested in this idea that I might be “looking girls up/down” on the open and the close. I think I do this naturally, and also as some kind of wolfy sexuality… and I think it’s a mistake. Maybe just because I am breaking eye contact at important moments in the set. And maybe as it might come off as creepy? I could be overthinking it… but I think “laser eyes” in these moments is probably better than what I have been doing.

I likely have many things holding me back at this point — keeping me in a state of famine, for now — but these are things I can focus on, while I gain experience, grow my confidence, and wait for something to “break loose” and get me out of this pattern of 0.0 results (despite a lot of work in the field).

I’ll go over the notes below, but here was the set of the day:

She was the last of 11 sets… one last girl before I picked up my stuff from the gym. She was a young, white girl. Short-ish hair, almost mommy-cut, which made her look a bit conservative, as it didn’t match her age. She was smiling. Dreamy. Walking slow. Great ass, in powder blue pants.

I approached, she was cautious, slipped around me, and with a big smile, drifted down the sidewalk.

This was a good setup for when I should consider “reopening,” as Yad suggested. This wasn’t something I was focused on for the day, but it was a perfect opportunity. It was not an ice-cold blow off, nor a sneer, nor disinterest. She had a juicy smile, and just didn’t really stop for me on the initial approach.

I ran around her again, “I just have to tell you this one thing…” She stopped this time. Amazing, girly smile.

She blushed right away. The intensity was contagious, and I blushed. I love to blush in set, and I called us both out. The only other double-open I did also blushed. Hmmm. Yad said opening a second time is extra “romantic,” he might be right. That’s a lot of blushing going on.

I delivered a line about how feminine she seemed. She took it, bashfully. We talked about how shy she is. “Are you an introvert?” Yes, she said. Uhh… it’s a day later as I write this out, but she was dripping with a quiet, snowy deliciousness. She really got me. I have a full crush on that girl.

At the end, I tried to close. She said she had a BF… and I really don’t know if I believe her. Maybe. But that was a very intense and special set for me. Great experience.

I think Yad might be right about the potential to reopen on girls like this… and I think that “she’s smiling like crazy” is the sign of when to try this.

Here are the rest of the sets:

1. Uhhhh… very good looking young, Asian girl, with a petite upper body, but nice full ass. Amazing body. I followed her across the street and opened before she walked into a coffee place – not a great open, I had to hurry before she got to the shop. She was alarmed by the pickup. I called out her face, and she said she was surprised. She took the compliment… still looking like she could spit me out at any time. She kind of slid around me, and went into the coffee place. Okay.

2. Pretty Asian girl. Opened okay, not great. A tourist, and seemed to be trying get rid of me by letting me know she wouldn’t be around long. Okay.

3. Short haired Asian girl, with great legs, in a short skirt. I had to follow her for quite a while before I could find the space to open her — she was right behind this crowd for a long time. I finally got most of the way in front of her, no reaction. I tried “excuse me,” she gave me a little tiny nod and kept going. Not interested.

4. First good set of the day was a Asian girl in neon. I have an mostly canned story about neon, I talk about “that 80s look.” She opened well, took out her headphones, and played w/ my 80s thing. She’s from China. I asked what she was doing here, and she said she came because her husband was here. Oh. I asked about a ring, joking with her, and she said she took it off to do laundry. She was a friendly, cute girl, and a good state booster. Thanks, cute girl.

5. This girl was a beautiful, thin, young Chinese girl. She was also rather surprised/cautious on the stop… kinda listened, never stopped, and walked off without a word. Uhhh, she was delicious.

6. I opened this little white girl. I was going to spin a story about how she looked like “a little sister”… At the first break in my flow, she announced she had a BF. I think I have opened that girl before. Something tells me I’m going to open her again too… ha.

That was 6 girls in… and only one positive set. Not a great start, but I was trying to be persistent. A happy soldier, out doing his job. Sets were coming fast, and I love it when that happens.

7. She was a short Asian girl, in a grey skirt, and made me think “school girl.” As I followed her, I wasn’t sure how cute I thought she was, but when I opened her, wow. Very cute. She listened to my line, smiled a bit, but quickly switched to a bit irritated and in a hurry. I let her go.

8. On my way to a snack and regroup, and I spotted what looked like a Russian girl to me. I’m not really into white girls, nor Russians, but I find them fun to practice on, as I think of them as tough. This one was bouncing down the sidewalk, a little thick in the thighs, with a big blonde ponytail swaying around. I opened, she was a little surprised, but stopped, keeping her body at 45 degrees to me. I called out her face, and she said she just wasn’t used to talking to strangers on the sidewalk. She turned out to be from the Ukraine. I forgot her name immediately, and asked her 1 question twice, which likely didn’t help the set. I did try to close, and she gave me her number. Okay. Did not feel like a strong close… but all my recent “strong closes” have gone nowhere, so I dunno.

9. For this one, I curse Steve Jabba. She was a tall Chinese girl, but I wouldn’t have normally opened her, as she wasn’t really that cute to me. However, we made eye contact as we walked toward each other. And then she looked down. And back up again… more eye contact. That felt like an IOI. I don’t like eye contact in daygame, but I was thinking about Steve Jabba’s insistence on all this IOI stuff, and opened just for him. I start my rap and she interrupts with, “No, just no, sorry.” She was looking at me a bit like a bitchy fat girl that is getting too much attention in the bar and is being a rude little princess. Not full on that, but shades of that. See? This is why I don’t like eye contact for daygame sets (unless she totally lights up). Who knows what the fuck the eye contact meant to her, but it had the effect of priming her defense before I even said a word, and she was all locked/loaded to blow me out before I could get my line out. See, Steve Jabba… told you IOIs during daygame aren’t a good idea. Yad told me daygame is about the surprise of it all… and I fully agree. I’ll keep testing this.

Took a break, had a tea. 9 sets, not bad.

10. Post tea, ran into this lovely Asian. She saw something gross on the street right before I opened and made a face, and I opened soon after, saying I loved the contrast between that nasty face and how cute she is otherwise. She was very cute and really lit up on the approach. I was very comfortable, almost oddly so. She was late, and gave me nice eye contact as she pedaled off.

11. This is the “reopen” story from above.

So, 11 girls, 1 number, and one really great set w/ a girl that had a BF. Okay, not bad. I’m fucking trying.

And then I had a date with my ex-girlfriend, the Tokyo Queen. It was her birthday, and we hadn’t seen each (other outside of the gym) since we broke up. I had already decided I was not interested in trying to hook up w/ her. I took her to dinner, in part, to try to make her feel special and cared-for on her birthday. I love her, and do care for her, very much. I was looking forward to it, but it was mostly sad. I wish I was gawd, and could just magically give that girl everything she wants by snapping my fingers. As it is… I’m not attracted to her, and can’t help her. I’m not sure the dinner was even a good idea. Hmmm.

I’m very glad I broke up, even with the famine I’m going thru in terms of dating and sex. In some ways, seeing her again inspires me to keep going w/ daygame… I have some ambition around my life with girls. I will keep going.

Soldier on, daygamer. Viva daygame.