TYO: Insta-date with a Teenager (aka Miss 19)

TYO: Insta-date with a Teenager (aka Miss 19)

This is a story about my third insta-date in my last week in Tokyo, sixth for the trip. This time, a 19 year old. A teenager.

My Tokyo adventure really opened my eyes at several levels. Made more of game visible to me. I am thinking of several truths about life and big opportunities I couldn’t see or realize before this trip, but now, my eyes are open in those areas.

One such truth is that I can date younger girls than I have been dating. I had a chance to look that truth in the face several times in those Tokyo days of game.

When I have read about Krauser or Tom having sex with 18 year old Polish girls, etc., there was part of me thought that that was perhaps a little “too wicked” for me. That I knew I could date young girls (I mostly date girls that are around 25 years old), but 18, 19, 20… Seemed too young for me.

Or maybe it meant that at almost 44, I was too old to attract girls that age? Them, in their sexual market finest hour, and me toward the end of mine. Something like that.

But one thing that has also become clear is that you have no idea what you are capable of until you are in a position where the choice is yours to make. Until the time when your presence as a man opens up these opportunities for you, any judgment or moralizing is no more than “armchair quarterbacking.” Until the time when the choose is yours to make, you’re a spectator, only guessing what you would do if you were actually “in the arena.” Face to face, with a real live teenager.

One deep motivation of mine as I explore this lifestyle is that I do not want to be a spectator.

I love the realm of “mating and dating,” for both conversation and carnal sport. And when you talk about sex and relationships as much as I do, you hear a lot of uneducated bullshit from normies. A lot of guessing and judgment from folks that have never been in the arena (not like we have).

Everyone has an opinion. Very few people have enough actual reference experience, have had enough choice in these areas, to have any authority or insight. Before we have real experience, we can only share anecdotes. If the amateur or the uninitiated moralist has wisdom to offer, it is second hand or accidental in origin.

So when I am tempted to give my opinion about dating girls that are at the youngest end of legal limit… even about myself dating them… I should remember that despite my recent gains in terms game and new sexual experience, teenagers are an area in which I am still an amateur.

So, no, I don’t know if I would enjoy dating a girl in that age range. I would only be guessing if I were to comment from where I sit now.

Would I fuck a teenager? We’ll, besides the obvious statement — “It depends, which one?” — I really can’t say. I don’t have that opportunity currently. My judgment and preference at this point are irrelevant.

I am trying to keep all this in mind when I see my role models sexing the youngest of girls. It’s hard to learn unless you have an open mind. I am older than Tom or Nick, but I don’t look it. And this trip showed me I can game girls that young also. I am still a rank amateur in this territory, but perhaps not for long.

I dated a 19 yr old virgin last Fall. Only one date and she disappeared. I didn’t know she was that young, nor that she still had her V-card, when I picked her up. And I picked up a girl in Tokyo two weeks ago that seemed young, but I was surprised when she said she was 18. And I made out with that 20 year old girl at Starbucks last week. There they are… 18, 19, 20.

All of this brings me closer to having enough practical experience to know if girls that age would be something I’d like. I don’t know until I know.

I have written before about the Vampiric Exchange — that exchange of youthful naivitee for dark wisdom — and that element of contact with a very young girl has real appeal. In the case of this i-date it seemed true, for both of us.

I met this particular girl late in the day on my last Friday in Tokyo. Let’s call her Miss 19.

She was tiny, 152 cm, a little over 5 ft. I love tiny. Shiney, straight hair that stopped just above her shoulders. Cropped bangs that completed the frame around her face. Baggy clothes, but good style, and a backpack. She was eating a little sandwich from a convenience store… the sleeves of her sweater covering her hands, so only her little fingers poked out into the cold.

She was easy to stop and popped open. She loved it, but almost didn’t seem to be taking the situation seriously.

There are these guys that hangout in Harajuku everyday. They stand around, usually four or five of them, matching outfits, and they just “act cool,” and are always surrounded by adoring little girls. They take pics with the girls, flirt with them. They are genuinely cool and the girls love them.

I stopped this one. Asked who they were and he said they sing and dance. I assume they are a boy band. Or the male equivalent of the idols I picked up? The little show they do with the girls in Harajuku is like a meet and greet, promotion for their band. I asked if I could take his picture and he was cool about that too.

Root and I saw them one day when he and I were out, and he said that being in the band helped make them “cool.” And that is true. But I pointed out that those guys are not faking it at all. They actually are cool. We watched them for a while. And the little girls were on the more adoring side of the critic-to-fan spectrum… The girls are super hooked, but in a somewhat distant, surreal kind of connection.

Miss 19 was treating me like I was one of them. She was loving it, but she was acting like our interaction was completely outside her reality. Enjoying it, but almost like I was something she was watching on TV. She would stand there, shoulders slightly hunched, a hand cupped over her mouth, giggling and blushing slightly… Just like some girl with the cool boy band guys in my story above.

In exactly that way… It was going well, but it didn’t feel solid.

What I am saying is, she didn’t have enough comfort.

It is interesting that I might disqualify myself as she is too young. And she might disqualify herself as I am too “cool.” Both of us into it, but it was so unusual, neither of us took it totally seriously.

Anyway, so she is very fucking cute. Not surface-level sexy, per se, but young and cute in a way that was radically hot​ for me. She was a dead-on fetish for someone with my tastes. She was the chipmunk-schoolgirl persona, but dressed in baggy denim and white Converse, and carrying a sandwich.

So hot. She was pornographic. Even in baggy pants.

While the interaction was frothy, she seemed compliant. So I made the offer for a coffee and she says, “now?!,” And I say “yeah,” and we’re off. 6th i-date for the trip. All to the same Starbucks. Counter guy bursts into an out-of-place smile as I bring in yet another girl… This one, 24 years younger than me.

