Out Hunting || 22 Girls

A few more notes from the street from this week.

First off… I have been using language like “grinding out a few sets,” etc. I’m trying to stop that kind of self-talk. I have some tough moments (Monday was pretty brutal), but I mostly like this work. This “hunting” that we do. Fuck yeah. I want to call it like I see it… and I see this as a chance to live a big life, to take chances, to follow my curiosity, and to meet and romp with some beautiful and interesting women. Yes to all that. To hunting, my brothers!

So with that… here are some notes from this week. Here are 22 girls, over 4 days:

May09. 1. White girl, big butt, cool aviators. Not really my type, but opened her as an experiment. She opened well. It was the first set of the day for me, I was talking too fast in set, but she was loving it. Crossed her legs like we like. She was into it, but I wasn’t into her, so I let her go. I thought it was going to be a great day… 2. Tall white girl, big ass. She opened, and then was in a rush, so she had me walk with her. I don’t like walking with a girl… and this one was a flat interaction. I wasn’t into it. I let her go. State dropped a little. 3. Very cute, tiny Asian girl, great smile. I was excited about her. She’s opens okay and I said, confidently, “…and I wanted to meet you,” and she smiled, very nice and confident herself, and said, “no.” Oh?! I was surprised, agreed, told her to have a nice day. That one stung a bit. The relaxed, confident rejections, with deep eye contact like she gave me, seem to hurt the most. Like that Taiwanese girl 3 weeks ago, did the same thing with me. This one kind of collapsed my state… killed my state, actually. 4. Very tall Chinese girl. Opened her as an “experiment,” as well. I’m not into super tall girls, but I’m trying to challenge my assumptions. Stopped and talked, but a very awkward set. Went on for a while, but was hard work. Her face kept showing surprise mixed with some elements of distaste… like semi-shocked, slightly irritated “what the fuck” moments. At one point I said, “I don’t usually like tall girls but you’re cute.” More irritable shock on her face, and she took a step back. I let her go, happy it was over, even as I remembered the guidance “if she’s still standing there, keep going.” Maybe I could have, she was a very attractive girl, but that felt like an inorganic set. My state flattened out even more. Took a snack/tea break. Couldn’t get myself to reopen for a while, disheartened. So much for a good day, I thought. 5. Then this skinny, punky Asian girl came into view… delicious. I had to open… uh, more awkwardness. We chatted a bit and it wasn’t going anywhere so I let her go. Ugggg. I was going to call it a night, but then… 6. In the mall now, getting another tea before I took a call… She was another very tall Asian girl, skinny legs, great style. She bought a banana and had just stuffed the last of into her mouth when I opened. Ha. I told her I knew she was eating the banana, and that her mouth was full, and that I wanted to meet her. She was smiling and chewing. Charming girl. I told her this was a very funny way to meet someone, “you, with you cheeks all full of banana.” More smiling from both of us. She finished the bite and we started the chat. She was Asian, but turns out she’s Russian. Very hot for me. She was lovely. I took her number. I did a good job in that set, and I like her, but she might be “out of my league.” High quality girl, here studying English. Hmm, we’ll see. But she definitely made me feel better about the day. Never give up. A good set is right around the corner.

Update: Hot Asian-Russian girl isn’t answering any texts. I’ve tried twice. I’ll try a couple more times.

The only other thing I’d say about this day was that I’m surprised about how #3 rocked me. Again, just like that little Taiwanese one a few weeks ago did. If they blow me out, no problem. If they don’t want to give me their number, or whatever, I’m usually more than fine with all that. There was something about how they were both so calm and relaxed, looked me in the eyes and then denied me. Both times caught be off guard, maybe that’s why they stung so much. All this rejection, but somehow those sets stand out. Maybe I’m getting immune to that particular vulnerability at this point??

