Unmotivated Week, It’s About the Sex || 7 More

Here are some old notes I never posted from mid-December.

It was getting late in the year. All the art school girls I wanted to date were just about done with finals, so I could finally get them out… the busiest week of dating of my life was about to start.

I was particularly excited about The Siren, and was concerned she might spot me while I was out gaming and I ruin my chances there… that’s dumb, but that was on my mind, distracting me. I really like her.

I did, however, want to put in some more work in the streets, in part to keep my skills sharp for Japan. That trip was also throwing me off, as I will be gone for 5 weeks and new leads likely would go nowhere (that was wrong, actually… some of those leads feel real, and I can work long-term… one will end up meeting me in Japan… there is no excuse not to game, assuming you’re dance card isn’t full and you’re still interested in women.

So for several reasons, my heart wasn’t in it this week. I ran a few approaches, then quit. Same thing 2 days later.

I had so many dates the next week, I assumed I wouldn’t have time to handle any more girls…I didn’t have much time left as the holidays would also make the plate spinning more difficult.

But it’s funny to me that I had many different reasons not to approach this week, but I approached like mad the following week, (and found a same-day date while I was at it) when these same reasons were even more valid.

That is one of my favorite parts of this grand experiment… watching my moods, and how random they are. When I’m confident or not. Horny or not. When my vibe is on. When I feel greedy vs content. When I feel powerful vs when I feel like a fraud.

The moods… They come and go, based on how busy I am with work, how much I’m dating, my mental and physical health, my business, if it has been fun or not… And how recently I’ve been laid.

That seems to be the main factor these days… combined with the masturbation starvation diet… when I’m horny… this all makes so much more sense to me.

This may seem odd for me to say, but it really is all about the sex. That’s not all of it, but I can see how it has become more about the sex, now that I can actually get the sex. That’s no coincidence. I know I can wake up, hit the streets, and there is a (somewhat low, granted) chance I can source time in bed with a woman same day. That is changing what this all means to me.

I love to approach, just for the “dance” there on the sidewalk. I love those moments, the improv of it all. But this is less and less like a hobby, and more and more a practical way to “eat.”

Anyway, here are the sets.


1. Curly hair, tall, Euro? Graceful walk. Nice reaction, she blushed. I broke eye contact. Had to go. Offer to walk with her, she declined.

2. Tall, confident girl… I told her so. She liked that, said it back to me. I said “tell me more,” and I sounded like a charity person. I did not have enough value to try to get her to qualify herself to me like that. She split. I was warming up.

3. Conference girl. Little, red hair, great smile. Suspicious. Walked with her. Cold read her… nailing all the cold reads. She was boring, I let her go. Did not want to date that girl.


1. Wasn’t out daygaming yet, but she was an Asian woman, great sweater. Graceful one. Approached and walked with her for a block. She liked it, but it was a little awk. I tried to close but she said she had a BF.

2. Can’t remember, didn’t write this one down

3. Also can’t remember…

4. This one I remember, as it was more solid. Little Chinese girl. Big ears for a little girl, so after the open I said, “do you know why I stopped you?” and commented on those cute ears. She laughed, briefly. She started to walk away, was suspicious, but I started talking about China and she warmed up some. Couldn’t get her number… but she was the only fun set that week.

I thought she was the last of the year, and was happy to have one hook a little… turns out I did 27 more the next week.

Viva daygame.