“The only difference in my game since I got older… is that girls like me more, and the occasionally dad thing comes up. That’s the only difference in my game. You get better results, and occasionally some reference to a dad occurs between open to sex.”
— RSD Tyler, Hot Seat at Home

I told her it was my third time there that day and she said, “with three girls?!!!,” with an excited, but shocked look in her eyes. Wow. She could tells this wasn’t a completely natural experience. She was on the right track about me on this trip, but a little off about the total volume. I told her no, she was the only girl that day, which was true. I did have a lunch date with a 20 year old, and had a date that night with The Nurse, but she was the only Starbucks girl for the day. True enough.

We get seats with our backs to the wall on a soft, deep, padded bench. Chatting. Her English is okay, about 50%, so we talked and used the app. We exchange Line contact and Facebook.

I touched her back, which is standard Nash game. Deep eye contact, chatting about the most mundane things, with my fingertips coming up her back and neck and into the roots of her hair. She liked it.

In one of the comments about sex, there was something about the look in her eyes that told me she hadn’t had that much experience. I started to ask and then decided to state, “So you’re a virgin,” and she said yes.

Another virgin. I think I dated three on this trip, or as Yohami would say… None. Yohami thinks girls tell me shit I want to hear. I’m sure he’s right some of time.

I held her hand – which is another practical skill I made real progress on on this trip. I can hold just about any girls hand quickly and easily now. I mean fast — like 30 seconds, or 2 minutes. Holding it, playing with her fingers. No problem.

I have the knowledge of what a slick taking of a girls hand should look and feel like, and, I feel entitled to take her hand pretty much anytime I want. That’s why it works so easily for me.

This hand holding thing is an example of a larger trend for where I am at in terms game and seduction. Taking a girls hand is 3rd grade game. But actually doing it with a real girl, whenever you want, that’s the edge. Not everyone can do it.

This becomes a great demonstration of what game is about. It has never been about the “pickup lines” or the physical bits involved when trying to take a girls hand, or any of that.

It has always been about the ease — the easiness — of the man trying to do it.

If it’s easy for you, to game is easy.

If it’s easy, that shows the girl this “next level” element of your status and value. It is not the thing you do, it is how easy it is to do that thing.

In some ways I think I am closer to understanding what my sensei Yohami means when he says “stop the madness.” Maybe he means, “make it look easy.” Or “it is easy, just feel that.” Easier said than done.

If it’s hard for you, she knows you don’t do this often or well, so this is not your thing. Lance Mason says no girl wants it be your “first time” at anything. She doesn’t want to have to worry about you. He is right about that.

And seeing you look amateur or uncomfortable shows her you’re out of her class. Why would a girl want to spend time with a guy that isn’t ready for her… That’s not going to be a good experience for her. When it doesn’t look easy for you, it might end up being uncomfortable for her. No girl wants that.

So I had the little thing in Starbucks, chatting, and I know I tried to kiss her. I had kissed the 20 yr old two days earlier and four feet from where Miss 19 and I were sitting… so the idea didn’t seem strange at all. I was into her. And the fetish quality was working on me.

She wouldn’t kiss me. Okay. She said she only kisses boyfriends.

Miss 19 lives outside of the city, an hour away by train. With her parents. It was unlikely I could see her in my last few days… So based on a little coaching from Stealth, I tried to get her home. It was the 3rd time I’d tried to pull from the street that week. It hadn’t happened yet, but I was getting a lot of experience. It was starting to feel natural… almost easy.

She wouldn’t come home with me either. When I asked her to come back to my place she just giggled.

She was a sweet and friendly girl. The experience with her was like being a cool-guy older brother in front of your younger sister’s very, very cute little friend… she is young enough that she hasn’t been in this POV many times, but she was wise enough to know what I was up to the whole time.

Good for her.

And it wasn’t the words, or the touching, but this date was very sexy for me. I was hard for at least some of the time at Starbucks. That is not normal for me, but is happening more and more as I sharpen my intent.

So that’s it. That’s my story.

Nothing happened on this date, and yet it stretched me. I took on new reference experiences, and new reference experiences are how I expand my confidence, experiential knowledge and seductive power.

In this experience I saw that I could approach, hook, and date a teenager. And that it wasn’t weird. It was unusual, but not uncomfortable, it was easy. And it was hot. That’s a solid reference experience.

And I can take a girls hand so easily. I can touch them early, basically whenever I want. The girls get excited, but almost don’t even notice my escalation. That is becoming a normalized experience for me.

And I can execute the “pull attempt” better and better. The mechanics are about there.

But again, it’s about how easily you can do each movement. If you want to be convincing, and congruent, it better be smooth.

I have a long way to go, but before the week was over, I tried to pull from that Starbuck on five different i-dates in an eight day period. That is a lot of reference experiences for a week. SDL attempts were starting to feel “normal” also.

And just imagine for a minute if she had said yes. She may have been a “no” this time, but I don’t need that many solid attempts before I can find one that will come back with me. If she had said yes, I would have fucked a 19 year old virgin that day.

I have dated several virgins lately. If you try enough keys, the lock will eventually open. I am likely to have sex with a virgin soon, if not a teenager. And I assume the sex won’t be great in the “racecar​” sense. But the experience of taking her through that moment in her life, along with consuming her young body, seems likely to be worth my time.

I am looking forward to that experience. It’ll happen soon.

Meanwhile, I think I can now take the insta-date skillset for granted. I got this. I will see a lot of miles from that technique. Deeper interactions and more experience from that access, I’m sure. Probably some SDLs.

And… I got to paw a 19 year old girl and she loved it. And I loved it. I made it look “easy.”

Viva daygame.