Rust Removal and Encouraging Tornadoes

Cobrantula wrote a post recently about getting back on the hunt after some time off. He is clearly on the players journey, and the dude works hard. But he’d been at a wedding recently and his regularly scheduled quest for quim had been disrupted for a spell. As this thing called “life” got the fuck out of the way of his game, he got back to the most important thing in the world… chasing tail. Yes to that.

But the break in training cost him more than time on the streets:

“My approach anxiety is almost back completely. The last couple of opens I’ve done were terrible. I was starting to wonder if I’m losing it.”

I know the feeling. I’ve been through that cycle many times. It’s about a loss of momentum, in a game where momentum makes a real difference.. And it happens to me all the time.

You start to get going. You clock some solid days on the street. You rack up some leads, and you’re working them, trying to get dates scheduled. And then you get a cold, and you’re a snotty mess for a week… and things fall apart. Or it’s a holiday and you’re traveling (or the girls are). Or a friend comes to visit and you’re entertaining him and you can’t troll the concrete for numbers, let alone date. It happens regularly and it makes it hard(er) to get better or to capitalize on what you’ve earned.

And that first approach after you’ve been on hiatus for a week or so… can be remarkably hard.

Or maybe it’s not that it’s “hard”… I get rejected even when I’m super warmed up. And approaching isn’t really “hard” for me anymore at all. But maybe you do seven approaches and none of them are longer than 10 seconds. And you doubt yourself or the potential to be effective. And that makes the eighth approach even sketchier than the first seven. You can get in a downward spiral of “rustiness” and negative feedback.

I’ve been there. I’ve been there a lot.

And like Cobrantula, you might be tempted to think you’ve lost it all. Like you’re starting over.

But you’re not. It just feels that way.

“Dude… good on you for pushing some sets. I almost always feel rusty if I take some time off.”

“Sometimes I do a day, just to take the rust off. Zero expectations. Rust removal. That is the only goal. Have a walk, approach, shake off rust.”

“And then… next day, back to ‘normal’ goals.”

This ^ is what I put on the Street Cobra’s blog after his post. And I believe that. My first day back after some time off can literally be a “throw away” day for me. As in, I don’t care at all what happens. It is about stretching out the daygame muscles… kicking off the rust… that is it.

“Rust removal – holy hell yes that is what it is isn’t it? It’s not starting over from scratch (though it felt like that at the beginning) but then all of your learning comes back to you. Totally rust removal.”
— Cobrantula


So then it was the week of Fourth of July.

And my sister was in town. So I took her out one night. And then I saw Miss Thick, so the next night was busy. And then I booked a day-drinking session with the Fat Italian, so that meant no game that day (nor time for a date that night). And then it was the Fourth, more time with my sister and the family. And while Wednesday that week was open, I was leaving for a road trip on Thursday for four nights… doesn’t make sense to take leads and then leave town. Fresh leads are the best leads.

That schedule meant no time for daygame. It also meant that for the days leading up to that week, if I picked up any fresh leads, I wouldn’t have any time to date them for seven+ days… which often means not at all. Again, fresh leads are the best leads. And stale leads usually go nowhere.

So I didn’t game for a week, plus some. And that meant a cold start this week.

It is also clear that my girl tornado has flatlined.

Tornadoes need “food.” They need the chaos of new intereactions to spin-up and start pitching out dates and pussy. And the natural propensity of a tornado is to run itself out. A tornado is a lot of energy, and that energy doesn’t go on forever… not without help and influxes of energy from new approaches and the influence of the swagger of the player in the center of it all.

Tornados like action. And swagger. And activity. And they don’t tend themselves… that’s a player’s job. Work for a quim wrangler.

As I had been taking time off, and girls were working themselves out of my life, my tornado of May and June is basically dead. All that energy… disappated. Gone. Flat. It’s “calm.”

Miss Thick has become a wonderful and righteous lover — she has quickly graduated to being some of the best sex I’ve ever had, and a very interesting and fun date in the non-sexual sense as well. We are really enjoying each other. But Siren is out of pocket… who knows if she’ll be back (I’m not going to chase her). And I fired Good Smell (which I still think was a good decision). And the Recharge App girl disappeared (mostly, some odd messages, but she’s basically gone). And Miss Xi’an is gone (also initiating messages once in a while, but mostly crickets). And the little Korean left the country after I had her in my bed. And I took 10 leads in the early part of June and all of them went stale (amazingly bad stats). And I did 30 approaches in late June… and never took a lead (wow!).

I’d hit a dry spell.

If a girl tornado is storm of “abundance”… then that “calm after the storm” is a girl-free period (mostly). And that’s where I was this week as I got back from road trip.

No girls. Good!

To be honest, I want more practice “starting from scratch.” That may sound ridiculous. But every time I build a new tornado out of nothing… I become much more confident in my basic skillset as a street seducer. I love the iteration on this daygame theme. It’s like cleaning my gun… the repetition all counts toward experience. And the re-starts help me bolt down these skills in a way that will make me even more rock-solid.

So I got back from road trip (which wasn’t about girls), and after over a week of no sex and the “masturbation starvation diet,” I was pent up and ready to fight! I wanted to hit the street while I had all that intent. But… Miss Thick was busy later in the week and if I wanted her (and I did!), my “shot” was Tuesday… so I took it. Sex was… fucking great. She is amazing. Passionate, kinky girl. Orgasms. Squirting. Anal. My sheets were a mess. Good times. Goddammit, I like that girl. She is easy to like.

