SH: Final Stats from my 2018 Shanghai Daygame Trip

It is time to report the final stats from my daygame trip to Shanghai, China. This trip took place in Fall, 2018. I spent three weeks running game on pretty girls in the second biggest city in the world. As far as I know, this is the first formal report on daygame in Shanghai on the internet (or China, for that matter).

China seemed particularly foreign to me and it was an intimating trip in many ways. But talking to girls there felt completely natural (it was the most relaxing part of the trip). And it was a chance to prove (once again) that I could start from scratch, go out, approach, stop girls, take contact info, date… and drag girls into my bed. Yes, I got laid in China… from nightgame, from a long game daygame lead, and from a new girl I met via daygame on this trip. Not bad for three weeks.

I have some stats to share to give you an idea of what kind of work I put in, the reactions I got from the girls, and the end results in terms of leads, dates, and nakedness. Let’s jump into it.

— Days Out Approaching: 10 days
— Total Approaches: 108
— Approaches per Day: 10.8
— Blowouts: 20
— No English: 24
— Leads: 25
— Dates (individual girls): 9
— Total Dates: 16
— Boyfriends/Husbands: 7 girls said “BF/husband” in set
— iDates: 2
— Makeouts: 6
— Girls in my Bed: 4
— Lays: 3
— Lays from girls I met on this trip: 1 girl (from daygame… also fucked the nightgame girl)
— Approach to lay ratio: 1:108 (daygame only, and from leads from this trip only)

Those stats are raw and uninflated. I like to be honest, so those are conservative, honest stats. This was the reality of this trip, for a daygamer with my level of skill/experience.

More details below.

“Young girl, big IOI, burst out laughing when I opened her. Looked back at me 3 times as she walked away.”
— From my notes: Oct23, 2018


It was a very entertaining trip. I truly believe that “girls are the same everywhere” and that their country of origin doesn’t tell you much about what they will be like to game. I believe that. I am more than convinced that a given girl’s personality/psychology plays a much more important role in what she will be like to approach/date/fuck than where she was born. This seems obvious to me… and it is true in my experience.

But… there was something about the girls there… daygame was refreshingly fun in China.

Shanghai is a top tier, world class city. I did not have any significant economic advantage there (this was not Mexico, or Thailand, or the Philippines). I bought a few dinners, but I didn’t give girls gifts, or cash, or anything like that. I made no promises. Every girl I talked to was pure cold approach. I ran honest game… offering to exchange my value for theirs… and only that.

These girls had no incentive to like me, but with that said… China is not “The West.” Many were fancy, high-end girls, yet they were more “natural,” likely more feminine, relatively easier to vibe with on the street versus back at home.

I liked daygame in China better than at home. There are some East vs West differences… and I found the differences quite pleasurable.

I stayed in in a neighborhood called Jing’an. The particular area is called “The Former French Concession” by Westerners (but the Chinese didn’t seem to recognize that name at all). It formerly had a lot of European influence (you can see it in the architecture). These days, however, the population is 99% Chinese.

From the old people playing mahjong games on the sidewalk late at night, to the reckless scooters running red lights, to the ever-present security cameras… it was truly foreign culture. I was living amongst Chinese families, watching old ladies buying vegetables, and listening to kids practice their violin (at the same time every night). All that. Very few people speak fluent English. There were Westerners around, but this was definitely an experience of being in China.

It was also a very nice part of town. Not horribly expensive (I paid $50/night for a very nice little apartment with excellent logistics). Taxi’s were cheap (I didn’t take many). Drinks were about normal price versus the US ($7 for a pint at the Irish bar, $11 for a nice bourbon on the rocks at a fancy bar). I never even tried to club or anything like that… I meant for the trip to be 100% daygame and it was.

Shanghai is a big place, but I stayed in one of the nicest parts of the city. Where you stay could give you a very different experience. The neighborhood I stayed in was as nice or nicer than my neighborhood in California (which is in a very nice, very experience part of the most expensive city in America). Keep that in mind if you plan a trip… not all areas of a city are created equal.

“Annie. Charming, sophisticated. Asked if I do this often. Good chat, but excused herself… BF.”
— From my notes: Oct29, 2018


In Jing’an (The Former French Concession), there is a huge, super modern mall called 1APM. It’s very new, very nice (a lot of what I saw of Shanghai is like that). That mall was at one end of busy avenue where I ran most of my game. Down the street a few blocks, there is an H&M store… that was the other end of my route. I could walk back and forth, talk to some girls, do a lap like that in about 30-45 minutes. If I did that four times, I had a two or three hour session… talked to 10+ girls (my biggest day was 15 approaches).

I also really liked this outdoor mall area called Wu Jiang Road. It is an ideal daygame spot (would be great to stay around there too). Lots of shops and food. The biggest Starbucks in the Universe is at one end of it, and Uniqlo is at the other. About 15-20 minutes to walk from end to end. This area is more about socializing than shopping (it seemed), so you see more girls in groups and more girls in a rush to meet someone… but it was an excellent daygame area.

