Recurring Revenue, Sex, and Notes on Four Girls

Recently, I am experiencing a windfall of attention and sex from girls that I picked up months ago. I categorize sex with girls from previous pickups as “Recurring Revenue” (in contrast to “taking a new notch”). Repeat sex is good sex. And it is better, I’d argue, than that first bite.

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Even if it’s not better… it’s still very fucking good.

I am an advocate for repeat action with girls, and that is a goal of mine in seduction. Other than brief references like, “I saw one of my regulars,” this seems like an area of game we don’t talk about that much. Since a few of these girls have popped up on my radar in the past couple of weeks, I have some fresh notes to share on this topic.


For reference… RECURRING REVENUE is a business term I apply to game.

When I pickup a girl, I am trying to get her out. When I get her out, typically, I am then working to get her back to my place. At my place… it’s about getting those panties off her body and onto the floor where they belong (Bad panties! Get in the corner!!). When the Daygame Gods will have it… +1 for the Daygamer.

A notch has been claimed. And I get to run around the block with her panties on a pole, a flag of pride celebrating the great art of seduction. Hurrah! Hurrah!

And then??

Recurring revenue is when I get a second taste of her body, beyond that taking of the notch. A repeat engagement on another day. That’s what I mean.

If you’re a pure-bread notch hyena, you’re “one and done.” Which is cool. For some guys, that scratches their itch. That is completely valid, as far as I am concerned… but I want more than that.

I like to get laid about 2X per week. (Or maybe 4X… night/morning… couple of days off… then different girl… night/morning again.) But my point here is that I like the hunt, I like the conquest, I’m interested in my n-count… but I also like the sex itself. Not just “novel” sex, but the overall volume and opportunity for sex in my life beyond the conquest.

Getting laid is good for man.

And deeper than that, I like the “quality” of the (s)experience with the girl when I get her naked more than once. Both the quality of the sex… and also, the way an affair with a girl can “deepen” with more time, attention, and exposure to each other. Personally, this is where the real “gold” is at for me.

This ^… is recurring revenue. This is enjoying the fruits of your labor in an episodic way.

And I am convinced that repeat sex with girls is typically better sex than “first time” sex. The corresponding non-sexual aspects are also better, with time, with “trust,” as you experience each other and figure each other out.

I’m not talking about commitment (not at all). I’m not even suggesting making these girls “girlfriends” (I haven’t had a girlfriend in years). But I am arguing for the real benefits from a prolonged state of “lover-ness” with these girls… when such an opportunity is available… when your game can sustain it.

It means more sex overall (if that’s your thing, and it is for me). And it means better sex. And that includes the emotional side dishes that come with even very casual, spacious LTRs. Repeat sex… with low “acquisition cost,”… where the fruit is sweeter still, as they voluntarily come back for more of the amorous/sexual exchange.

I have some stories about “taking the notch.” Every affair starts with a first encounter. But here are some recent examples of adventures with girls in that space beyond the first time… in the land of Recurring Revenue.


Miss Lips is a 30-something girl I picked up last year. From Taiwan. She has tropical features. Great lips on this girl, juicy lips, excellent kisser. She travels to my city for work, quite often, and when she is here, I’m happy to take her out.

I fucked her on the second date back in July of 2017. She ended up staying with me for two nights, back to back. She is a bit of “work,” in some ways… I like to see her, the quality of the sex with her varies (in March of this year, she was exceptionally vulnerable and ripe)… overall, I like that she is in my life.

She pinged me last week, saying she would be in town and we set up a plan for the Fourth of July. She wanted fireworks. I wanted dinner/drinks/her. I tried to put together a plan (men = order) that would make us both happy.

She raised the stakes by saying we should take a boat ride across the bay. This request seriously complicates the date (women = chaos). The boat ride was a bit of a pain in the ass, but she has asked me to do this before, and I thought I’d get it done this time.

I told her:

NASH: If we want to do the boat ride, we have to be there by 5:50… it leaves at 6
MISS LIPS: Okidoki!

My “chaos radar” was tingling, so I made another pass at “order:”

NASH: Okay, let’s aim for the boat at 5:45

Miss Lips is a very professional girl, but after-work, she drops her “type A” work-mode, and settles into a flitty girlishness. I like that side of her (it’s feminine), but it’s hell on scheduling.

