TYO: The Virgin || Insta-Date vs Number Farming

I wrote this story three weeks ago… Posting it now. This is my last Japan story before I do my final notes on that trip.

I like this story, as I get to revisit a moment in my experience, and compare it to how things wrapped up. I also like that it highlights some of what I was looking to learn about idates and SDLs… And how they are connected.

I did learn a lot about idates and SDLs on that trip. And now that I’m home, and getting my local daygame rhythm going, I am still very focused on those opportunities and what they can do for my daygame and results back here in “Trump Country,” the US of A.


Had a long daygame session today that included my forth insta-date. And I tried to SDL.

I was somewhat hungover from a big club night last night (I had a fantastic time at the Shark Tank). And that was after a wonderful Friday night date with Jafrica. She is awesome, and it feels on. But she wouldn’t come home with me, so I went out kind of big after that date. Home at 28:00 (aka 4 AM), eating onigiri and some of the gelato cast-offs from my week of dates.

This morning I was up at 8 AM, I felt a bit hungdog, but also fucking awesome… maybe I was still a bit drunk?

I was supposed to have sex with the Chinese Virgin today. Sounded pretty good. We’d had a great date earlier in the week, with her back to my place and 1/2 naked, but on her period, no sex.

Yesterday afternoon, she told me she had a sore throat. I have had two serious colds here already, and will not fuck up my last week with another cold… Even to fuck a virgin. She is great, I want to pick that flower, but she is not hot enough (and I am not desperate enough) to make me risk missing my last week and all those other girls by getting too close to her cold.

VIRGIN: Cause I have a sore throat maybe I should eat some porridge at home
NASH: Are you sick?
VIRGIN: Just my throat. I got up this morning and felt a little bit painful
NASH: Oh no!
NASH: I am afraid of getting a cold now.
NASH: I have had 2 since I have been here.
NASH: If you’re sick, let’s see each other on Tues or Thur, so you can can heal up first

It was fun to have a chance to say “no” to girls, like hot girls so often say no to us… that is something I’m not used to. Lots of options will help you see what a normal day is like for a hot girl. So many opportunities, you get to say “no” and pick just the best ones. It’s a great a POV, nothing mean-spirited about it. Very instructive.

VIRGIN: I think we can meet tomorrow I’m not sick I’m fine
NASH: Oh, you want to see me sooooo bad!
NASH: ^ I like it!
VIRGIN: not soooo bad
VIRGIN: Just a little bit

Ahhhh, hot girl game works. I told her no and she leaned in even harder. She wanted the date. I can see how I do the same thing when hot girls put me through similar hoops.

Okay, cool. As I was out last night, I was thinking I would take her virginity today. We had an afternoon date set up, and my plan was to deflower that girl… then maybe watch a movie.

She messaged me at 9 AM:

VIRGIN: My throat still feels painful today. So I want to have lunch at home and then go to museum. Is that OK?

With her confirming she was sick, I blew her off again. I do have a lot of options. More “hot girl” game with her. It was good practice. I told her no.

NASH: I want to see you, but I don’t want to get sick… I have been sick twice on this trip already.
NASH: Let’s try for Tuesday, or Thursday, or next weekend.
NASH: I want this time with you. Let’s do it when you’re feeling better.

She replied saying she won’t have any time next week, but I know she can find time for me if she really wants to… We’ll see.

Great reference experience to practice “hot girl game” on the Virgin. I need reference experiences. This is how we learn.

But with no afternoon lay and no date for the night I hit the streets to see if I could find a same-day date. No luck on a date, but I did take a few leads and had an interesting insta-date.

The insta-date was an older girl, early thirties but soft and elegant, very well dressed, a polished woman. High-end. She was standing still when I approached, and I rarely approach stationary girls… but I was interested in her.

I opened her and she was very nervous, in the range of fear, physically pulling back. I plowed a bit, rocking back on one foot to signal space and distance to her. I got the compliment out and she softened. She relaxed. She went from fear to curiosity to attraction… all in under 3 minutes.

She was right next to my favorite Starbucks, so as she hooked, I asked her to join me and she did. I showed some skill in getting her to settle down, but it still felt surprisingly easy. To date, all of my insta-dates have been in this Starbucks.