That Tuesday, before I had her long legs wrapped around my head, I hit the streets. I did six sets. And they… were not great. Not at all.

But this is how we knock the rust off. That was my only goal. It was a good start. I went out with YoungGuns. We talked to some girls. It was alright. Bread and butter daygame training. Not bad.

I took Wednesday off to handle some business (and to let the pressure in my balls build back up), and then it was Thursday. And while Thursday wasn’t a great day, I didn’t feel like I was on fire or anything… I had knocked the rust off, and it was time to build momentum.

NASH: Daygame Checkin: Took a week+ off, since Jul02, took a road trip with Natural. Back at it Tuesday and again today.
NASH: Did 20 approaches in late June, no leads. 6 on Tuesday, no leads.
NASH: Part of that was that I wasn’t doing enough approaches per day…
NASH: Wanted a proper day today… Out with a wing. 15 approaches… Was a little frustrated, then closed two young Chinese girls back to back at set #11 and #12.
NASH: That’s how it goes sometimes.
NASH: 2 leads in 40+ approaches…
NASH: I’m warmed up…. Ready to do some damage this month…
NASH: if the Daygame Gods would have it so.
NASH: : ]
NASH: Wishing you luck, brother.
NASH: Viva Daygame.

I sent ^ this to Runner that night.

He is a mentor of mine. He is THE guy that got me into daygame… but he never really got into it himself. He is trying to get going now. And I want to encourage him. So I sent him a little progress report. I’d love to tempt him into doing the work needed to make daygame happen for him.

I left the house that day and it was clean. And I took those nasty sheets off the bed from my Tuesday date with Miss Thick (all that come.. and her long, beautiful black hair) and had fresh sheets ready to go. I didn’t feel like a SDL was in the cards, but life favors those that are prepared. And a “clean room” is the foundation for a clear-headed man.

That Tuesday I was out with Vicar, and I did 15 sets. That is a solid days work. And I broke a long streak of no-leads.

I am a strong advocate for the role of volume in game… we are nothing if we are not running volume. There are exceptions (guys that don’t need volume to find abundance), but those men are rare (most men should assume they are NOT one of those guys).

I think part of why I didn’t take any leads in the last half of June was because I wasn’t approach enough sets PER DAY. I don’t think total volume is the issue for me at this point in my game… it’s sets per day, and getting warmed up within a given day. That is essential.

So I committed to a “big day” and I hit it. Started a little early. Got after it. And I took two leads. That’s okay.

My first lead was a young Chinese girl taking summer school at that art college that feeds me so much pussy (Gods bless that school!). And then another young Chinese girl with fucking excellent legs and short skirt. Wow. Fun chat, and when I told her I’d like to take her for a drink sometime she said, “Actually, yeah.” And she was convincing. Who know if those leads will stick, but I felt the post-rust momentum beginning to flow.

I made a promise to myself to hit volume. I met my goal. The Daygame Gods gave up some leads. The art girl and I are chatting. Things are as they should be.

And then it was Friday. Today. And I was out with Vicar again.

He has been making a real commitment to daygame and has put in some solid sets in the last 30 days (I think he’s over 100… another man, meeting his goals). He was on an idate this afternoon as I started out — go Vicar! We caught up with each other at the mall, and he saw me take my first lead of the day. A lovely 20 year old tourist. Wow… very cute little girl.

I felt good about today and I did another update for Runner as I rode the train home:

NASH: Friday update…
NASH: Good day.
NASH: 13 approaches
NASH: 4 leads… 2 Chinese tourists, 1 Chinese language student, 1 Korean tourist
NASH: Date set up for tmrw with one of the above
NASH: One of the leads from yesterday is in negotiation
NASH: Leads today came from set #7, #8, #10, #12
NASH: I have intentionally been doing “bigger days”
NASH: Today/yesterday… My leads came after I’d warmed up
NASH: 6 leads in two days… And my dating life gets a “shot in the arm.”
NASH: #daygame
NASH: It is worth the investment, my friend…
NASH: All 6 leads are <25 yrs old

So this is how it goes. I had basically one regular at the beginning of the week… and nothing else at all. Now, four days later, I have six leads to work. And I have a date scheduled for tomorrow with one of the girls from today. And I’m working on a date for next week with one of the girls from yesterday. And I think I’ll try to do an hour/two of number farming tomorrow as well.

No tornadoes in sight… but I know this is how it starts. We can build these from scratch. Doesn’t have to take that long… as long as the Daygame Gods are willing…

All hail the Daygame Gods!!!

Meanwhile… it was fun out there today. I like girls quite a bit, my brothers. And I’m excited about my date tomorrow… first new girl in a month, I think. If the Gods be generous, maybe we’ll get a new lay before the calendar drops another page.

“I told the universe, “Listen you little shit. I’m going to keep sarging til I get what I want so you might as well give it to me, because I’m not fucking around.”
— Cobrantula

Fuck yeah. This is how the Street Cobra ended that post that I referenced earlier. I love it.

I’m not fucking around either, Cobra. Sarge Hard, my brother.

And viva daygame!