Hitting a dinner reservation with her is tough, as she’ll make it my house with little-to-no room to spare. I have taken to lying to her about the time of the reservation (telling her it’s 30 mins earlier than it actually is), to overcompensate for her lateness.

We can yell at girls. We can drop them from our lives. We can try to use psychology to shape them into more low-maintenance companions. All of this is part of the exploration of women… and of our own capacity to “rope the wind.”

For our boat ride… I arrived on time, had our tickets ready, as well as a cup of tea for each of us. And… she showed up at 6:01, just in time to hear the deep bellowing horn of the boat as it pulled away. WOOOO-WOOOOOOOOOOO.

Chaos wins. I should have told her 5:30. Or fucking three o’clock.

Oh well. The whole thing is another case study in the trials and tribulations of herding pussy cats. I was tempted to be irritated, but I had the rest of the night to think of… the show must go on.

As she arrived and realized she had FUBAR’d the ride, she was talking quickly, apologizing, and a bit embarrassed. I wasn’t surprised by any of this, so I was on to next steps right away… managing her lateness, her own disappointment and the sheepishness of the moment.

I brushed her fuckup aside, smiled, and looked her deep in the eyes. I slowed us both down. I welcomed her to my city. I paused while she took a breath. And I gave those lips a kiss.

We had plenty of time now before the dinner reservation I had arranged for later… so we lounged around the dock, drank our tea, and then walked through the city toward dinner with time to spare. She “sunk” her own boat ride, but dinner was fool-proof, delicious, intimate… a great time.

I walked her back to her hotel through China Town, at peak fireworks hour. All the fireworks in this part of town were illegal and unsanctioned, but it was very cool to see Fourth of July from that POV, as I held her hand and walked past the rows of upset cars, all their car alarms blazing from the dangerously loud explosions going off from block to block.

Back at her hotel, some more fireworks from the window of her room, and then…

I dragged her to the bed, got her naked, and fucked her. Mission accomplished.

She slept very close to me in the big, comfortable hotel bed. When we work up, I was sporting morning wood, and she climbed on top of me… so I fucked her again. She had a call for work at 9. I rinsed off, and did the walk of shame back to the train and to my place.

It was a good time. This is like the seventh time I had this girl in bed…

#recurring revenue


Maybe a week or so ago, I woke up to a Snapchat from Miss Tease. She is early 20s (I think?), a Korean-American girl from a very conservative family. She lives at home. She works in my city, but supposedly needs to be home right after work (who knows if any of this is true… she is a mysterious girl).

A few days after I picked her up, I walked her around a big department store one night and made out with her. And then, a couple of weeks later, we met at a hotel and I fucked her after work. I had never done anything like that at that time… it was racy and an excellent chapter in my education as a seducer.

We cooled off after that, but I see her on the street from time to time. She’s a little thick, but I am struck with attraction each time I run into her. Her face has a fresh glow to it, she is quite beautiful. And, like the girl in the story above, she also has amazing lips… wow.

I wondered, after that first round of sex… if we’d date again. With girls, it is always and only, “we’ll see.” Always “maybe… maybe.”

I don’t chase this girl (even if I wanted to, I don’t think it would help), but she pops up on my radar now and then. Who knows why she chooses to reach out when she does, but she has sent me dozens of great nudes via Snapchat. We have had several rounds of sexting each other. And last Fall I got her out one day after work, dragged into a changing stall at Banana Republic, and made out with her. She is a fantastic kisser, and very submissive when I get my hands on her.

In May of this year… more recurring revenue from her:

That ^ was only the second time I’d fucked her… and it was (per the intro to this post), much better sex than the first time. And if it’s of any interest to anyone (and it is to me), the emotional connection was much better. Better vibe afterwards as well. We’ve been “tighter” ever since that second time.

At this stage of my affair with her… I feel increasingly affectionate towards her. And each time I see her, I think her face is more beautiful than the time before.

Meanwhile… via SnapChat… pic after pic of her full, soft boobs (they are near perfect), her neck, her juicy-full lips. As I said above, she sent me another naked-shot last week, which kicked off a new round of teasing and sexual “table setting.”

From Friday:

NASH: I want to get my big, strong hands on you this week…
MISS TEASE: Just thinking about you
MISS TEASE: I’m getting… ;-)
MISS TEASE: Mmm gosh

This ^ is how she talks… she has a wonderful mix of faux-innocence and vulgarity. She is a very sexy girl.

