NYC: Commitments, Daygame, and 150 Sets

Greetings daygamers… from the Big Apple.

I’ve been here a few hours. I’m excited. Life for me right now is a mix of promise and self-doubt. This is going to be a good week, a hard week, a wild week. I have hopes. I have curiosity. There is only one New York City and I am here. I want to run some game.

And I’m here because of some commitments. Here’s one:

My brothers, that feels like a gnarly commitment. Sometimes the girls intimidate me… and sometimes I intimidate myself.

The quote above is some evidence that I have been fooling around on Twitter a bit. I like it. It’s been a great way to connect with others in the Tribe of Men. Flat Lander almost feels like a wing to me. I appreciate that guy. And I ran into this guy worldwidegame yesterday and I like how he thinks. There are many others. And it’s a pleasure to run with this pack of wolves.

My 150 set commitment was in response to a TDDaygame post about a student doing “20 sets.” It was inspiring to hear about a new guy smashing out 20 approaches (I assume, as Tom coached him). My results have sucked lately, but I’ve been putting in my time… I feel like a beginner… all over again. In some ways that’s good.

One great thing about being on Twitter is watching other daygamers tell their stories. I love it. Not everyone wants to blog and in many ways Twitter is a more accessible avenue to barf your wins and insecurities about game/girls into this community. Hearing each other’s stories is important.

I’ve been almost jealous of some of the guys that are just starting out. Some mix of envy and nostalgia about the days when I was in those shoes. And in fact, I’m not quite out of those same woods myself.

I haven’t had a new lay in a long time. Two months.

I had been clipping along with one or two new lays per months for the last year, and then suddenly that wasn’t so familiar. And in that sense, I could feel what the newer guys were saying in those twitter posts. I can really feel it. My lack of new lays has made it easier to imagine where they are at in their path, and to connect with where I was in the summer of 2016 (and the hunger of those days), as my results look like a beginner lately too. Not really. But in some ways that’s true.


Doubts, because I’ve been inconsistent (in terms of lays, not in terms of work ethic). And doubts that I will be able to make anything happen on this trip here in this most famous of east coast cities.

In some ways, I feel small about all that. And in some ways… like those guys on Twitter, I feel free (even though I “doubt” that’s how those guys see it). My streak is broken. It’s a chance to start over. When you “suck,” the only place you have to go is up.

“Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.”
— Janis Joplin

In some ways, I feel like that.

I should take a second to get real and say I’ve been getting laid. I have. I’m still no-fap, and I’ve been more than surviving, and it’s daygame sex, but all “recurring revenue” from girls I approached earlier this year.

I had a return visit from Miss Lips, and she wanted some time and some cock, and I gave it to her. She’s cool, but I’m not that into that girl. Even though I’m not doing that well… I only saw her once in the 10 days she was in my city. With her, I’d rather have the free time than get laid. She just doesn’t inspire me.

Much more so, Miss Thick has turned into an epic lover — best lover I’ve had in at least 10 years. The dirtiest, most intense sex I’ve had in a long, long time. It’s her eyes as much as it is her ass. And of course it’s not just the sex. I’ve been so tempted to tell that girl I love her… she’s been amazing. Not “I’m going to quit the path and go all monogamy on her,” but everything up that point. She and I have taken what was once another notch and made it richer and deeper, and I’m very, very into what we’re doing in bed and beyond.

Yeah. Miss Thick. I know you’re a happy girl. And seeing that look in your eyes is enchanting every time.

But when I stop thinking about her, I can’t help but notice there have been no new girls in my bed since the Virgin… and she… is still a virgin. And by that… I mean I didn’t fuck that tender-young thing. And worse than that, she’s gone. After the date where her virgin box squirted all over my chin, she disappeared. “Squirter’s remorse,” I suppose. Who knows.

I know if I want girls in my bed… I need to hit the street. Despite my fondness for the amazing, lovely, and talented Miss Thick… there will be no hiatus from street approach.

I have been out there, “giving my gift,” daygame style. I’ve been approaching consistently, all summer (and especially in September). I’ve done hundreds of approaches. Hundreds. I’ve taken dozens of leads. There have been dates, but no new lays.

I’ve had some good stories in the last two months. The Teenage Virgin was an incredible experience for me before she disappeared. And I’ve dated a handful of other young, hot, beautiful girls as well. An instadate with a 19 year old Japanese girl that was beyond delicious by my standards. Wow…she was… wow. She was on a tight leash from the host mom and I couldn’t get her out. And then another 20 year old Japanese girl – a total fantasy for me. I took her for “virgin” drinks at my favorite hotel bar one afternoon… and surprised her as I sucked her earlobe in the elevator on the way down to the street. I couldn’t get her out before she left town (maybe I’ll see her in Japan next year?). Another date or two, including one breakfast date where I kissed her on the sidewalk, but mostly… leads to nowhere.

How many new leads?

Goddammit, so many leads. Maybe 25? 30? Not every time, but most days… two to four leads per day. One day I took five leads. So many tourists. Three or four flight attendants. Several married women that didn’t tell me they were married until later.

Here’s an example:

“Nothing. Just let it go. I’m merried woman. I should have said it early, I’m sorry.”
— Some “merried” Korean girl

(^ That’s for you, Pancake. Very good to run some game with you this month.)

This is via message, later that night, after she’d given me her number and chatted with me all afternoon. I had at least three of those in the last two months.

Yeah… so many cute girls that would respond and then drop off. Too many examples to count.

And the Wine Girl not only cancelled our second date, but then… took the time to call me on the phone, to tell me, that she and I, “weren’t a good match.” Like voice to voice, on the phone, to say we shouldn’t date. She said she didn’t want to “ghost” on me. Weird. I asked her, “Do you do this all the time?” It was ridiculous.

