TYO: A Day in the Life of a Daygamer

It is amazing that I do not have a date tonight. Makes me laugh, because I have put in a hero’s effort — assuming by “hero,” we mean a slavishly unbalanced dedication to game.

I am having a great time here. I am getting what I wanted out of this adventure (almost, I don’t feel like I’m getting laid enough). With that said, I am not pretending this is a balanced life I am living in these weeks. I am bingeing on experience, which has been my intention. I may be out of control, but I am doing it on purpose.

And I am learning a lot here. And really enjoying the local women very much. Japanese girls are very much my type. This is paradise for me.

Here are some notes from today, my current girl tornado, the work I am doing to keep that tornado feverish, and the proceeds from this kind of dedication.

Was to meet Root today. I got there a bit ahead of him, as I didn’t have a date for tonight or tomorrow, and I wanted to see what I could do about that. I know same day dates are real (as is same day sex), and I wanted to try to make it happen.

First approaches from today, solo on the streets of Tokyo:

1. Blonde Japanese, round, dusty white face, beautiful, blowout.
2. Nice smile, but no English, she never stopped.
3. Thought I got an IOI, solid blowout.
4. Big smile, kept walking.
5. Blowout.
6. Another blowout.

Yes! I am the Blowout Artist. Certifiable BOA. Want to master getting blown out??? I am the man to teach you. I am 100,000¥ per hour, but no one can teach you to get blown out like I can! Accept no imitation.

And then…

An IOI. She was tall, young, not gorgeous, but compelling. Nice stop, and something a little smoldering and warm from her right away.

I comment on her unusual face, and she is half Japanese, half Indonesian. Really solid eye contact. Her English is excellent. I tell her I thought we made eye contact and she smiles a little. I ask if she is working or a student, she says student. 2nd year. I ask if she is 21, she corrects me, 20. Okay, cool.

I was “about to go for coffee” and suggested she come with me. No hesitation, she was in for it. I am sure Tom’s Stealth Seduction helped me feel even more comfortable with that line and this move, I heard him do it several times.

We walk the couple blocks. I am touching her, hand on her back, touching her hair. It feels great. She smells fantastic, and I say so. I am dropping SOIs to make sure this is sexual.

This Starbucks is another frequent spot of mine. I am very nice, as are they. And they greet me with big smiles and I’m social proofed for her, as they know my order and how I like it. I don’t think that matters much actually, except that it pumps my state. Despite stories about how social proof impresses girls or gets you laid, the “state pump” for the player is the real power of social proof, in my experience.

We order, I move her to a little seat where we have to sit very close. I have done this exact move on three of four of my i-dates on this trip. A proper soft couch opens up behind us, and I spin her over there and we’re pretty comfortable. I have done that move three times as well. It’s a very comfortable Starbucks in a nice part of town.

She has a cute little story about why she wants to be flight attendant, which is what she is studying. We talk about travel, and she is telling me that she has traveled to Indonesia a lot, but also to the Philippines.

I ask why she chose to go the Philippines, and she says because her BF at the time was half Filipino. There is a little something in her eyes as she says that. I ask if she is still with him, and she shyly admits that they are still together. I smile. He is a pretty cool guy. They were originally introduced to each other. He tried to kiss her on the first or second date (I asked). Okay. I smile.

I mentioned to her a couple of times that she had great lips and that I wanted to kiss her. Yohami hates when I do this. He thinks I should just do it, and I am convinced he is right. It is taking me a long time to break this habit. I always do this, but I feel like I’m almost ready to outgrow it. And as we move to the couch, I am smelling her hair and it feels very sexual, so I say “come here” and she does and we kiss a bit. Mouths open, it’s real. I roll off, chat, no big deal. And kiss her again.

This is only my fourth i-date. I kissed her because I wanted to, but also to capture a new “first” for me, a new reference experience. I know kissing a girl like this isn’t the best game (not if you want to see her again), but I figured I could experiment. I had only 20 minutes invested in her. She was a great kiss.

So Root was texting me, and I wanted to get back to him…. But first, I tried to pull her.

“While you’re in Tokyo, I would recommend you trying something… SNL. It will open up your reality in so many different ways. The second she stops and listens, visualize in your mind the pathway to an SNL. And FAIL badly, learn from it, try it again, rinse and repeat”

Stealths comment, and his story really inspired me on this trip. I know SDL’s are possible, but I never really “touched it” before. Since Stealth posted that quote, I have been really thinking about it. Yohami is always urging me to take action, don’t talk about, be alpha, take what I want, you don’t have to wait for “three dates.” Stealth connected all this to daygame for me.

I’ve tried this twice now. Once last week, but I didn’t write about it. This was my second try at taking a girl home, straight from the approach.