MISS TEASE: I’m completely naked right now
MISS TEASE: My legs are spread open

Also ^ from her on Friday. This is her in full “tease” mode.

MISS TEASE: I’d go nice and slow
MISS TEASE: Get every inch of you in my mouth
MISS TEASE: Feel how tight my mouth gets
MISS TEASE: And how wet
NASH: The look in your eyes as you take it all in
NASH: That’s what I want
MISS TEASE: Mmmmm gosh
MISS TEASE: Mmm I’m dripping right now

Yes… she is easy to like.

Even if I never got this girl out, a girl that will send me nudes and sext with me like this… is a good girl. If nothing else, this kind of attention is great for my vibe.

MISS TEASE: I would love to deepthroat
NASH: Ummm, yeah
NASH: I’d hold your head
NASH: And look at those big, beautiful eyes
NASH: As I pushed it all the way down your throat
MISS TEASE: Mmmmm yes daddy
NASH: Good girl
MISS TEASE: I’d want you to come in my mouth

When I fucked her in May, that’s exactly what I did ^.

And calling me “Daddy”… I have never asked how old she is (and she has never asked me), but I think she is about half my age. The “Daddy” thing sounds great, but it’s a little weird in practice. With that said, I confess… I like it.

As I have gotten this girl into (a hotel) bed as recently as two months ago, Miss Tease has also already crossed into the territory of recurring revenue for me… and she has sent me a couple of more salacious nudes since the sexting we did on Friday… we’re working on getting together next week.

This girl is not my main focus, but she’s one of the 11 girls I’ve fucked so far this year and seeing her again sounds fantastic. The idea of making her a little more regular, seeing each other every few weeks or so for the next several months… sounds like a lifestyle I could get used to.



A couple of posts ago, I wrote about Smart Girl. She is a 23 year old married woman. She is one of my favorite seduction stories from my personal catalog of experiences. Her situation is complicated. She wasn’t “easy” to bed. I ran some decent game in several instances, or (I am convinced) I never would have fucked her. But I did.

And since then, I have fucked her several times. I have a pocket in my work bag that is full of hotel room keys… most (one set is from my last tryst with Miss Tease in May), from the various times Smart Girl and I have fucked after she gets off work.

We meet at a hotel each time. I give her the room number via WeChat. She comes up to the room via the elevator on her own. She knocks. As she enters, she throws her arms around my neck as she comes in the door. We say hello… and I get her naked. We chat briefly afterwards and we leave. And it’s good. Very good.

All of this is excellent experience for me… and helps “stretch” the boundaries of what I know to be possible for me with women.

Recently, she went off on vacation to Hawaii with her husband. I didn’t message her the week she came back, but I did a week after that. She was a bit harsh and abrasive via text as she responded (which is her style), and I slapped her down with banter and a strong frame.

The things I have said and done with this girl are quite unlike my experiences with other girls. There is something about her particular psychology that calls out a different flavor of seduction. In some ways, she evokes my best game.

This week, however, I didn’t enjoy her little jabs via text at all. I don’t want abrasive, horsy girls in my life. I want sweet. I want feminine. And even though I carried the exchange with her… her lack of charm in this instance had me considering cutting it off with her entirely. Her situation is “dangerous” – to her marriage, if not also to the sense of order in my life.

But as I let her stew a bit after our little sparring match, she came back, and said:

SMART GIRL: I am free all weekend.
SMART GIRL: You wanna do something together?

Hmmm, okay. I don’t want girls to lead… but there seems to be something about this girl where it’s good to let her ask for it.

Because the situation is complicated (as is her psychology), I lean back with her more than I do with most girls (I am learning from all this). We have semi-harsh banter quite often, and I manage to “win” each time. She “likes the rub,” as Krauser would say. And each time, post word-wrestling via WeChat… she softens and asks for attention.

That softness is what I am after. If she didn’t show me this side of her… she never would have become a “recurring revenue” girl for me.

In the case of this week, her husband is travelling in Europe. I have never taken her to dinner, but this time I figured I would.

NASH: This weekend sounds good
NASH: How about Saturday evening?

Okay, good deal. For all her difficulties, logistics are never an issue.

SMART GIRL: I can come when I’m ready?
NASH: I am at the hardware store…
NASH: Come at 6
SMART GIRL: Like what
NASH: It’s a man thing, you wouldn’t understand : ]
NASH: See you at 6

She was a little slow to reply, and I wasn’t 100% sure she’d come over. I hadn’t seen her in maybe three weeks. Perhaps more than some other girls, there is always a bit of uncertainty with this one.

