United Nations of Daygame || And Deception!

I fully expected to run a lot of game this last month. But I didn’t. 1 day of daygame in all of September… and that was mostly so I could say “I did at least one day.”

I didn’t run much game for 3 reasons: I had 3 new clients, on-top of an already full load. I was trying to get that business sorted. That was smart. Staking some paper. Cool. And the 2nd reason… lots of visits in September. Friends and family staying with me, for much of the month. Road trip with my Dad. And lastly, the Taiwanese girl. I was dating her all month, and that took away a lot of the incentive to go comb the streets.

I almost went out last week… but the Taiwanese girl is basically a professional shopper, and she is out downtown, all the time. He apartment is there too… right in my hunting ground. I didn’t want her to see me chatting up other girls before our last weekend together. Thought I’d wait out our last night together, which was a week ago. Now… I shake my head at that kind of thought. More on that below.

So… I hit the street yesterday, and it was a mostly uneventful, but a fun experience. Only 4 sets, all of them had something worth noting, but not that much magic. However, each girl was new to the US and from a different part of the world. United Nations of daygame yesterday – nice sample of girls for practice.

First, I’ll walk thru the sets. Then, I’ll get to the deception!!!


#1. First set all month. She was blonde, little, tiny feet. Okay, I jumped in. She made this amazing “yuck” face when I approached her, acting on high alert. I backed off, laughed. Asked if she was okay? Was she “comfortable?” She is asking if I’m talking about her cellphone? She’s confused. She was from Brazil, and her English was miserable. I got her to figure out what I was up to, by basically straight out telling her I thought she was cute. She got it. She can’t understand much of what I’m saying, and she’s acting like a teenager, constantly looking at her phone. She asks me to walk with her. She is trying to go shoe shopping, tells me where she is going, and I tell her she’s going the wrong direction. She’s reluctant to follow the strange, older, white beast — even though I’m pointing her where she wants to go and we’re on the biggest boulevard in the city. Most of our conversation is in Spanish at this point – and my Spanish is pretty bad, but we’re communicating. She’s acting so flaky, I think she’s going to ignore me, or just walk off… but she’s also flashing her eyes at me, seems to hook, and is asking me questions. I’m leading her down the street. She guesses I’m 30, which is >10 years off. Then 35, still off. I guess she’s 26, and she thinks I read it off her passport, but I just guessed right. Anyway… I eventually dumped her. She was too much of a spaz. Ha, I’ve never walked away from a girl before. I told her I was going to leave, and she was shocked. Asking me why? I pointed her in the right direction one more time and bailed. That was one of the weirdest street interactions I’ve ever had. Welcome to daygame!

#2. Chinese. Language student. Her skin wasn’t that great, but she was very cute, even with the makeup. Long, straight, silky hair to her ass. After the initial open, she bowed to me. Ha. She’s been here 1 month. Talk was okay, and I was fishing for a close at one point… curious to see what she’d be like on a date. She was very standoff-ish. I told her “you have to want it!” She was too much of a wet rag, so I smiled, told her to have a nice day and I moved on.

#3. I’m walking by a fancy hotel, and this tall, leggy girl gives me a quick bit of eye contact. I figure she’s Russian. I hesitate, briefly, and then decide to give it a shot. I’m really not into Russian girls (or the FSU types), the UK guys can have them, but I like to hit on Russian girls just to check my game. They are not easy. So, she’s at the intersection waiting for the light, but I go for it anyway. Slide around in front of her, calm, slow, hold my hands out for her to stop… and she fucking loves it. Right away, she’s so into it, eyes popping, very feminine. I am seeing “flashes” from her fingers. I am pretty sure I’m going to see a ring if I look down, but since I didn’t check in advance, I’m just going for it. We get thru the first 30 seconds, and she says, “My husband, my husband, my husband…,” just like that, with the most amazing smile you’ve ever seen. It’s a confession. She blushes. I blush. Beautiful moment. I tell her I’m going to go. She looks like the princess in a Disney movie. Radiant, happy girl. She says, “This has never happened to me before!” I tell her, “I would hit on you any time.” She looks like she’s in love. I split. You never know.

#4. Little, Asian, cute. Dressed a little funny, but I like it. She pops open, bright eyed. From Taiwan (not *the* Taiwanese, this is a new girl). She pretty cute, very different looking vs “my” Taiwanese girl. Nice chat. She has to go. I tell her I’d like to take he for a coffee sometime. She says she has plans and… I say, “Not now, some other time.” Okay, she says. I tell her to take out her phone, and have her call me. I watch the call light up. I think it’s cool. We split. I check my phone later and I never got the call. Okay. No big deal. But then… later that night, she texts me, telling me it was good to meet me. Okay, cool. I hit her back this AM, but no response yet. We’ll see if we can get her out this next week.

2+ hours. 100% hook rate… but that just means I didn’t talk to enough girls.

4 girls is not a lot of girls for that much time. I weaseled on a few… but in general, I never really have a good, high-volume day out on Fridays. I swear there are fewer targets on Friday. Superstition, but… whatever.

So I’m cruising thru one of my favorite blocks, and a girl catches my eye… she’s cute… but wait… it’s *the* Taiwanese girl. WTF? She was supposed to be in Taiwan. She was supposed to have left last Sunday. I told her to add me to Line App, which she did. We have been messaging. Her initiating often. She has told me, unprompted, that she misses me. I was getting increasingly sexual. She was baiting me along. I have been talking about her ass. And her nipples.

I’m a bit shocked to see her. Wow.

On the morning of this day, I told her to send me a picture of her face, with Taipai in the background, so I could see her and get a peek at her city. I could see that she read the msg, but she hadn’t responded. I didn’t think much of it… but now! I had asked her about the typhoon in Taiwan earlier in the week, and she didn’t answer that either… but again, I didn’t think anything of it.

So as she walks by… her nice legs leading to her ass in some little, white shorts… looking great… chatting w/ some girl… I get a shot of “girls are deceptive!” I shake my head. I’m not mad. I’m surprised. I feel something like betrayal? Dishonesty?

I feel like a stupid kid. That’s how I feel.

Each time I dig into a woman, a little more of my naivitee is gone. Good. This is redpill. I want to see. No more pretty lies. Show it to me. The truth will set me free.

Why lie to me about leaving? What’s the point? Some other guy?? Yeah, maybe.

She was very actively wanting more on our last few days. Very happy to meet. Very happy for more sex. Baiting me to spend more time w/ her, so I could have more of her body. I could barely get rid of her the last day. She initiated the Line Chat… she didn’t have to do that. But… she was keeping this a secret? Why???


So I texted her via Line App:

NASH: Your legs… look great today.

A couple hours later, she got back to me:

HER: My legs?

I will leave this one be. I assume she knows that I know that she’s still here. I don’t need to have any “closure” about it. I certainly don’t need to yell at her, or accuse her of anything.

Because of the app, she can tell I have read her last message, but I won’t reply. Maybe she’ll ask again? Maybe she’ll confess she never left. Maybe she’ll stay quiet until she’s actually home. Maybe she’s not even from Taiwan???! Jesus. Who knows.

Ha. Oh well.

I said I wanted experiences, and here I am. Girls… fucking tricky!

It doesn’t take anything away from how much fun it was to spend some time w/ her and to roll around in my bed together. She is still my first daygame lay.

But it does leave a bad taste in my mouth from an otherwise “romantic” experience.

There, is no, such thing, as a “naïve” girl. Damn… they is all complicated! See this, Nash. This is the truth. Look at it.

Ahhh… viva Daygame.