New Thai Girl, Insta-Dates, Greyhound || 8 More

I am back in my city after a week in DC and I hit the streets… because that’s what daygamers do. I have several dates lined up for this week, and next week I’m away for the holiday, so it would be hard to find time for new girls at this point.

But… I have two reasons to hunt anyway. 1. I live to hunt, and it’s good for me as a man. And 2. The New Thai girl I picked up was supposed to meet up tonight but she canceled. Which means, I was open to a “same day date,” which is increasingly realistic to me at this stage of my game. It didn’t happen… but it’s on the menu, and I know it.

Anyway, I was out on the street when I got the text with the New Thai Girl canceling for tonight…

NEW THAI GIRL: Oh I’m so sorry… so stressful right now. I don’t think I can make it today. I have too many stuffs to study for tomorrow final exam. Truly sorry.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Why do I care? The tornado is still spinning, but it has been about two months since my last notch (NYC girl does not count). I have been dating a lot and enjoying it, but it’s been little uphill lately. Some canceled dates, some rejections, some shit logistics, I am fighting a little bit of a cold… it all feels a bit low ROI right now.

I set up this date right as I landed on Sunday night (right in and between picking up Miss Researcher). New Thai Girl was funny and fun via text. I passed some tests. It was on, or so it seemed…

After some ping texts:

NASH: Do you like Ramen??
NASH: Come have ramen with me on Tuesday night…
NASH: I know a great spot.
NEW THAI GIRL: Oh really, where is it?
NASH: You only get one clue…
NASH: It’s in the [neighborhood]
NASH: Meet me on Tuesday, and I’ll take you there. 7:30???
NASH: I can show you a new part of town.
NEW THAI GIRL: Should I be scared? [emoji]
NASH: Well, I am a little bit dangerous… but not while I eat Ramen.
NEW THAI GIRL: Hahahahahaha
NASH: (Pic of a dog eating noodles)
NASH: ^ me
NEW THAI GIRL: How can you find those pictures? Lol
NASH: I took that one last time I had ramen… It’s a selfie.
NASH: : ]
NEW THAI GIRL: Ohhh right. So you are a pitbull who has 2 cats :/
NASH: Yeah!
NASH: I’m not too dangerous… Not even my cats are afraid of me.
NEW THAI GIRL: Actually I have team meeting after class and I’m not sure when I’m gonna finish.
NEW THAI GIRL: So… I will tell you on Tuesday then.
NASH: Let’s say hi on Tuesday
NASH: Sleep good, School Girl

See her put in that “maybe” regarding the team meeting conflict? Girls… always preserving ambiguity. Slippery creatures.

I texted today, confirming the time in an attempt to “assume the sale” and solidify the date. No reply for hours… we know that is not ideal.

This girl is young, smart, and very cute. We have a lot of text time, some of which was decent game on my part. She seems like a good investment… but she is getting stale.

I don’t like a big delay from pickup to date… After only 5 minutes or so together in person, the strength of the connection on the sidewalk is tenuous. I bet this one is gone.

I have another one that slipped away yesterday… Miss Freckles. I liked her, but we had a big delay from pickup to date (she canceled once)… it’s been 2 weeks… I think she’s gone too.

Part of this is having too many girls in the pipeline. You get booked up with dates and a little bit of non-game stuff and you have no time to fit them in and the process is frustrated. You go too fast and you look thirstier than you are, when you’re just trying to juggle logistics. They go stale… missed opportunities.

I like both of the ones that I lost this week, very cute girls.

Daygame giveth. And daygame taketh away.
— Nash

Meanwhile… I have never had an insta-date. Once, years ago, but not from proper daygame. I know I should try that at some point. Today, I tried for two different i-dates. With Miss Flight Crew (#4) and with Miss Shandong (#8). No go, on both. I don’t know that i-dates will help my game, but I like the “immediate access” part, and the potential for same day lays.

The set of the day was neither of those two. The set of the day was a proper “8.”

