Slow, No Magic – 6 More

Uhhh. Slow day out there. 6 approaches, and no magic at all.

My expectations were pretty high… After last Thu and the dates this week.

I weaseled on at least 2-3 girls. 2 more I liked disappeared into stores just as I approached. Here are the 6 I did talk to:

Oct 11.

1. Tiny Taiwanese. Girly, 5′ tall, giggled constantly. I think she would have talked to me all day, but she wasn’t that into me. I tried to number close, but it was pretty forced. I had her call me, and she did, but she stopped the call mid-way, saying something was wrong w/ her phone. Okay. I let her go.

2. Very cute Asian girl, maybe Japanese? Big smile but waved me off, wouldn’t stop.

3. Tall girl, with very long, skinny legs and a great ass. She stopped, but looked a bit tired from the start. She says hello, starts to tell me what she’s up to, and I can see the “but…” on her face, so I call it out. I go, “Yeah, buttttt….” and smile. She smiles back, and says, “but… I’m on my lunch break and… you know…” And I smile, and say I get it, “Okay, Maria, it was a pleasure, have a great day.” And she really lights up as she realizes this isn’t going to be painful for her, and she says, “Okay Nash!,” almost in bloom now, and we walk off. Cool.

4. I’m kind of starving for opportunities, it was a lean day out there, and I approach this attractive girl, I can tell she’s Chinese by her accent. Its pretty forced. I drag it out for a minute and then let her go.

5. Ouuu,not that great a face, but a really great body, w/ long bare legs and shopping bags. She stops, but there’s no magic so I cut it short as well… the whole day was like this.

6. I was after one girl, looked local and business-y, and I “upgraded” to a more feminine girl with great hips. I love doing that… switching girls, mid-approach. This one just moved here from Hawaii. Nice chat, but also a bit forced, so I cut it off after a bit.

That’s it. I put in my quarter, played for a bit, and that’s what I got. No high score… But more practice.

Viva daygame.