A “Super Day”, 5 Fresh Leads || 16 More

What an incredible day on the streets. 16 girls, 5 leads, I fell in love with the last one… I am a happy, proud daygamer.

I wasn’t supposed to daygame today… I’m terribly behind with work. But it’s going to rain later this week, so I was being a bit strategic, getting some time in now before the streets are soaked. Umbrella game, what little I’ve done of it, is hard.

Again, the day started slow, but momentum built all day. By the 8th set or so I had two leads already, every girl was opening, most were chatting, I was getting a lot of looks from random girls on the street… It felt like one of those “super days.” I was right.

I closed several more girls before it was over. I stopped at 16 sets — last approach was my favorite, and I probably should have kept approaching… I was on. I have a date with the Thai girl tonight, so In have to get home.

All the art school girls are in finals this week and next. This is the dragon I’m fighting right now. Firecracker put me on ice last week, she won’t see me until after finals. #5 today goes to the same school, said she’s too busy to date me, but we’ll see. #13 today also goes to the same school. Fucking finals! And #16… the set of the day… is finishing her final project at the same school. I’m going to call in a bomb threat and get all that canceled. Don’t tell anyone I said that.

I have maybe 10 leads in play right now. I am not getting laid enough, but I have a lot to keep me busy. I have several more daygame sessions left in December. Something has to work out. The forecast is “spinning plates,” and the scenario is promising. We’ll see.

I tried to stop the session after #13, making my way back to the train. I stopped 2 more, and then there she was… My muse.

Set of the day… I was planning on doing little highlights from #3, #5, and #13, but #16 cast a spell on me. I’m in a daze of feminine mist even now, pink psychological cobwebs clogging my head, the magical reality of who she was on the sidewalk mixing with the fantasy of who she might actually be. I’m bewitched.

She was tall, well dressed, slow walk that teased the hungry animal in me into pursuit. Again, I think of Krauser’s greyhound type. This one had poise. She’s an 8. Is it possible to be an 8 and have a plain, simple face? If #5 and #12 are very cute girls I want to date, if they are 7s, this one in an 8.

Chinese. She had an incredible walk. Slow, tall, graceful. She told me she was studying, and I said “not art school?,” and she said yes, that she is a film composer. She is a Pianist. Sophisticated. I am curious as to what kind of upbringing produces a girl of this quality.

Her voice was soft, almost a whisper. That was part of her trick, making me hungry for her little sounds by keeping them almost out of reach. Drawing me in. Hours later I am still leaning towards her.

As we spoke — and I did my best laser eyes, serving up observations and compliments — she kept putting her hand on her chest, softly laughing after each comment. She was still, rich, and deeply feminine.

I tried to insta-date her. I wanted that. She laughed, softly, again, and said she was going home. Tried to number close… she said email instead. I said, email makes you feel safe? She said yeah. I said it is my job to make her feel safe. And we stared at each other.

So many long, deep pauses with this one.

It was an incredible dream. Like the whole talk took place underwater. As we parted, she stared at me some more, walking backwards without breaking eye contact, a beautiful ghost. A daygame dream.


Hmmmm. If I were reading this, I would hear something like one-itis in the way this post was written. And I would assume that she would not respond to a guy that pedestalizes her the way I have here. And… I think that’s probably right.

I told her at one point that I thought she was quiet, but intense. And that’s right. It was one of the most intense interactions I’ve ever had with a woman. I know I gave her a unique experience. I’m proud of the way I carried myself.

But I won’t be surprised if she doesn’t want to see me. If she does not, it’ll be another lesson in the truth that is this: It’s not about any particular girl.

Here are the rest of the sets.


1. Filipina girl, huge eyes on the open. Stopped her in front of Urban Outfitters, late for work. Nervous. Ran inside. She was fucking cute.

2. White girl, spike heels. Nice stop, stood 1 ft from me… I love it when they do that. From DC, here for 2 nights had a cold… I let her go. I don’t want to make out with sick girls.

3. She was, tall, skinny, white girl, in all black. I fully undressed her with my eyes before I opened her. Art student. She’s so skinny, flat chested, but I could see her nipples pushing against her shirt. Hot. She really checked me out, literally looking me up/down. I could see her warm up as I was real, and DHV’d here/there. She was starting to like me. BF. Damn, I want to see her naked. Wow… hot girl.

4. Asian girl, great haircut. Older up close. From Japan. Had to go back to work.

5. Asian girl, in a princess dress… Full anime girl, with huge dancing eyes. Chinese, from Hefei. Really fun girl. Busy with finals. #close

6. Tiny Asian. Blowout.

7. Conservative Asian girl from Canton. NWU, masters student, businessy, studying here. Loved all my details… “You are so interesting!” She really warmed up with the talking. #close. The plan is to take her for a drink between Xmas and NYE. We’ll see.

8. Short Asian girl, with great eyes, but a weird walk. Very awkward to talk with her, I bailed.

9. Attractive, but older Asian girl. From Boston, masters degree, #close. She liked me. She was nervous as I took her number, misspelled her own name. Cute, nervous laugh.

10. Little Korean student, is my guess. Nervous on the approach, didn’t really stop.

11. Blonde Asian girl, very hot, little. She got it right away, and told me she was married.

12. Jennifer, stopped shook hands, gave me her name said she was going home. Bye Jennifer.

13. Little Korea art student, graphic design… so lovely, great set. #close.

14. Filipina girl, red sweater, sassy walk, perfect hair that bragged of youth and fertility. Stopped. Thanked me. Meeting her mom… I let her go. Sexy.

15. Asian girl, cute haircut, barely stopped.

16. This is my dream from the set of the day above.

Viva daygame.