I number closed Yad || 7 More

So on Monday there was more in the “days of game.” Out the street, talking to girls. That’s how we do it.

It was a good fun day. Eh, pretty fun.

When I’m out, I try to get some sets in right away, and this day, Baby Jesus was kicking down the opportunities straight outta the gates.

There were two Chinese girls, to start. First one was smiley, but drifted away. Second one, I can’t remember… only that she was Chinese and very cute.

Then, there was the little white girl. She turned out to be a student, originally from Scotland, getting her degree in Washington state, and here on vacation. She… was not that cute up close. I… would have dated her anyway. Thirsty, thirst man, I am. Set was pretty good. I cold-read her to be an artist, and I was right. She was very hard to close (because she probably didn’t want to be closed), as she claimed her phone had no reception, etc., etc. I ended up putting my name in her phone on FB, but… no connection. I told her I was going out dancing the next night, and she should look me up later if she wanted to join. Did not happen. I know I’m gonna have sex with a tourist this summer… it’s my destiny. She was not the one.

After that, there was a girl w/ very dark skin, lovely face. I think we made eye contact, that’s what got my attention. As I turned back to check her out… it was her rather generous portion of ass that made me commit to the set. I chased her down into the subway, and she was in line to go swipe her pass and get into the train system when I opened her. She laughed. I said, “This makes you laugh?” — calling out her face and emotions. She said, “It’s just that this has never happened to me before.” It turns out all that dark skin was Ethiopian. Meanwhile, she’s just about to the point where she swipes her card, I’m keeping time w/ her in line as she waits. I say, “Okay, this is the point where I take your number.” People were stacked up behind her… she said, “I’ll take yours.” Terrible. I handed her my card… we know how that goes.

Then another Asian girl I can’t really remember.

And then a Chinese girl. Opened great. Long friendly chat, maybe too friendly. College girl. Lots of freckles, that’s cute. As I went for the close, we started joking about her age. I asked if she was old enough to join me for a drink. She had me guess her age. I guessed 22 (old enough for a drink, but still college-aged). She said, much older. I said 27… she said that was close. Okay. Told her I wanted to see her again, and would she like that? No thank you, she said. Okay.

So theeeeeeeeeennnnnnnn… I’m following an Asian girl, about to open. I upgrade to a very attractive white girl that is just going into the mall. As I turn to chase the white girl, in the corner of my eye I think I recognize a face that should be familiar to everyone that’s studied daygame… could it be?… yes it was.

Yad, himself.

I gave up on the white girl, walked over, stuck my hand out, and he looked me up and down, and he said, “Oh, you recognize me.” Yes, I did. He was cool and friendly. His student was on an insta-date. I asked if he had time for more students while he was here, and he gave me his number.

That, is how I number closed Yad. It was cool for me, but this isn’t exactly what my goal is for daygame… hysterical how you get into pickup to meet girls, and in fact, you do, but you also meet a lot of guys. Some of them famous. Heroes of game.

I did one more set, it was terrible… Chinese girl, blew me out.

Off to the bar to watch game 5 of the NBA series. Warriors! Ahh, they lost. But the crowd at my favorite bar was cool, as always. I love that place, even thou it was super packed.

As it became clear our local team was going to lose… I was texting the “God Father of Day Game,” setting up a lesson.

And then… on a trip across the bar, I see this girl across the crowded room… she was looking pretty cute. I texted her, “Going with straight hair these days, huh Client Girl.” She hit me back w/ “Yeah, trying something new : ).”

That thing w/ her ended in frustration for me, as she seemed interested at the time, I’d had her in on my bed making out the previous date, hands on her tender ass as I walked her down the stairs, but she was very tough to get out again (would have been date #4), cancelling for this reason and that… so I gave up on her. I had a lot of options at the time. I am a thirsty bear, right now, but… I’d rather start over than chase down that old ghost.

Viva daygame.