But she did come over. I pushed her against the wall as she came through my door, gave her a long look in the eyes, and then a solid kiss. “Hello,” I said. And she came inside and I made us tea. And she said she was getting hungry, and that we should go eat… but that wasn’t my plan.

I stood her up and made out with her some more. I pinned her arms to her side, turning her, and took her down the hallway to my room. I pulled her little white dress over her head, took her bra and panties off… and spent the better part of two hours fucking her. Fantastic.

I was dripping with sweat afterwards, so we rinsed off, and I put her in my truck and drove her out of our city (I don’t want anyone she knows seeing us out) for a great dinner a few towns north of where we live. It was a beautiful night.

After dinner… she said:

SMART GIRL: Should I stay over?

I had considered it already, of course. I had considered it from the moment I first set up the date.

But more and more in these situations, I have been saving my options in the logistics and choices for later in the night. If she was too difficult, maybe I’d send her home after dinner. Yes, she is a very psychologically rowdy girl, and she needs the challenge (she needs to LOSE each challenge, actually), but I was interested in what was transpiring between us (I still am), in the larger arc of the relationship.

We went next door to a drug store and bought her a toothbrush and some bottle water (she won’t drink tap water). Then I took her home. I poured us each a whiskey and rolled up a joint. We sat on the couch with a movie playing in the background and talked for two hours. As the weed took her (and stole some of her edge), she was increasingly charming… more girly… I could feel her working a little bit for my attention.

I took her to bed and she was pillow-soft to sleep next to all night. She has some breakouts on her face every time I see her, but the rest of her 23 year old skin is like a puddle of milk: creamy, liquid, flawless… and so soft.

We woke up early. I went to the kitchen to feed the furry beasts that share my house. From the kitchen, I watched as she walked the full length of my hall toward me… naked, pale skin, long, perfect dark hair almost to her waist. She wasn’t the slightest bit self conscious… not about walking around naked, nor spending the night with me while her husband was out of town. She is interesting.

I cleaned up and we started to go get coffee. But before we could get out the door, I sucked on her ear, got us both turned on, took her clothes back off once more and fucked her again. Wonderful.

Then I drove her down the coast to a “little town by the sea” (that’s for you, Twitter Dudes). We drank coffee/tea along the drive. Then, back to her place and she was off to see a girlfriend of hers.

She is complicated and prickly… but I navigated her thorns once again. In the process, I earned some more lessons from a rich example of female psychology… and drained my balls a couple of times while I was at it. Another very good experience.



The last girl in this story is little Miss Slow. She is the darling little K-girl I fucked in May, at the end of my “60 Days of Game” daygame streak. She is a grad student, and two days after I closed her, she ran off to southern California for a summer internship. We have been chatting since… and I have wondered how to keep the spark alive until she is back near my city.

I like her. I’d like to keep her in my world. I have had a little bit of practice with this as I tried to keep the sexual tension alive with the Siren (I was successful) and Miss Thick (I was not) while I was off for several weeks plundering panties in Japan.

In terms of Miss Slow, it just so happens that I have family in southern California. I don’t ever recommend that guys travel to fuck a particular girl. “Jaunts” and hunting expeditions in foreign locales are one thing, but I think it’s almost always a mistake to travel across the state (or the country… or the world) for some sex… that’s a lot of effort (and it’s the kind of effort that shows). In this kind of situation, you’re literally flying over hundreds of thousands of girls to see one in particular. Not ideal.

But in this case, I could make it a trip to see family and rope her into it. I could also get some time in the waves. It could be a cool adventure… no matter how it turns out.

Weeks ago, I started setting up this plan:

NASH: This weekend I will talk to my family…
NASH: I am going to see if they are available in July
NASH: I want to come to that part of the world…
NASH: Maybe buy a new surfboard…
NASH: See my family, surf in my family’s neighborhood a bit
NASH: And…
NASH: Is there something I am forgetting???
NASH: Hmmm??

I was teasing her here ^.

And, in the way I was framing the trip, I was also making sure this plan was about me. About my goals. In her eyes, but also in mine. Part of me growing into being a more solid guy is evident in how I handle expeditions like this one.

