Tokyo Trip with Krauser || My First 40 Approaches Here

Ahhh, that’s some clickbait right there. I am here in Japan, getting started on a daygame trip, but no, Krauser is not with me. The reference to Krauser is because I brought his book Adventure Sex along, and I’m reading it for inspiration as I kick off.

This is my 3rd trip to Tokyo. My 2nd Japan trip where daygame is a focus. And Nick’s book is about his 2014 season in the FSU. Different part of the world, but a similar story.

“Conceptually, volume four represents the period of my journey where I finally became truly comfortable with self-identifying as a “player…”
— Krauser, Adventure Sex

Last time I was here in Tokyo I brought Tom’s book Torero Travels with me. I would read it on the train on my way to swim or at meals. It fit the mood of my 2015 solo trip perfectly. Reading about a guy doing what you’re doing, and doing it better, is proper inspiration, and makes you feel a little less crazy, especially when you’re on your own.

So last year when I bought Krauser’s latest book, I put it on the shelf and saved it until now. I’m just over 100 pages in, at the part where Krauser is just starting his first Euro trip of 2014. He’s talking about those first opening days and they line up with my first days of approaching here in Tokyo.

I’m in a different country, stalking a different kind of girl, but I feel like I’m in his footsteps, and the footsteps of other seducers before us.

In the book, he is describing what it’s like to have John (Bohi?) along with him. As the story goes, John had plenty of daygame experience, but had never done a FSU adventure:

“He was jumping off a cliff and hoping the water is deep enough.”
— Krauser

I know the feeling.

I have been here before, but I am by myself, I am a long way from home, and 2 years older than my last visit. On the one hand, I’m feeling much more experienced and confidence at daygame in general. I had a good Fall. I did some “jumping off a cliff” in Washington DC in Nov, which was also a warm up for this trip. I did two days of daygame there, and took numbers both days, in a city I had never been to, with no wing and no guidance. I was only there for 4 nights and couldn’t make a date happen, but that was a good trip. I felt ready then. I feel ready now.

So far here in Tokyo, despite the fact I also have no wing, no guidance, and don’t speak Japanese… it’s going pretty well, actually.

I was sick for the for the first week, which sucked, but I made the best of it. I spent my time working on my client’s accounts, scouting my territory, trying cafes and restaurants for date spots. I can just imagine if this had only been a one week trip and I was sick the whole time… I would have had all the cost and work of the trip, but would have had to sit out the “whole game” on the bench. I was way too sick to approach. I thank the daygame gods that I am here long enough that that week of staring at beautiful Japanese bodies with no other option but to sneeze and sniffle didn’t bother me that much. I will have time to make this trip memorable.

I got started as soon as I could… maybe a little too soon, but I was eager.

My first approach felt completely natural. She was a quiet, incredibly beautiful girl by my standards. Her English was non-existent, so it ended quickly. But the seal was broken, and I was at work, doing what I love. I did 9 approaches that day, and was a little too sick to enjoy it, but I was genuinely hungry to make something of this trip. I took two leads. Still sort of chatting with both of them.

Two days later I tried again. 12 approaches. That day was a crushing wave of rejection and 10-second sets where the girls spoke no English at all. I had one very delicious approach with a 22 year old ballerina that IOI’d me, so I went after her. She was in Shibuya to buy those shoes with the wood blocks in the toes. I tried to close and she suggested Facebook, which I didn’t have on my phone (I can take proper phone numbers at home, but along with the Line App, I need FB here). She had no signal, so she couldn’t add me then… and of course that means I never got added. Good. That was the incentive I needed to finally put FB on my phone. Done. We learn. We move on.

It was a tough day, grey skies and no leads. But, I have enough experience to know these days are somewhat normal. We just work through them. We pay our dues.

“No matter how tight your game, you’ll always get frustrating runs that make you doubt your hot periods ever happened.”
— Krauser

This is especially true when you haven’t got many daygame successes to inspire you. Thankfully, I have some good reference experiences from back on my home turf. And my game here was beginning to kick-in. I was doing these sessions, but also compulsively opening as I moved around town.

“…Daygamer Guilt. You become so used to opening, so keen to accumulate notches at an every-faster rate, and so into the identity of being a player that you feel bad every time you don’t open.”

That is not from his book, but his concept of Daygame Guilt has been in my head, as I’ve had a hard time not approaching when I’m out doing my “normal-person activities,” like heading off to a coffee place to do some client work or just out to sample some of the local food. While my phone is filling up with Line App contacts in various degrees of potential, I haven’t been laid yet and I am feverish to prove myself here and… for a proper “taste of Japan.”

Each day here I felt a little better. And my third day I was out in a nearby neighborhood, the weather was cold but glorious, and there was lots of magic in the air.

“I took John on the circuit and we must’ve been out five hours in the sunshine. Our sets hooked and we took numbers. It was very pleasant to just walk along the streets… Where every third girl was fuckable. I had six or seven numbers and John had a handful too.”
— Krauser

Yeah. Like that. “Where every third girl was fuckable.” He is talking about Minsk and his trip, but I have played that line over and over in my head as I walk the streets of Shibuya.

I love Japanese girls. Full stop.

I talked to 19 cute girls on my third day out. That was a personal record (which I have since beat). It was pretty effortless. This is a “target rich” location for a man with my tastes. Some very ripe sets with very special girls. Often, the girls were so feminine, I would have the overwhelming urge to kiss them right away — that’s happening over and over, actually. Juicy feminine mouths and lip gloss. Grrr.

