Pancake, Thai Girls, Flakes || 10 More

It was supposed to be a date night, and I’m way behind on work, so I was going to cool it today. But last night Pancake commented on one of my posts referencing going out today, and I decided that if I heard from him I’d go out… And we did. Girls were hit on. It was cool.

Quick shout to the Pancake — nice work today, man. When I left you were 12+ approaches deep. Solid. There is a good vibe rolling with you. It was a pleasure.

The backdrop of the day was the date with Thai Girl (OG Thai Girl… not the new one). I think we’ve been out 4 times… The last time was about 9 days ago, and she was getting sick, so quick dinner, that was it. I pinged her yesterday and she told me she was very sick, skipped school all week… So I checked today, and she wanted to put off the date. Walls of text, saying she missed me. I believe her.

NASH: How you feeling this morning??
THAI GIRL: I took cold medicine It make me sleep all day ?
THAI GIRL: I have no vice at all ??
THAI GIRL: so Can I meet you on Next week any time I think we will have more fun ?
THAI GIRL: so sorry
THAI GIRL: miss you but so sick have 0 energy Can not even talk very sore thro
THAI GIRL: at !!! ??

She likes me… but I still have not had sex with her. Grrrrr. Some of this is logistics. Some of this me. I read Roy Walker… and he is getting laid. I have work to do.

And that’s two canceled dates with Thai girls alone this week. New Thai girl canceled Tues. This one canceled for tonight. (And Firecracker canceled for Monday, as she was on her period… but that is rescheduled for tomorrow.)

That’s a lot of let-down for a daygamer to process — fucking with my vibe a little. But to be honest… only a little. As I type this, I think a week of holidays will fuck the girl tornado further still, but I am feeling rather confident with the potential of game right now.

If this tornado settles down… I will inspire a new one. I am increasingly secure in that idea.

“Girl tornadoes are not born… they are made.”
— Nash

Daygame = opportunities on demand.

10 more today. Some good sets. It was fun. Part of that was Pancake’s momentum and good attitude. Part of it was being up close and personal with young, attractive girls. Part of that is that I love to hunt.

And the 3rd Thai girl in this story was one from today’s hunting. Well, I assumed she was Thai and I was right — I am getting some southeast Asian experience to add to what I know of “The Big Three” (Japan, Korea and China). She was little, with cute style and shiny black hair. Maybe 28?

She stopped easily, but stared without speaking for a time, and I asked her if she understood me. She smiled, showing some comfort and experience, and said “yes,” but with a look in her eyes that told me she was trying to decide if I was crazy.

But things flowed well from there. She is here visiting for a month in the US, been all over the country, and it was her last night it this city. Ummm, #adventuresex potential.

She was confident and knowing. A strong girl. We chat for a bit, and I try to close for a same-night drink. And she stared at me, slow and edgy (I like this girl, I thought…), and she says “are you serious?” Yes, I say. Solid as fuck. She rejects the idea, and I roll through, tried again, ” No. We talk here and that’s it,” she said, with a big smile, very matter of fact. Solid as fuck. Touche.

Ha… She was great. She had dinner plans with a friend (not a BF, I asked), so I vibed a bit longer and I ejected. Fun approach.

But the set of the day was actually one of Pancakes sets, because it encapsulated why daygame is not, in fact, all about “the grind.”

She was a young blonde girl. He spotted her body, but hadn’t seen her face. As she was stuck at an intersection, I stepped out to take a look at her face and gave Pancake the thumbs up – she was cute by my standards. He approached… She super hooked.

I don’t remember all the details — and perhaps Pancake will add his thoughts in the comments — but he told me that she started laughing immediately. That she was fun. And athletic.

“It was one of those approaches that makes you feel like you’re walking on air.”
— Paraphrase of Pancake’s comment after that set

Oh… I know what you mean. It’s been very good to be out lately. I’m loving it.

Here are the rest of the sets:


1. Tall, skinny, Chinese, beautiful…wasn’t having it. Okay. Later, Beautiful.

2. Indian girl, renting a bike. Pancake didn’t like her, guessed her as fobby… I approached. Up close she was neither cute nor fun… at least it was over quickly.

3. Short, Asian girl, great ass… saw her ring as I opened, asked if she was married… she did a quick disgust face, then a big smile, I told her I was going to let her go and I walked off.

4. Tall, beautiful, Chinese girl… stopped, cute, not really a solid hook… took her number but it was a weak close. Msg’d her. No response.

5. Tall, big butt, maybe 30? I liked her more and more as I approached, she turned me on. She stooped, was a touch suspicious, circled around me but was still looking at me, and then she blushed, and I could see her considering me, then I could see her write me off, I asked her to stop, she was leaving, I called her out for blushing and she was gone. Poof!

6. Chinese girl w/ a roller bag. Nervous, said she had to go, I let her be.

7. My confident Thai girl from the story above… I liked her.

8. Short, cute, dark hair, all black clothes… Pancake wasn’t interested so I went after her. She popped open and I could tell she liked the stop. She is originally from Afghanistan. As we started to chat, she was all one-word answers. Almost comically so. It was not charming… so I thanked her and split. Some girls have no game.

9. Asian girl, glasses, very kissable lips. I told her there was something interesting about her, and she said “what?,” and I said I didn’t know… And it was pretty on. She was one of those girls that stands just inches away from you — I love those girls. She blushed, I told she was blushing, then I blushed. She lives in nearby city, which is not ideal… and she was in a hurry so we walked together and the magic fizzled for me, I felt lazy suddenly, so I said goodbye and split. She looked a bit confused, and I don’t blame her… But I know these girls will go stale before I’m back from the holiday and can work them into the rotation, and this one wasn’t worth the chase.

10. Odd looking but attractive little Asian girl. Got right in front of her, she looked right through me… she kept going. Bye, Odd/Pretty One.

And so I begin a 10-day break from daygame. I’ll miss it… today was a lot of fun.

Thanks again to Pancake… great to be out hunting with you.

Viva daygame.