I rarely talk about the number scale — I like the “I would” or “I wouldn’t” scale. But this was a proper 8, like most guys would aspire to… perhaps what Krauser would call a Greyhound.

“Bhodi has his little theory about these types of girls – greyhounds, I think the term is. Girls who have:

  • Beautiful proportions mixing long legs, good height but also real curves
  • Intelligence and a well-rounded education
  • Social and physical grace
  • Always an 8 or better”


  • Ahhh, I guess I should credit Bodi. Whatever. That’s Krauser’s term, in popular usage.

    She is an 8 in a world where I barely think 9s exist and 10s are pure fantasy — that’s how the number scale works for me. I date 7s, and am perfectly happy with that. Miss NYC had the body of an 8, but was probably still a 7. She is clearly one of the hottest girls I’ve ever dated.

    The Greyhound was probably 26? About 5’7″/5’8″. Light colored hair, up in a bun on her head. Barbie-like proportions, with thin legs leading to nice wide hips (with an alluring thigh gap), and a tiny waste. Really excellent walk, hand out to the side, super feminine… that’s what drew me in.

    And she was even better once I had her stopped. Graceful and lovely, in every way. Smooth and slow. Well mannered and complimentary. Nearly flawless.

    I wasn’t intimidated, but the quality was easy to recognize. If you know me, you’ll know she’s not really my type. Most of the London-style daygamers go to FSU countries specifically to find this type of girl. I… go to Tokyo, that’s where my girls are. Or my nerdy-cute Firecracker, she is not the typical standard of beauty at all, but is my kind of perfect. However, I opened this one because I knew she was a high quality girl, and because I like to test myself with girls that are outside my comfort zone, and because… you never know.

    Anyway… she was remarkably graceful, but I could hear a bit of “but” in her voice, and in response to one of my questions, she let me know she lives in a nearby city… with her boyfriend. She said it reluctantly, but I think that was more about her being considerate of my feelings than it was about wanting to be available to me. Okay, cool. I told her that I was definitely hitting on her, so I was going to let her go. She told me I had a “really great presence.” Who knows how sincere that was, she is such a charmer, she could be smooth like that even if she wasn’t interested at all.

    She is the classic “CEO’s wife:” Trophy hot, but feminine and refined, high value and looking to be swept off her feet by the “Leader of Men” type. Pancake and I were talking about her type of guy and he said the redpill guys call that kind of guy “Chad.” Yeah, this girl dates Chad. She is a solid-solid 8. I approached her and ran decent game. I’m proud of that.

    But nerdy, random Chinese girls are as much of a prize for me… make my cock just as hard, if not harder. To each his own.

    Here are the rest of the sets:


    1. Young, beautiful Asian girl, with a backpack. Maybe Filipina? No accent, she was American. She was suspicious, didn’t know what I wanted, even said so. She said she was in a rush, I offered to walk with her, she declined. Very cute girl, she got my day started, but she didn’t hook.

    2. This is the set of the day from above… the Greyhound.

    3. Tall Chinese girl… barely any English. Let her go.

    * I think I saw Miss Virgin about here in my day… She hasn’t retuned any of my texts since our date. I see her on the street all the time. Oh well.

    4. Lovely Chinese girl, works for an airline. Weak hook, but she chatted. Tried for an idate. Tried for dinner… Took her Line. We’ve messaged a bit.

    5. Blowout… I think I’ve hit on her before.

    6. Asian girl, big headphones, packpack. Nice girl. BF.

    7. Beautiful Asian girl. Short bob haircut… Smiled but wouldn’t stop.

    8. Chinese girl, from Shandong. Opened her about her slow walk… she popped open. Nice chat. Tried to move her out of the flow of traffic, and she wanted to keep walking… But she lingered so I took that as an invite to walk with her. 2 blocks later, I tried to idate her. Nope. Went to number close and she said she had a BF… “Sort of seeing someone.” I played with her about that for a minute and then let her go.

    Viva daygame.