NASH: Hey, this is fun. Come to my place with me, I have some Gelato, we’ll listen to music.
HER: Gelato near your place?
NASH: At my place.

We stared at each other, and there was a muggy, hotness between us, and she said she could not, but it still sounded like a yes to me. She had a plan. To do what, I asked? To meet her BF. Long “secret society” look between us.

I say this over and over… but I always find myself on dates with girls that have boyfriends. Almost 30%-40% of the time, and those are the girls that bother to tell me, or that I can get to admit it.

I have a date on Friday. This one lives in Chiba, not Tokyo, and has work Saturday and Sunday. We talked about Thursday, but the logistics were off for seeing each other again. It wasn’t going to happen before I leave for home on Monday. I have four nights left in this trip.

We left together, and kissed once more in an alley, and she had to pull me out of the way of a car, mid-kiss so I wouldn’t get hit. We smiled and went separate ways. I almost said, innocently, “have a good time with your boyfriend,” but did not.

I met up with Root and we went back to approaching. Root was a great wing, as always. I did maybe 20 more approaches, took 3 more leads. Root approached a bunch of girls too. We practiced his stop and talked theory all afternoon.

I also ran into a 21 year old I had picked up the night before in the same neighborhood. She is the second girl on this trip I have “picked up twice” (the first girl I opened for the second time was the set that Stealth saw, that’s how he and I became friends). This one had been a hot lead the night before, texting me all night from her 21st birthday party… disappointed we couldn’t get together. But now, took her a minute to recognize me in person. She was working, scouting models off the street for her hair place, low energy. I sat with her, checked logistics for tonight, and then split so she could work. Perhaps she is hungover from her party the night before? Perhaps my game isn’t as good as I want it to be?

Great day out. Good time talking and sharing with Root. Fourth insta-date. First makeout in a daygame set. Second time trying to pull direct from the sidewalk.

But… I didn’t have a date for the night. I tried with many of the girls I approached that day. I spun all the plates in my phone. I really tried.

Sometimes, Baby Jesus just ain’t going to let it happen.

As I made my way back home, I confirmed my Friday date with The Nurse. A little confusion as I got the “international time format” wrong, but we’re good. I am looking forward to seeing her, and I assume there will be sex. I wish she was chasing me around, trying to get more of my time, but she is not.

Fighting with the Chinese Virgin a bit (soft fight), as she likes me, but knows if she sees me again she loses her V-card. I keep assuming the sale, and she keeps stalling, and it’s starting to piss me off. So today I told her I think she doesn’t want to see me… I know her well enough to know this will tug at her heart. I am supposed to call her tonight after dinner. We’ll see.

Might have a date set up for tomorrow, with a new girl. She gave me a soft yes, but said she in nervous. I also assumed the sale. I hope that is on. But I have multiple offers out.

Spinning a million other plates… Trying to close at least one more girl for sex before I leave. Some fresh leads (7 in the last two days), some older ones. Hustling. Will run some more street game before I go.

Tomorrow… Date with a cute girl that made me book 10 days in advance, and even that was a lunch date. Says she wants to speak English, but I made it clear, I am no English teacher. Sent her a sexual image of a teacher staring down a student in a sexual way. Hmmm. Why she is so busy, I don’t know. Not the only girl like that I have run into here in Tokyo.

The Chinese Virgin may come around for Thursday after my lunch date. I’d like to deflower her. I have been playing it down to “we’ll study,” but she knows what’s on the line. If Virgin doesn’t come out, I will do my lunch date and then run more approaches with Root tomorrow.

I do not think I have a date tonight, and that is amazing. I gave it a full Devil’s effort. Wow.

I am not certain about tomorrow either. But SDL is increasingly possible for me. If I don’t set something up, maybe I’ll street pull tomorrow? This is about to happen for me, I know it.

Should have sex with the Nurse on Friday again, which sounds great. I haven’t had an orgasm in 7 days, since the last time I saw her and she was on her period but gave me a very good handjob. I have dated multiple girls since then, kissed several girls, even had one in my bed, but no new sex since the handjob.

When I wake up tomorrow, I will message my i-date from today, and see if she can come thru for Thursday also. She is not that hot, but my CEO loves here. I would love to fuck her… 20 years old. Ummm. It was close to happening on that i-date today, for sure, but now it is a long shot as she is out of pocket.

And then… 4 more nights, and I am back at home. Looking forward to it. It’s been an unbelievable trip, but I like home too. My cats, my favorite food/drink, plenty of daygame options in my city, a list of leads from home to follow up on (I made a list… 10+ girls), and three lovers that I have kept in touch with on this trip. I assume some sex or another is waiting for me at home after all the work I did last fall.

Not so bad.

Viva daygame.