Tokyo Daygame

I’m here. And I’m this novice daygamer. A big white monster in a strange but wonderful land.

I put in about 400-500 sets at home last year, starting in July. I’m barely competent at home, but it’s working. I’m approaching. I’m closing.

And if you believe in daygame, and I most certainly do… and if you’ve studied “the lads” that came before my generation… you know this works anywhere. You should focus on hometurf and be really excellent there, but if you’re away, no reason to not to enjoy some foreign fruit. And if you know all that… you know what comes next, right?

You have to do it. I know it’s intimidating. But you have to. You know better.

And if it works… you might improve your game still a little more, you might have some adventures, and some sex, but more than that, you’ll nail this lifestyle to your chest, like a badge. You’ll bolt it down, even more. And it’ll be yours forever. You’ll find freedom in that. Men love freedom. I want all that. I’m willing to work for it.

The golden goose of daygame has landed in Tokyo… it’s time to for some gold eggs.

And so… I ran my first set outside of the US yesterday.

I’m still nervous about this — about my whole experience here. And I’m by myself. But the first set went fine.

Yesterday it was pouring rain, and I was moving thru one of those spaces that to me is so uniquely Tokyo… a long stretch of covered space that is part mall, part train station, that spans thoroughfares, goes on for blocks in one form or another. I wasn’t trying to game, just going to grab some lunch and… ouuu, look at her!

Typical stop for me, approaching from the side, waiting for her to notice, eye contact, saying “Hi”, and then asking her if she speaks English. Nobody in Tokyo will admit they speak English, so I encouraged her when she said no. And then I started my compliment bit, going direct as always. And… the rest was just like home. She smiled, and she said she was working, and walked off.

And just like that, I realized it’s going to be identical to home. Ouuu… as I say that, that makes me smile. Because I *like* daygame at home. And daygame is the same everywhere. And I’m going to like it here. Yes to that.

Last year in Tokyo, same time… I ran a lot of game. Most of it mild, unstructured, happenstance game… with bits of actual expertise dropped in based on years of study and lots of experience with girls. I did some online game, which was amusing but a waste of time… had some flakey “yeses,” but couldn’t get anyone out. I did some flirting in coffee places while I worked. Lots of intense eye contact and missed opportunities at train stations. I went home w/ a girl from a club, she was trying to get me into bed, but I didn’t sex her — something was very weird about that situation so I left (never did figure that one out). I made out a few times, which was fun. I picked another girl up in a club, got her out on a day two and had sex w/ her in my apartment… she was 18 yrs younger than me. Terrible sex, but a wonderful sexual *experience*, if you can imagine that. It was a great time.

So this year… can you guess what I’m going to do? Some of what I did last year — true, true. I’ve already done some game in coffee places, some club game, and have LINE-closed a girl I want to take out. But there with definitely, definitely be some daygame, my brothers!

And… at home I have a girl I see often. And the regular sex keeps me a little too satisfied. I still approached, closed, dated and sexed other girls last year… my entire daygame education was born within that relationship — but I had good, quality sex I could count on, and I was never that hungry last year. Not for more than a few days at a time.

But… it’s been 4 days since I had sex. And I don’t masturbate. And that combination is the stuff that wars are made of. In about 1-2 days this fever will start to really burn. And the beast will be born. I’ll game with or without the “beast,” but that fire makes for an entirely different fight, much more intense game. Umm, bring it on.

Viva Daygame. Time to go meet some girls. Let’s get to it.