Wow. August and September. Strange months.

This is what it feels like to “suck” again. Not really, I get it… but the scoreboard says “goose egg.” 300 approaches maybe? Jesus. And a big zero. It can happen. It happened.

But… I have other reasons to be on this side of the country. The impending daygame adventure is the center of my focus, but I have other business her in the great state of New York.

Let’s talk about commitments.

150 sets. In five days.

Can I get laid in five days? The answer is… I don’t know. Maybe. In DC I took four leads in two days (and that was only 18 approaches, total)… and it seems reasonable to say I’ve gotten better since then.

I just finished Tom Torero’s Street Hustle text book (I’ll review it when I get home). I think somewhere he says the ideal “jaunt” is about two weeks, and he is quick to point out that short trips make it harder to close. I agree.

Not just the sheer lack of time, but the lack of time for busy girls to fit you into their week. There is also the fact that you’re “one and done” no matter what… and not every girl is clamoring for tourist cock. Most importantly, you’re not on your own territory… so you’re at a distinct disadvantage versus native guys (of equal skill) in terms of local knowledge and date logistics.

If I want to get laid on this trip – and by God’s Teeth, that is the goal – I know I’ll have to get busy. I know bastards players like Roy Walker can close one in 30 approaches (or better), but my stats are nowhere near that. I think I might have the worst (and perhaps the most honest) stats in daygame. So if I have a hope of a notch, I’ll have to be busy.

150 girls.

My previous record for approaching was 35 sets in a day, something like that. I did over 30 approaches several days in Tokyo, but that is a place where “every third girl was fuckable” (for a man of my tastes). At home in California, I did a 19-set day last week, and it was fun, not that hard. And my city is much smaller than NYC. There is a lot more foot traffic here.

So… 30 sets a day. That’s the goal. Five days total on the street. That’s 150 sets. That’s my plan.

That sounds hard. I am intimidated.

But… we are more likely to make progress as men, when we make commitments to each other. Public commitments hold us accountable. That’s a good practice.

And in a related sense, our inner game improves when we make and meet our promises. That’s the basis of masculine integrity. Make promises. Keep them. Work hard. That’s real. Do that and you can believe in yourself. And if you can’t do that… well, I don’t know what to tell you. Good luck.

This trip is part of my New Year’s resolution.

In December, a three-part resolution came to me one night, crystal clear. For 2017 I wanted to: 1.) Study David Deida (for game and relationship purposes), 2.) Read about Austrian economic theory (a lot of men I respect are convinced by the notion of free markets, I wanted to learn more), and 3.) Get a particular art/business project off the ground (for love of art, and as an exercise that could lead to some business opportunities for me). All three of those felt right, so I started telling people that I was going to commit to each of those items.

I am committed. And here it is October, and none of them are done… but all of them are underway. I will fucking get them done.

In fact, all three of those New Year’s commitments seem to be converging on this trip. I have already seen Deida speak this year, and he was beyond my expectations (amazing guy). I applied for a weekend program with him, but it was a huge chuck of cash, so I looked for similar alternatives… that’s why I’m here in New York right now… for a men’s intensive with a different teacher. And then I did get going on the “Austrian econ” bit, but as I researched it, I switched to Milton Freidman. He is American, but he is a good intro into free markets and is well respected by guys that value the Austrians’ POV. I have his book here with me, I’m 50 pages into it. And I kicked out a big batch of stickers in advance of this trip… they are fucking awesome, and I will cover NYC with my art while I’m here. Those stickers are not the point of the larger art/business commitment, but it’s very much related (and the completed stickers themselves represent a series of made- and met- commitments, promises kept).

Commitments… blah, blah, blah. No, it’s more important than that.

Let’s come back to the daygame.

Will I get laid? I have no idea. I can’t totally control that. Part of making wise commitments is knowing how much is skill and how much is in the cards. I can’t control the cards. And my skill is what it is. What I can control is my dedication and discipline. I can make commitments and keep them. That’s not the destination but it’s a sound path for a man.

So I will get my 150 sets done this week. If I do that, I will have made and kept a promise. I will have even more reason to trust myself, and that is the core of true confidence and inner game. That’s the man I want to be.

And let’s be honest… it’ll be hard, but it should be fun. It’s talking to girls, man. If that sucks for you, you shouldn’t be in daygame. I like girls, and a lot of that “work” is going to be vibing with girls. Sounds good.

While 150 sets sounds like a bit of a grind, another way of saying that is… 150 girls. Just saying that makes me horny. 150 girls that are hot enough, and interesting enough, to make me lick my lips and approach. I will get blown out a lot (I’m the best BOA that has ever lived). But some of those sets will simmer. And some will boil. There will ice, but there will be heat. Could be some hot moments. Maybe some dates. Maybe a makeout. Maybe I’ll sink my teeth into a new girl in a more carnal way.

We’ll see.

That’s what I am up to… I will hustle on my commitments this week. I will talk to some girls. I will win some hard-earned experience, some “away game” experience, on foreign territory.

And I will be… in many ways… just like those young cats on the Twitter. “20 sets” here and there. Reborn in the Big Apple. Cutting my teeth… all over again.

So, who knows. I’m a player and players play. I’ve made a commitment and I’ll step up to that opportunity. It’ll be hard. It’ll be fun. I’ll be a good experience.

And most importantly, I keep my promises.

“You can go home you’ve done your approaches”

See. Inspiration from the young guns. Fuck yeah. Blaze, young guns. Blaze. I love it.

That’s what I got. Maybe I’ll get laid. We’ll see what the week brings.

Daygame as a test of my character. Daygame as crucible. Daygame as mirror.

Viva daygame.