Waning Daylight and 17 Girls

It’s stupid hot here in this normally cool and foggy metropolis. This is somewhat normal for October in San Francisco… we’re known for cold, fog-socked summers, but we often get this burst of off-shore warmth this time of year. This week, it been hot. The daygame, however, was only luke warm.

I was busy this week, so I stacked my daygame into the end of the week. 17 girls over Thu and Fri.

Here are some notes:

First, though… big propers to my wing the Hurricane for rising up this week. He was killing it. Really opening much more than he has in the last month, getting numbers, and even had a date from a girl he met in daygame, with some makeouts. We’re both veteran guys in game, but new to daygame, and his makeout is the first real ROI either of us have seen (I’ve been on dates, but haven’t kissed any day girls yet). Go Hurricane. I’m inspired!


1.) Punky Asian girl in combat boots, didn’t stop, gave me the “you’re weird look.” *Smh* You know when you open a girl you think is lower than you on the SMV scale, and then she shoots you down in some nasty way like you’re lower than she is, and you’re like, “no no! I’m hotter than *you!*” It was one of those. Ego bruise, ha!

2.) Indian girl. Great body, but I didn’t see her face… but, ahh, the “tug” from that body. I gave chase. “Blind” open. She stopped, and that’s when I noticed her… beard. Not like “artismal coffeeshop barrista in an indi band” beard, but even a 1% beard is too much, in my humble opinion. You know, I’ve never yet had any luck with Indian girls… I like them, but they don’t like me. Not yet. I really want to see an Indian girl naked and “well glazed.” That will happen. And… blind stops are always gross. I gotta stop that… if I don’t get a good look at her face, I shouldn’t open.

3.) Super short girl. I love short, but she was pushing the bottom end of short… 4’10”? I chase her down, and she slows at the bus stop. It’s fucking hot — did I mention that? — and I’m in the blaring sun. It’s like God is a 13 yr old with a magnifying glass and I’m an ant. My pale blue eyes are melting as I try to open, squinting as I approached. She likes the open, and then… the bus shows up 3 seconds into the approach. I let her go just before and I burst into a puff of smoke and the 13 yr God snickered and moved on to another ant. I liked her.

4.) Asian girl with two bags. Stopped her at the intersection (which I try not to do). She was clearly on her way somewhere. She didn’t really hook at all, so I let her go.

5.) Asian nurse with blond hair. Cute, but not that hot. You never can tell what a girl is like until you “flip the stone,” so I did. No connection. I let her go… she looked tired. She made me tired too.

6.) Russian Girl… moving slow, constantly checking her phone, likely looking at the map feature. Beautiful, dark hair, great body… late for class. I could tell she meant it, so I let her go.

7.) Super hottie perfect Asian girl, with headphones in and running her fingers through her hair. So perfect by my standards… wouldn’t STP. Gave me a low energy blow off.

8.) Business-y looking, taller Asian girl. Cute, but not beautiful. A little too serious, but elegant… I like her. Opened her – accusing her of looking serious – and she popped open, very happy to talk. Thanked me several times for stopping her and for the opening compliment. Some chit-chat, and I mentioned that we should probably both be going as I aimed for the close. She asked me if I had a card (which is funny, as she was business-y, but I was jeans and t-shirt), and I laughed at her. She had her phone in her hand so I told her to text me… she did. Then she said that this was her “work phone, so…” “So… nothing too explicit, huh?,” I said. She laughed. “No naked pictures? Not right away??!” She laughed again. We live close to each other. We’re texting now… and I had some specific dreams about her and some things I’d like to do to her that are illegal in some states. I’ll try to date her this week.

9.) I often offer a given girl to my wing first, and he declined this pretty Asian girl in a nice short dress that matched the weather. She didn’t really stop, had a serious face as she drifted away. I had my feet glued to the sidewalk, as usual, and she smiled as she moved away, figuring it out, knowing she was safe… but too late.