MISS SLOW: Let’s think about what important part you forgot
MISS SLOW: Maybe you can surf in the neighbor city?? [where she lives]
NASH: : ]
NASH: Hmmmm, maybe I can.
NASH: I will have to think if I know any smart, funny, beautiful people in the neighboring city??
HER: Hahaha, I think must be one there
HER: One person whom you always think of and also think of you a few times
NASH: A FEW TIMES?!!!!!!!!!!!

She is teasing ^ me back. We’re flirting. This girl is adorable… and the trip seemed on.

Then… in terms logistics, I did something I have never done before, which was… probe her about when she was on her period. It may seem odd, but I have thought about this many times, as various girls from Japan have dropped hints that they wanted me to bring them for a visit to my city (after I fucked them in theirs).

Imagine planning a trip, booking a flight, getting a decent hotel room… only to catch that girl in the middle of “the red flood.” If that happens to a man in a situation like this, it’s his fault. If I am a man with a plan (and that man, I am), I would need to account for that… so I did.

NASH: Now we must do some careful planning
NASH: When does your period come??
NASH: As you know…
NASH: I will definitely eat you when I see you
MISS SLOW: [bashful gif]
MISS SLOW: I am a little worried about doing…
NASH: When you are with me, you Darling Girl…
NASH: You don’t have to worry about anything

A solid guy… taking care of everything.

In the moments that followed these ^ lines, she let me know which weekends would work. And that… is how I reached into her mind and got the info I needed to put my plan together.

My trip to SoCAL has been planned for two weeks, and it will be two more weeks before I see her. Yes, it occurs to me that a lot could go wrong with this plan… but a lot could go right.

If she plays along… I will take her to dinner, and then back to my room and I’ll get her naked again. She is a conservative little one, but I happen to know that her K-girl body is precious and perfect when she is in a state of undress. The next day… I’ll take her surfboard shopping (which is a cool plan, something I want to do). Then, if the vibe is right… back to my room again. On the third day, I’ll visit family and surf. Surf again in Mexican waters the fourth day. And fly home that afternoon.

If she doesn’t play along… I’ll run aggressive daygame in her city on Friday, looking for a SDL, or some spicy interactions with women to fill that time. I’ll have all day Saturday for that as well (if I feel like it). It’s very hard to get laid with terms like that, but it’s a good backup plan… I could have a great time gaming that city. And then, the time with my family is real, and the surfing opportunity is as well.

I don’t like the idea of men like us going out on a limb like I am in this situation… if she bails on the plan, my vibe could take a hit. But I have a backup plan that I like. And if the trip goes over well, not only will I get my cock inside her again, but I’ll bridge the gap of the summer, and potentially have her back on rotation as she returns to my city this Fall.

No risk… no reward.

It’s a complicated plan, but I like her quite a bit… and the potential of turning her into a regular is a challenge I’d like to accept. The whole episode is good “jet-set” practice and a level of “advanced game” that intrigues me.

If nothing else… family, daygame, tacos, and surf. If the Daygame Gods are generous…


In July ^, and perhaps beyond.


I have been in the shadow of some great players… Mr Krauser, of course, is top of mind.

When I first started daygame… I was focused at the “top of the funnel.” I wanted numbers. I wanted dates. I wanted to get laid.

In the memoirs of the really solid guys (books like Krauser’s Adventure Sex), those players point to the kind of recurring revenue that I am pointing to here. Girls they would fuck again and again. In their home towns, or as they came back to foreign cities… or as those girls came back to them.

I loved those stories. As I made my first gains along my personal journey, I would think of girls “flying in from Prague” (or, in my case, Taiwan/etc), and it seemed hard to imagine I would be looking at my own multi-episodic adventures with daygame girls. At the time, I was still looking for my earliest notches from the street. My game wasn’t ready, back then, for the ongoing dividends of “attention, affection, and sex” from these daygame girls.

Those memories go back to about two years ago. I have fucked a lot of daygame girls since then. And I have fucked many of them more than once. The legendary Miss Thick seems to be gone, but she was the richest vein of gold I had ever struck… recurring revenue, wicked sex, true intimacy, over and over… and it all started on the street.

Two years later… I find myself in similar situations to the Daygame Legends before me. I’m surprised… and not surprised.

There will be more notches, it seems certain. But if I show the dedication that the Gods demand… if I practice a level of game beyond the initial sexual take-down… if I master the wrangling it takes to “keep chaos on a leash,” returning to me open and asking for more… I will see a lot more recurring revenue as well.

Viva daygame.