I took four contacts in this session and felt very much at home. I went on to date one of those girls.

The Krauser exposure really helps normalize it all for me. And I’m grateful for the look into his “players journey” as I try to craft my own.

As a community, we daygamers are all trying to convince each other this is real. Of course getting laid is its own proof, but even when you’ve tasted the fruit, the sense that you might be a fraud, or that you have just ticked past your sexual market utility is haunting. A reminder is helpful when you’re not in a place of plenty.

“I had to peruse my own blog to remind myself these events had really happened.”
— Krauser

And my daygame successes have been real, they did happen. I’m in good shape for this trip. With the 40 approaches below I have a solid start on this adventure. I only did 80 approaches total in my first trip and I will blow that number away this time.

I have 6 leads at this point in the trip, not counting the handful of girls I already know from other daygame moments that are in the mix enough to have some promise (like the Hong Kong stewardess I picked up weeks ago that is chatting with me on FB everyday… or the Japanese girl from my city that was my first date of the year back at home, and will be here in a couple weeks, in time to see each other again before I leave).

My goal is to get laid twice while I’m here. At the point of this writing I have 4 weeks to do it.

I’m working harder that I would at home. Harder than I ever have. I think I’m better with women now than I’ve ever been in my life.

To use my poker analogy about game: I have enough skill. We’ll see if I get the cards.

We shall see.

Here are the sets so far.


1. On my way to lunch, short, beautiful, raven hair, precious. Quiet, almost tranquilized. She couldn’t understand, and was looking unenthused.

2. Big IOI, so I opened. She loved it. Made her shake my hand and she held it forever. English was not good. She was a great set to show me girls like it here too. I felt very at home.

3. Tall, slow walk on platform heels.. she shook me off.

4. Young one, intern, very cute. Pretty good English. Expert snowboarder. From Yokohama. Offered Line, but she took FB. Saw my art work, called me artistic. Gave her a sticker. Here in Shibuya 2-3X per week.

5. Blowout.

6. Blowout.

7. Blowout.

8. Cute girl, nice long hair… I just wanted to get my last couple sets in. Fun, charming. Tried to touch me several times… Line close. She seemed up for it.

9. Very hot girl in leather pants. Super crowded part of the sidewalk, but I opened anyway. No English, but a big smile.


1. Blowout.

2. Cute girl from Shibuya. Nice, but no vibe at all. Asked about coffee, don’t think she understood.

3. Girl w/ a horn, bad teeth, no English.

4. Tall, leggy girl in black jeans… dead sexy. Full blowout.

5. Short girl, serious, bangs… blowout.

6. Angel in all white, with rosy cheeks. Smile and then blowout.

7. Tall, after work, pretty hot… wasn’t into it, said no English.

8. IOI from a cute little 22 year old ballerina. FB only, she tried to add me… we’ll see.

9. Stopped, couldn’t understand me.

10. At the crossing, waved me off.

11. Glasses and great style, waved me off.

12. Lovely, white pants, bowed and walked off.

Friday the 13th:

1. Short haircut, bossy looking. Good English, had to go. I wasn’t that strong. Warming up.

2. Very cute girl on her way to get her hair cut. Ahhhh, nervous feminine and perfect. Wouldn’t give me her number. Barely spoke English.

3. Cute little one, braces. Working, busy. Had a BF.

4. Eye contact, double take. Let her cross and opened her. Nice stop, I was very on. Dancer. Choreographer. Took her Line App. Cute girl. Sticker game…. what Riv calls a “lock in prop.”

5. Hot one, great full ass. Nice stop. Blushed. It was on. She snapped out of it quickly. Busy. Tried to take contact. No. Tried again. No. I’m guessing BF. Blushing hard. Hot set.

6. Slight smile, walked away.

7. Laughed, waved me off.

8. No English.

9. Great girl, lives in London, here for a wedding, but from Sendai originally. Line app. Really good set. Told her to be creative and find a way to see me.

10. Hot, walk, great style… something a little off about her. Opened her… beautiful, but I didn’t trust her. I cut it off.

11. Little girl, great ass. Blowout.

12. Vampire, young, super beautiful. I wasn’t dominant enough. She smiled in recognition, and walked off.

* Practicing moving girls… sidewalks are busy, and I’m moving them a lot.

13. Snappy young girl with a great ass… Perfect English, from Nagasaki, easy to talk to, been to US many times. Line App close. Calm set.

14. Amazing, intense one… nervous, so femmy, full “doggie dinner bowl.” English isn’t great. Took her Line App, talked about a date for Sunday. Spazzy eyes. Very hot set.

15. Tall, at Intersection. She wasn’t sure, then almost left, then almost stayed…

* Spotted another guy, he was a dick to me. Not sure if he was a daygamer, but he didn’t like me when I tried to say hello.

16. Hottie, reopened her as she lit up but didn’t stop the first time. Yad taught me that. Ummm… cute girl, but she didn’t stop.

17. Very fine girl, gentle blowout.

18. Blonde Asian, tall, extraordinary. No English.

19. IOI as I got back to Shibuya… opened, meeting her friends. Awk.

So it begins. Let’s do it. “We have a right to our labor, but not to the fruits of our labor.”

Viva daygame.