Miss Good Smell | First Insta-Date in the US

Got my act together and went out to run some sets today. Interesting, but moody-vibe for me today. The whole day… kind of dreamy.

After I pushed my Nietzsche post live, Rauker and I chatted a bit last night via text. I invited him to come hunt with me today, but he had work. We set up a tentative plan to get some food and catch up… If not today, some other time.

I wanted to keep my evening open, as I had no commitments for the evening, and I wanted to leave the door open for some spontaneous action…

I am not putting in nearly as much work as I did in Japan, but I am somehow still surprised I don’t have the “electric” sets I had there. None of the feeling like I could make out right off the open. No SDLs (and I had two in Japan)… Not even any insta-dates.

I have been in the mood several times since I’ve been back… out on the street, trying to pull, or get a date and then pull. I’ve tried to idate several times… no takers. I’m trying. And I had that highschool girl out about an hour after I picked her up… but that was more like a date, less like and idate. But I’m getting laid, so maybe I’m not trying as hard as I otherwise might.

As I left the house today, it was in a fuck-ready state: Clean and presentable. Setting myself up to feel proud of my place if I could bring a new girl back. It was comfortable and ready to be part of some fast-seduction. “Begin with the end in mind,” as they say.

Today’s opening approaches were okay and I was glad to be out on the street. Daygame in Shitsville’s quote about “hunting prey” really was inspiring for me… I want that feeling. I put his quote in the Nietzsche post, and everytime I read it I wanted to run game.

So the forth girl of the day today was in front of the Apple store. This was the exact spot where I picked up my first daygame lay… So that corner has special meaning for me.

I saw her out of the corner of my eye and she fit the profile of what I like: Asian, great hair, small frame, relatively young, nice skin.

She was behind me, so I fooled around with my phone as the signal changed and I took another look at her: Hair almost to her waist, with nice soft curls/waves in it. It was parted down the middle, no bangs, so her face peeked out from behind that hair, like a kid peeking out through the curtains. She had light orange freckles… I love freckles on Asian girls. She was dressed in all black, a mix of subtle and sophisticated. Big dark sunglasses made her more mysterious.

I opened her on the other side of the side of the intersection and… She hooked.

She was older than I thought. No lines on her face, but as she is an Asian girl, she might be close to 30. And she was imperfect in other ways. But as I cracked through my projection of who she might be, and had a glimpse of who she really was… I liked her.

It was easy, sweet and comfortable between us, right away. Some homeless guy tried to join us, so I nudged her arm and got us walking.

I have a habit of walking around with a cup of tea as I comb the streets, but today I implemented an old habit of making myself do some approaches first… made myself earn it, like I used to when I was first starting. But as I had a nice set going, I invited her to join me.

And that, is how I got myself into my first insta-date here in the US. Another small milestone checked off…

Is that right? I think so. I have tried here — especially after I had so many idates in Tokyo — but have never had a “yes” before. Here it was.


I gave her a couple of statements of intent (SOIs), telling her I thought she was cute. I went over the pickup with her… I told her what I thought as I first saw her, what I liked about her. In this case, it was the freckles.

She took it all very well. She was having a good time. There was the faintest bit of “doggy dinner bowl eyes” starting to happen… This girl likes me.

Fuck yeah, daygame. Flipping stones. Found a “yes” girl. Maybe. We’ll see.

Then I took us back to the square to sit. Nice little chat about where she’s from (Mongolia), why she is here (learning English), and some bits about her family and life back at home.

She’s only been here a week. This happens more than you’d imagine… You’re the guy she meets on her first week. Or the guy she meets just after she breaks up with her BF. Fate doesn’t always work against you.

Good chat. And it was really on. This was reminding me of Japan after all.

She took some light touching. Me testing her arms to see if she had any muscles… She does not, she is soft and delicious. And then there was her smell…

She smelled great. It was her smell that chipped away at me and made me really like her. She wasn’t wearing perfume (even though she usually does). I think some of it was her shampoo — I leaned in and smelled her hair, and it was nice, but not quite “it.”

I think it was the smell of “her.”

I’m not sure I notice this everytime, but I sometimes get sucked in by a girl’s smell. Maybe this is pheromones, I don’t know. Sometimes, I can literally taste her breath. That was true with Firecracker the day I fucked her. I told her so after the time. And it was true of the virgin I dated earlier this month as well.

Something about this girl’s smell… Was like a direct hit on my senses. Ummm. I was now very into her.

And I wanted to kiss this her. Powerful-strong urge. She was wearing a nice shade of pink lipstick that looked great against her very-white skin, all of it in contrast to that long, dark, healthy hair and those orange freckles it’s across her face.

It wasn’t so much that she what the hottest girl I’ve talked to recently… it was more than she had the strongest “real-time” effect on me. Under 20 minutes and I was sold. Not just “maybe I’d fuck her,” but that deep feeling, like yes, now, yes. Right now. It was like that.

I wanted her, but didn’t say so. This was in part as Yohami has been yelling at me for “saying it” instead of just “doing it.” Last year I would have told her “I want to kiss you right now.” This time I didn’t… I just stared at her in those moments and let the heat build up.

I told her I wanted to see her again, and we made a plan to hit the art museum on Friday… one of my standard first dates.

Anyway… Facebook close. I sent the invite from my phone. I told her it was great meeting her, and I stood up, she did too. I said “come here,” and I gave her a hug. Kissed the top of her head. And I walked off.

It was a really great little date. I loved it.

And her smell… Ummm. That got me.

And yet… I wanted to get back to opening girls. I still feel a conflict on idates, where I feel like I’m “missing out.” I picked up a little Chinese art girl last week, first set of the day… And I was afraid to idate her because I didn’t want it to take up the rest of my afternoon.

The idate Gambit: More investment with one girl means fewer leads from other girls.

As I write this… I think that’s dumb. I am not getting that many leads per day. If the idate feels solid, I should take it. But that’s all theory… As I said, I haven’t had many girls say yes for the idate. Hmmm. Still trying to figure this out.

So I got back to it… But I was kind of worked from that idate. That connection had my “chemicals” scrambled. I did another set and then messaged Rauker, to see if he was available for dinner. He was. I did another couple of approaches and then gave up.

Rauker and I met up and I took him to this dirty bar I know with great food. I told him about the idate, and how I was sort of spent afterwards. That I couldn’t really get myself to approach afterwards. That I was…

RAUKER: “Complete.”
NASH: “Yeah… That’s it.”

Not like “you complete me…,” none of that shit. But I was done for the day. I’d had my buzz. “Complete.” Yeah, that’s pretty close.

I had a couple of beers with the Rauk and went home.

As I got home, Good Smell had accepted the friend request. I had my chat thing off, but I commented on someone’s post and perhaps she saw that in her feed because she started messaging me… I left them alone. Wanted to lean back. And I was working on some art.

I read them this morning:

GOOD SMELL: Good evening Nash
GOOD SMELL: Its Good Smell :)
GOOD SMELL: This is my fb as u seen, and soo thank you for today ?

I replied today. A little bit of rapport, and then I said:

NASH: Hey… Tomorrow is art day!
NASH: Lets meet at 3 PM… At the train station.
GOOD SMELL: Caant waait ?

Feels pretty on.

I’ll have the fuck nest all ready to go. Clean sheets… of course. The ones on the bed have Siren on them from Monday night. I already have the Cheesecake Trap set for tomorrow.

Art museum… Then a drink. If she doesn’t drink alcohol, I’ll invite her home. If that isn’t a go, dinner… Then home. Or dinner, drink… And then home.

“Come home, goddammit!!”

We’ll see.

Viva daygame.