There was one other spot… the tourist trap shopping area called Tianzifang. The little alleys that host the tiny shops are too crowded for my taste, but Taikang road was gameable. I went there a couple of times, made my first approaches there, actually. Not my favorite, but could also work for daygame.

What I liked to do, was start at the 1APM mall, game there for a bit. Jump on the subway. Go one stop (I believe) to Wu Jiang Road. Game there. Then come home… game all the way to my apartment. Every minute of that route for me was full of girls worth approaching… in those specific locations, in the subway stations, walking to and from… I took leads from every inch of that territory.

There are likely many other areas, but these are the only places I gamed on my trip.

“Tall elegant girl with a 4-alarm walk. She stopped… Struggled with her decision for a long time… But then reluctantly waved me off. Sexy.”
— From my notes: Oct30, 2018

— Days Out Approaching: 10 days
— Total Approaches: 108

I was there for 21 days… but only gamed 10. That is a pretty weak effort (you could easily do better). As I said in my first post from this trip, it took me a few days to settle down, as I switched apartments (my first one sucked), got set up at a gym (I lifted 3X per week at “Pure” by the 1APM), and had to focus on my clients (I continued to run my business the whole time and the internet is a pain in the ass in China).

I also had a long lead fly in from another Chinese city to spend a weekend with me. I had a slow start, gamed a bit before she arrived, stopped while she was with me, all my previous leads went dead, and I restarted the day after she left. That ate up some time (but she was worth it).

I did most of my approaching in the last 12 days of my trip. Many men could do better than I did in terms of how I managed my time.

“Beautiful girl, all black. Raven hair. I was super on… She hesitated then blew me out.”
— From my notes: Oct30, 2018

— Blowouts: 20

I love talking about blowouts. They are normal. If you want to get good, you will get blown out a lot. I have been blown out hundreds and hundreds of times. On this trip… I was only properly blownout 20 times.

Here is a sample of the notes I took on my blowouts.

1. Girl in a bike, ambush, blowout
9. All black, blowout
13. Confident walk, blowout
2. Little one, knee high boots… Blowout
5. Glasses, on the phone, blowout
6. Miss Thick look alike, shy, smiley blowout
8. Slow motion blow out
14. Blowout. Cold.
7. Sexiest body of the day… Didn’t stop. Blowout.
1. Fancy girl at the mall… Polite blowout
2. Little one… Red shoes. Soft blowout.
3. Nice style, fierce blowout
4. Another fierce blowout
5. Cute face. Told me no English but that was a lie
10. Hot… Blowout.
1. Boots, weak stop, blowout

Blowouts are normal. Embrace “rejection.” The road to great times with lovely girls is paved with blowouts.

“Tall, athletic… Said no English. But she seemed a little slow to leave when I let her go.”
— From my notes: Nov02, 2018

— No English: 24

If a girl stops, and tries to talk to me, but can’t because she doesn’t speak English… I wouldn’t call that a blowout. That is the language barrier getting in my way. Many of these girls really did try to communicate with me.

It is very possible to take leads from girls that can barely speak a word of English. I did. Pixie Girl was one of those girls. If she would try to work with me on communication, and it was worth it to me, I would stay in set (and sometimes take the lead). I didn’t not put those girls in this “No English” category.

This is the measure of how many times the set could not proceed because language got in the way. Most of these sets were very short. Some of these girls really liked me… but we couldn’t connect at all.

“C. Big IOI. Lovely, friendly. Great English. Insta date. Looked almost identical to Miss Thick. Also from Dalian.”
— From my notes: Nov04, 2018

— Dates (individual girls): 9
— Total Dates: 16

I dated a lot. I am not counting the long lead that spent the weekend with me (that was three days of dates and sex). I am not counting my nightgame pull. Those girls did count toward my lays, but in terms of dates… my stats here are only the girls that I got out on a date that I specifically approached on the street on this trip.

This… is maybe the coolest part of this post, as I see it.

A man can go to China. Hit the street. Talk to girls. And date nine girls in about 12 days. That is amazing. That is the power of daygame.

I am pretty good, but I am not even that great. I work hard, I have solid value, I have been improving my game for a long, long time… but many men are much better than me. You might be able to do better.

My approach to date ratio was good (9:108)… probably a little better than average… but that is a reasonable expectation for a solid, experienced daygamer. Practice at home. Get good there (or you’ll suck when you travel). But once you have 5-10 lays at home… stats like these (and better) are achievable.

What a great experience… to fly into a foreign locale and date the pretty girls there. Fucking awesome. I love daygame.

“Taiwanese girl. Art teacher. Very cute. Very into me. Touched me on her own.”
— From my notes: Nov02, 2018

— Girls in my Bed: 4 total
— Lays: 3
— Lays from girls I met on this trip: 1 girl (from daygame, also fucked the nightgame girl)
— Approach to lay ratio: 1:108 (daygame from this trip only)

I had four girls in my bed on this trip. Many men could do better, but that is fucking excellent for a three week trip. Again, a tribute to some hard work, some skill, but also to the power of the daygame model.