Her English wasn’t great, so I did a mix of talking and translating. She did a not-so-attractive version of the submissive thing, a posture some Japanese will do where they fold their hands across their lap, avoid eye contact and curl over forward.

She was so overwhelmed. She was very into the pickup, but she was literally shaking for a good portion of the date. It is amazing the effect a good pickup can have on a girl… to put a “nice girl” in a position like this, sex hanging in the air… I had several girls shake and tremble like this in Japan. During the pickup or on dates. I like it, actually.

But she was intimidated. So I went to work trying to get her to relax. My goal is certainly not to freak these girls out, but I think it’s fascinating to watch them react to the street magic.

So I told stories, complimented her, touched her, made her hold my hand, etc. We sat side by side on a couch for all this. The thing that seemed to work best was simply leaning back, arching my back in a confident way, uber-lounging. I tried to pull her into my frame. She started to mirror that, and things went better.

As we sat there talking, I was aware that it was late in the day, and every minute I spent talking to her meant I was losing time to meet other girls. She was one of the first girls I talked to on this day, and even though I got a late start, there were a lot of girls out there.

Was this idate a good use of my time? Should I be number farming?? I didn’t have enough experience to know.

And I still don’t know the answer to that question. I have heard Krauser talk about this before. It’s a bit of a gamble to spend all this time with one girl instead of farming the streets. For now, I am into idates, as I don’t know that much about them and want to explore the potential there some more.

But beyond the utility of the idate, I had something else on my mind:

“While you’re in Tokyo, I would recommend you trying something you can’t do back in the US: SNL. It will open up your reality in so many different ways. The second she stops and listens, visualize in your mind the pathway to an SNL. And FAIL badly, learn from it, try it again, rinse and repeat. I wouldn’t insist you on trying this back in the US, but since you’re in Tokyo, you’ve at least gotta give it a shot ;)”

This recent comment from Stealth was on my mind. That quote really got into my head in Japan.

I had woken up that morning thinking I was going to have sex with the virgin. I was disappointed… and also horny. All this had me feeling a little more aggressive than usual.

I was ready to try a SDL. My first attempt, I believe.

I tried to set up a bounce. She lives outside of Tokyo, 1.5 hours away. Unlikely I could get her back to the city before I leave. It was only 5:30, so there was a chance I could get her to my place, maybe fuck her, and she’d still have time to take the train back home.

I was about a mile from my apartment, and knew of a nice bar/restaurant on the way. It would split the distance, and get us very close to my place.

I proposed a drink. Showed her on my phone how close we were to that spot. Told her how nice it was… it is a nice place.

Ahhhh, she thought about it. It was awesome to watch the gears turn in her head. Wow, she really considered it. I bet one million bucks this girl was not expecting to get fucked that day… she was in Tokyo for a haircut. She almost “got lucky.”

But she said no. Even so, I was thrilled with myself that I tried and that I got close. My first try at a “bounce back.” This girl, that was shaking uncontrollably 15 minutes earlier, almost started down the path of going home with me. Damn, it was pretty close.

So I walked her out… And took us down a quiet street toward her train, and then stopped her and tried to kiss her. Why not. She wouldn’t kiss me either. I laughed, took her hand, and kept going. She was loving it at this point.

We arrived at a big intersection near the train station. I tried once more to get her to come have a drink. I was holding her hand, and she was very into it, really holding on to me as well. She was squeezing my hand now. All the nervousness was gone, and she was almost possessive. She knew she was going to have to give up her toy and go home, and she held onto me with real love in the parting moments. She loved the experience and knew it was almost over.

I told her to look “over there” and when she did I kissed her cheek. She blushed a little and squirmed the way a happy girl can squirm.

At some point I Facebook closed her. We’ve messaged a few times. Good experience.

And then… Back to daygame. This girl was #3 of 24 girls that day. I took at least two more leads, and got my number farming in as planned. Done and done. I didn’t have a date that night… But I tried. Back to the Shark Tank for more whiskey and nonsense that night for me.

I tried. I earned some new references experiences. No Virgin. No SDL via idate. But what a day.

Viva daygame.