May10. 1. Cute Asian girl, great body, in yoga pants. As I was chasing her down to open her, I notice she had a little dog in a bag hanging off her shoulder. She opened skeptical at first, I could see her not really comfortable with the stop. I plowed a bit, feeling fine myself, watching her face. As we talked, she got more comfortable. We talked about travel, she loves Iceland, and she was very real and sincere about that. I got into her at that point, I liked her, it felt real. She’s leaving this city in a month. I tried to number closer her, and she said “what’s the point?” And I said, fun and adventure, and she gave me the number. Good. She took my phone and made sure I had her name spelled right. Ummm, felt like a good one. 2. Bitchy looking Asian girl. Thick body, very sexy. Tried to open her as an experiment… she blew me out, which was what I expected. To be honest, my initial read about a girl being warm/cold is about 50% correct, if that. This time, I was right, felt like it was going to be a blowout and it was. I can still see how sexy she is in my mind as I write this… ummm. 3. Slightly older Asian girl, maybe 32? She stopped and I could already tell we had nothing going on. Firm handshake. Blah. I let her go. 4. Very tall white girl in a dress that looked like a tutu. Not my type, but I was experimenting again. I opened her, saying I loved her look. She liked it, took everything well. Fashion student… wasn’t going anywhere for me, so I let her go. Then, I ran into #1 again, randomly, now in a different part of downtown. Another nice chat with her… but she seemed a little more crazy than earlier in the day. I told her I was off to tea, which I was, then I went back to hunting. 5. Shy, but very cute fobby Asian girl. She was a bit scared at the open, she figured out what it was about, lit up with excitement and a big smile, and drifted off nervously. Ha. 6. Busy/stern looking Asian girl. She was surprised and cautious and serious about the open. She couldn’t figure out what was going on, barking questions at me. I eventually said, “I’m hitting on you,” and she smiled, liked it, laughed, turned and walked off. Okay.

In generally, I find it’s pretty fun to tell girls directly that you’re hitting on them. I usually only do it in really awkward sets… she shouldn’t need to be told I’m hitting on her, but when it’s awkward, saying that clears the air. I always get a smile. I don’t know that that has ever helped me hook a set, but it melts all the irritation, in my experience.

Asian girl with the dog also isn’t responding to texts. That really surprises me. That set felt deep/on. I’ll keep throwing offers at her… I want to sex her before she leaves.

May11. Not actually running daygame that day, just out and about. Wasn’t in a good mood or state, but… 1. Hot, curvy Asian girl w/ a lip pierce. As soon as she figured out what was going on, she bailed. She was fucking hot. Wow. 2. Super hot, well done Asian girl in my neighborhood. Rare to see hot straight girls in my neighborhood. I wasn’t running game but wanted to hit on her anyway… one word answers and awkwardness. I bailed quickly.

These girls were hot or I wouldn’t have opened. Both these girls rejected me, and my state sucked, but I like that I’m opening randomly now. That’s where I want to get to… where I open every time I see a girl I want to meet.

May13. Wanted to make more of a day of it, so I did some work that morning from a coffee place in a busy worker-bee neighborhood. Then, before lunch… 1. Brunette, white girl, lovely, great smile… opened well. BF. Ummm, too bad. She was great. Then after lunch… 2. Fobby, nervous Asian girl. Opened… she liked it. There was nothing there for me so I let her go. Then… I felt something hit my hair and new is was bird shit. Fuck. Gross. Before I could clean it up… 3. Asian girl. She was awkward to open. I asked if she was okay, and she said, yes, just a bit surprised. She was boring… not that into her, no spark. Let her go. I love that I opened her, even with bird shit in my hair. Ha. She couldn’t see it, but I like that I approached, even with that extra friction. I stopped by my gym, cleaned up my hair, and did some more work. Then went out for a proper session… met up w/ my wing. 4. Asian, nice talk. Chinese, student, loves Asian food. Not the best skin, but I still liked her. I took her number. 5. Little, gorgeous Asian one, with thigh-high boots… In a hurry, but nice open. She was warm, and very hot little girl. 6. Little Asian girl with a pony tail. Big smile as I opened her, in a hurry. 7. Tall, thin, very attractive girl from China. Good set. Tried to get her # but she was on her way to fix her phone and get a new number. Gave her my card, felt pretty good. 1 in 20 chance she’ll follow up. 8. Can’t remember this one… it was a busy day. 9. Tall Asian girl, walking fast. great style, made a face when I opened and I knew it wasn’t on… In a hurry. I let her go. 10. Big IOI from a little Asian girl. She opened very enthusiastic. From Thailand, here for the last 6 months. She loved me, best reaction I’ve had in while, but was too messy. Bad teeth, bad skin, bad English. I let her go.

I weaseled on about 4-5 girls, aborted 3-4 approaches as I wasn’t committed, gave a great one to my wing, and could have easily done 15+ on Friday. I should do that before/after lunch, + proper session thing again. That’s the plan for next Friday.

Fucking A… lots of work, and no results at all. While these sets were going on, I was texting all my leads all week, couldn’t get anyone out this week. Doesn’t matter, I’ll be back to it next week… another 3 days, minimum. Something will shake loose. Meanwhile… I’m getting a lot of experience. 22 girls this week from daygame alone. Another 5+ out and about. That’s about on pace for success. It’s a matter of time.

I am a man. I hunt. That’s what I do. Doesn’t matter if I catch anything, I still have to hunt if I want to eat. More soon.

Viva daygame!