10.) Little Asian girl from Taiwan. I opened her, she popped open, and was all giggles no matter what I said. Terrible teeth. We chatted, and I let her go… I wasn’t interested.

*) As I was talking to the Taiwanese girl, someone touched my back… I was trying to stay focused so I didn’t turn around, but I took a moment to notice my wallet was still in my pocket. As I left the giggler, this 4′ tall, odd looking Asian woman was looking at me… and in broken English she said, “I like you. What your name?” with the kind of look a hooker would give you. Hmmm??? I waved her off and went back to my wing. Funny how I occassionally blow of girls in the exact same way they sometimes blow me off. I saw her again on Friday and sped up to keep her away.

11.) Young girl, wouldn’t stop. Don’t even remember her.

11 sets… that was a personal record. I could have opened 20+ that day… I’m building up my strength here. One number, felt solid… fine w/ me.

Drank w/ my wing on Thursday night. Hit a very fun club, where I mostly just danced… even though a little dream girl from Burning Man was there… I have terrible club game.

Was hungover on Friday, but had promised my wing we’d go out. Was even hotter on Friday… uggh.


12.) Little Asian girl, funny walk, barely stopped.

13.) Super beautiful Asian girl, in a fancy dress. I chased her down, she wouldn’t stop, but smiled a little as she pulled away. I’m not in game to make girls that don’t like me happy, but… I liked that smile, even as it comes after the set and she’s running off. She liked the approach, a little, even if she wouldn’t let me open.

14.) Best set of the week… I loved this little Girl. I could see her “outline” from about a 1/2 block away, and I stepped back so I could see her better as she passed… I was thinking about going after this thicker Asian girl, but wanted to see this one before I chose… this one was the winner. She popped open, and was one of those girls that was even prettier face-to-face. I told her she was “interesting” looking and asked her ethnicity. She told me to guess, and had the sweetest, most delicious smile surrounded by brown skin w/ adorable orange freckles. I guessed Indian, but I really didn’t know. Wrong. I guessed Peruvian (you know that almost-Asian, almost-Latin look?), but I was wrong again. 1/2 black, 1/2 Filipino. Devastating combination. I loved her. Tried to close and she flinched, said she had a BF, but kept smiling. Asked me if I wanted it for “friends,” and I said, “Oh no…” with a big smile, “I am interested in you as a woman.” I don’t know if that’s the best come back, but it’s good for my inner state to own my intent. She mumbled something about FB, I declined and let her go. Lovely.

15.) Asian girl that was putting her hair up in a bun as she walked down the street. That position – a woman with her arms over her head, playing w/ her hair – is classically beautiful. I decided to tell her so. I opened her, she wasn’t that into it, but stopped. I told her about how I think that position she was just in is classic attractive. It was a little weird, but very real. I blushed a bit, which happens all the time, and is I sign I like the girl. It was awkward, she wasn’t moving, but seemed distracted, I let her go. Maybe I could have closed her?

16.) Goofy little Asian girl in a simple, light, pretty white dress. I actually flipped a coin w/ my wing for the honor of opening her — ha! She stopped, was kinda plain. We chatted for a minute, and she interrupted me to announce she had a BF. Fine, fine.

17.) Simple, skinny Asian girl. I opened, and when I got to the compliment she figured out what was going on, bloomed into a beautiful smile, and said, “No thank you!” Hey, I didn’t even make an offer yet! : ]

That’s the news. 17 girls, and 1 number. Damn. I like that I set a PR on Thursday w/ 11 girls… I know I can do more. Friday I was hungover, but still had a decent day out there. More experience.

I still want to focus on slowing down, and using what she says in a more spontaneous way. I could feel that in some sets, as I intentionally avoided cutting threads and staying with something she was saying. I want to push/challenge a bit more… I did some of that.

And meanwhile… I’m loving the after-work streets, but the days are getting shorter as we head into Fall. What will daygame bring as the daylight wanes? Stay tuned…!