Tokyo Daygame: Revenge of the Beast

Ahhh, another day, another story of game in Japan.

My last post was about having my ass handed to me on the streets of Shibuya. Ugg, I so got my ass kicked that day.

But that night… I got laid. I’ll post on that tomorrow.

So yesterday, with no sleep, I struggled to have fun, and ran almost no game — Roppongi is always a bummer for me. That place creeps me out (even as I go back again tonight).

So today… much better results.

— 6 girls, light session
— 6 for 6 opened
— 6 for 6 spoke enough English to understand me
— Took LINE contact from two
* The first one already responded to a msg (even though that wasn’t a strong set)
* Second one really loved the approach, and seems on for date next week

Okay. That’s better. My fragile ego is restored as the pendulum of life swings back into friendly territory.

This is another way that daygame here is “just like home” — from day to day, your mileage will vary in a big way. Today was so rewarding. 2 days ago was a lesson in humility. Thank god for the good days… or none of us could do this.

My last set of the day was the one where I had the really good LINE close – Arika. You should have seen her eyes sparkle, wow. When I told her that, she gushed beautifulness all over the bridge. Best set yet.

Viva Daygame!

Oh — before I forget, a quick shout to Halfbreed and thanks for his post about tokyo daygame.