Shibuya Daygame — 11 Sets

After my first Tokyo daytime approach, I had done another 10 sets in the last few days, but scattered, not a proper daygame session. I picked up my first number close (LINE, actually), and felt good about my prospects. Yesterday, I wanted to give it a more concentrated effort. The weather was good, I wasn’t hung over from club games, so I tried to put in a solid day.

I got in 11+ sets over a couple of hours, before and after lunch. Nothing too exciting. I don’t think I was ever “on,” but I am comfortable w/ simple, direct approaches so the game was okay. Notes on those sets are below.

After my first solid day of approaching in a foreign space, and Tokyo in particular, here’s my conclusion so far:

Almost exactly like game at home — game is game.

I posted some notes on the Roosh forum (I’m looking for a Tokyo daygame wing), and I said the same. Daygame in Japan is “+1 because the girls are hotter, and -1 because they don’t speak English.” And as I hit on mostly Asian girls at home in California, I have nearly the same problems w/ English there as well.

This is a good thing, as I know it’s do-able. And I am picking up numbers via daygame and they’re converting to msg’ing, just like at home. The model is the same, I just need to work it.

Going out again today for another 10 or so… although, here I seem more comfortable dropping sets here/there throughout my day, so I may sneak some in tonight as well.

Here are the notes from yesterday:

1. Little One, 4’10”? Dressed beautifully, pulling a suitcase across the bridge about 2 mins from where I live. She barely spoke English, but liked the compliment and hooked. Leaving town right then… so we gushed at each other a bit and smiled and I bounced. She was adorable.

2. Tall girl on my way to lunch. She stopped, took out her headphones, loved the pickup, but was late for cooking class. I plowed a little bit, but she really had to go. She was cute, totally approachable.

3. Short hair girl on the bridge. She tightened up as I approached and speed off. Blow out.

4. Made eye contact as we passed, so I chased her through the crowd. Good chance to practice approaching in a fast moving dense crowd. She loved the pickup, spoke English well, but wasn’t that cute up close. Here eyes were popping, thou, and she was quick to tell me she lived very close by. I let her go without trying to close her… cute, but I don’t want to date that girl.

5. Little hottie in boots. Her heels made that mean little chopping sound as she marched across the street. Determined, fiery. I chased her down… she smiled but shook me off quickly. She was hot.

5. Shibuya Shopping Princess. Quite a look on this sexy, little girl. Insane platform boots that made it almost impossible for her to walk. Fake cat-like contact lens. Fancy to the max, carrying all her shopping booty. She was happy to be talking to this big, white beast… but she had almost no English and her skin, buried under an inch of makeup, didn’t look that great to me. I thanked her and rolled off.

7. Serious little one. I thought she might be just getting off work, but she turned out to be a college girl. Checked her out at the intersection, I think she noticed. Let her cross the scramble, and then I opened in front of the station. Her English is better than her teeth… uh, okay. She was still cute and the vibe was good. I offered to insta-date her for a pancake — that was actually my 1st attempted at an insta-date from daygame — but she squirmed. I LINE closed her and we’re chatting. Logistics are good… she studies near me and lives alone nearby… but claims to be “busy this month.” We’ll see. Lots of msgs from her.

8. Fine one w/ extra ear piercings. Tom Torero is always talking about how piercings, colored hair, etc., are a go sign. I would have opened her anyway, she was a very high-quality looking girl, with an extra pierce or so. I think she was a little confused, but eventually got my vibe and smiled… even though she really couldn’t understand a word I was saying. I wasn’t rushing, but I think I still need… to… slow… down.

9. Very cute, said she didn’t speak English and I just gave up for some reason?? They all say they don’t speak English, and many of them do… I just didn’t try hard enough here. She was cute and her eyes popped when I opened her.

10. Cute but business-y. I think we had a bit of eye contact, and I turned to go after her. She was turning into a store. I tried, twice to get her attention, but I wasn’t committed to following her in… the store swallowed her and she was gone. I think she knew I was there, but gave me the classic test of making me prove it… I failed.

11. Little one, w/ Union Jack t-shirt. Again, taking a cue from some other daygamer, I understand that girls w/ US or British flags on their clothes or bags *may* be warmer to white wolves walking the streets?? She was probably about 80 lbs, but with cool style and beautiful eyes. She was so shy and nervous, terrible teeth when she smiled, I gave up right away.

There were a couple more, and a few weaseling-out moments. I’m mostly not fighting in my weight-class, and I need to step up to a higher quality of girls… all pretty much exactly like at home. Same strengths, same weaknesses.

Viva Daygame.