First girl was business woman from Hong Kong that I closed in a grotty nightgame lay. I wasn’t running game, but as I was having a drink one night I picked her up, took her home, and fucked her. Good adventure, decent story, but a pretty low quality experience. I was happy to practice escalation, etc. I got it done (and took very good care of her afterwards). The lay counts toward my lifetime experience, but I did not, however, count her toward my approach to lay ratio for this trip. She is a nightgame lay… different category.

Second girl was Miss Bangs. She was a girl I met in California earlier that year. I got her out on one date. I kissed her then, but couldn’t get her naked. She really liked me, and we texted off/on for months after that via WeChat. She is a fantastic girl at every level. When I got serious about going to China, I teased her about seeing me and she was all over it. I paid for a ticket and flew her in to stay with me for a few days. It was a risky move, but it turned out to be a great weekend. She is a very high quality “good girl.” I fucked her on the first night she was in town and every day after that. It was a great experience… sexually and romantically.

She and I are still in touch… in fact, I flew her into Tokyo for the trip I am on now (she stayed five nights with me). What a lovely, sweet, excellent girl. And I have now kissed her in three different countries and fucked her in two. I will fly her in to see me in my city this Summer.

She is another fantastic daygame story. I have read about similar scenarios with guys like Krauser, and it blows my mind that I have stories like this now too. It is a sign of progress.

I also did not count Miss Bangs toward my approach to lay ratio for this trip.

Third girl in my bed was Baby Dragon. She was a 19 year old college girl I met on the way back to my apartment one day… and one of my favorite challenges (and stories) from my daygame adventures. I wrote three different posts about her. She was young, strong willed, and… a virgin. I dated her six times in 12+ days and learned so much from my time with her. I never fucked her, and she doesn’t count as a lay. I did makeout with her, got her naked (her first time), I ate her pussy (also her first time) and her ass (I assume that was a first as well). And I jerked off while she watched/helped a couple of times. A 45 year old man and a 19 year old Chinese virgin college girl. Shouldn’t happen, but it did. Great experience.

I bet I could have fucked her… but I think I would have needed another week or so, and about two to four more dates (maybe less, I don’t know).

Fourth girl in my bed was a Taiwanese art teacher. I picked her up in a department store one night (I followed her in off the street). She was a charming, soft, feminine girl. Kissed her on our first date. On the second date, I took her to an art museum, then lunch, then to my place and fucked her (dead sober in the middle of the day). I kept her a little too long, and I bet she was late for the class she had to teach that afternoon. Sex was great, surprisingly great, and… I never saw her again.

She is the “1 in 108” that I count as a daygame lay from this particular trip.

I like many things about this collection of girls, but one thing in particular was that I had lays in several categories… nightgame, long lead, and a new girl I took from “farm to table” – off the street, on dates, and into sex. That last lay meant something special to me, as she was a girl I met and fucked, from daygame, specifically from this trip. She was proof (to myself and the world), once again, that daygame works… even in the challenging conditions of a foreign country and relatively short period of time to bring girls through the model.

Several other girls wanted to date me. I had a couple of other girls I had already dated and made out with… but I didn’t have time to get any more done than this.

It can be done, but short trips make it very difficult. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I left a lot of half-cooked leads on the table in Shanghai when I left. Three weeks is about the minimum I would recommend for a solid trip.

“What a wild session. Wow.”
— From my notes: Oct29, 2018

There you go… some notes from an American running daygame in China. It was a great trip.

I left on that last day completely satisfied. In fact, as I dated the Baby Dragon three times in the last 30 hours before I left China (and gotten off twice in that time), I was more than satisfied. I was exhausted. And happy to go home and recover.

“Half Chinese, half British… and… 13 years old. I asked her age early. Told her she was lovely and left.”
— From my notes: Nov07, 2018

The combination of working on my clients, solving logistical issues, continuing my weights regimen, hunting girls in the street, dating them, and managing all the emotions of the trip (mine and theirs)… all of this in a Communist country… was a remarkable challenge and one of the greatest adventures of my life. I rarely if ever work this hard at home, but this is a glimpse into what is possible for a man at my stage of game when he puts in the effort.

“Iris. Mustard shirt, skate shoes. Would barely look me in the eyes. Good set. Slow and sexy.”
— From my notes: Oct30, 2018

The Daygame Gods were generous. The trip was big boost to my ego and my confidence in myself as a seducer (and a man of the world). I learned a lot about game and female psychology, and developed a lot of concepts (and reference experiences) that are now baked into my view of seduction and my bag of tricks as a player.

“M. Great chat, but then… She had to say hello to her BF. He joined us. I bailed.”
— From my notes: Oct29, 2018

I don’t know that I will go back to Shanghai. The vibe was “serious” and China scares me a bit. But it was a wonderful trip. And the girls where… fantastic.

I love Chinese girls and China treated me very well.

Thank you, Shanghai. Thank you Daygame Gods. Viva Daygame.