Sep02 – Another in the Days of Game

I was traveling and haven’t done much day game in the last 10 days or so… ahh, how I missed it!  One, pretty boring night game session since I’ve been back, but today was all about some solid time on the street w/ my wing The Hurricane.

(Actually, I did one day approach the day after I got back… I just couldn’t help myself.  That set was a little awkward, but I liked it.  It was one of just a few “random” daytime approaches I’ve done outside of time I’ve specifically set aside for game.  That’s what I want, though… “fire at will” capabilities where I open whenever I’m interested.  I’m getting there.)

For now… here’s today’s report:

3 hours, downtown, with my wing.  8 sets.  I think I weaseled maybe 1-2 times.  And I had several “head snaps” where I was already after one girl and another caught my attention.  I also had one girl I chased down, but when I got a better look at her face I couldn’t open her.  Overall, I opened almost every girl I wanted to, leaving a few choice girls for my wing to consider (above and beyond any he noticed himself).  Good day, committed.  Very little wussing out.  That’s what Daddy wants.

1.) I could see this girl’s silhouette, almost glowing, as she came down the street.  Just my type – lovely Asian girl.  I thought Filipina (dark skin, and the kind of narrow eyes some Filipina girls have), but I was wrong.  J-girl.  I guess, she had a very Japanese name.  I opened, she stopped.  I was pretty slow through the opener.  Not a lot of real chemistry.  Her English wasn’t prefect, but we were doing okay.  After a minute or so I liked her enough to try to close… “no,” she said.  She was relaxed, she delivered the “no” with easy confidence and a smile.  I smiled too.  Not bad.

2.) The rare White Girl I’ll approach.  I offered her to my wing (he likes white girls more than I do), but he wasn’t feeling it.  I went after her.  I opened really well, by my standards.  She hooked, was laughing and comfortable right away.  I assumed she was a tourist, and yes, she was.  About a minute/two into it, she mentioned that her BF was back at the hotel.  I was pretty unfazed, but I dropped my intent, chilled out.  I switched into “helpful” mode… offered her a bar/restaurant recommendation for her last night in town.  We wrapped it up and I went back to my wing.  Best part was… at some point I said, “so, how do you like SF?  With *strange boys* coming up to you on the street?” and I smiled.  Just trying to be cocky and call out the Elephant.  And she said, “actually, this has happened to me before?”  Really, I said?!  “Yes, in English speaking countries… I think the last time was in London [ahahahaha!!!  Of course!]  This guy came up and said, ‘Excuse me, I don’t mean to bother you but…”  Haha.  I’m very thankful for the leadership from the LDGers, but I’m very glad I’m not around that kind of competition.  Right now, I feel like I have the streets all to myself.

3.) Little Asian girl w/ a dog and a sketch pad.  Very little, very cute.  Opened her, she smiled, but it wasn’t very genuine.  She barely stopped, drifting up the street.  I planted my feet.  We exchanged a few comments, still drifting away.  It was awkward.  End of set.

4.) Ahhh, this one got me.  Taller Asian girl, maybe Chinese?  I am rarely into tall girls, she was like 5’7″, maybe?  She had some great lipstick on.  A slow walk, very slow… that’s the energy that hooked me.  I opened.  Real smile, but she was drifting.  I planted my feet.  I asked her if she wanted to stop and say hello.  She shook her head and smiled, and rolled off.  I was a little rattled… I was into her.  Probably my favorite girl of the day.

5.) Very tiny, fancy Asian girl.  Great clothes, great makeup, fast walk.  I chased her down, opened from the side, she gave me a great smile, shook her head, and kept going.  End of set.  Ahhh, she also got me.  Very attractive girl… wow.

6.) Older Asian girl w/ lots of freckles.  Wow do I love freckles on Asian women.  So Lucy Liu!  She had a petite little body, cool style, not super girly… I chased her a bit and opened.  When I said “Can say something to you?” she said “Yes,” but didn’t stop.  So I planted my feet.  She took 2 steps and I said, “Do you want to stop and say hello… I have a rule I don’t chase girls down the street.”  Which is true.  She stopped.  Kind of folded her arms.  She had a somewhat “masculine” reaction, and that’s not what I’m looking for.  I continued my game.  She was totally there w/ me, but all one-word answers.  Even her freckles were becoming less adorable to me… not the kind of reaction that charms me.  I said, okay, well, nice to meet you.  And I let her go.  I bet she was a little disappointed, or surprised.  We had hit the hook point, but I ejected as she was no fun.  Oh well.

7.) Saw this Asian Girl come up the escalator of a store I was standing outside of… she looked great.  I got distracted, and I lost her for a second, as she went out the door on the other side of the store from me.  I cruised around the building and saw her moving up the street… I gave chase.  Took me a full block to catch her, running pretty fast.  I stopped about 10 ft back, trying to get my breathing under control before I opened her.  I said, “Can I say something to you?”  But… at that range I notice I didn’t like her skin (I like really nice skin), and I think I flinched a bit.  I know I did on the inside, but I don’t know if I did on the outside.  Could she tell?  Anyway, she said “no” and I said okay, and I let her go.  That was a long way to run to hear “no.”  Ha.

8.) Last set of the day… lovely Asian girl, curvy, beautiful face and again… freckles!  She passed my wing/I, and I think there was some eye contact (I rarely want eye contact in day game, doesn’t help, in my experience).  This was the good kind of eye contact, not the great kind, but not the “yuck” kind either.  I stopped.  I offered her to my wing, he declined.  I gave chase.  She popped open.  Lovely, matter of fact, but lovely.  From Taiwan, really pretty girl.  Communication wasn’t perfect, but we did okay.  I went for the close Janka style — pretty quick into the set.  “Sure,” she said,” what do I need to do?” and she had her phone out.  We tried to call me, but the call never hit my phone?  So I tried to call her, and yep, we got it.  I let her go.  I’ve since pinged her and got a nice response.  She lives 30 minutes out of town, but that’s good, as my weeks are starting to fill up and I’d like to have a “once every two weeks” out of town girl, and she might fit that profile.  We’ll see… such a pretty girl.  Trying to get a date going for next week.

*) Honorable mention goes out to a tall white girl that stopped next to my wing/I.  I offered him to her, but he turned her down on a count of her pixie haircut.  She was stuck next to us for a full light-change, so I had a chance to check her out a couple times… she was too tall for me, but beeea-utiful.  I asked my wing again if he wanted her, and he declined… I didn’t go after her, but I should have.  Wow… very pretty girl.  That was weaseling on my part… ahhh, next time.  Damn, it hurts to think of her now.  But frustration… is wonderful motivation to do better next time.

Great day out there… taking tomorrow off, but will do another long session the day after.  My wing seemed to be warming up a bit as well… I swear we have the “waves” all to ourselves out there.  I love me some daygame!