A Week in the Hunt: Leads and Rejections

Last week was a good week in daygame. I ran at least a few approaches every day last week. I took nine new numbers. And all of them went exactly nowhere.

Hmmm. Of course I’m surprised by that lead-to-failure ratio, but I’m not bothered. It was a very good week. Not all these pickups were perfect connections… But I felt powerful chasing down girls, maybe especially when I wasn’t out on a proper hunting session.

There is something righteous and masculine about seeing a girl, saying “hmm, I want to talk to her,” and then walking over and making it happen. Sounds simple, and it can be… But it’s easier said than done.

But no dates from nine leads (I did date last week, but not from these girls). I would expect 1-4 dates from that many leads. Which could easily mean another lay and another girl in the harem… But twas not to be.

Alright, cool. That’s a kind of rejection. And yet the resonance of pride remains. I wish some of those girls made it into my girl tornado — and I wish some of their clothes made it onto my floor — but it was good to be a hunter. To mix it up with the prey. It was good to be hunting.

“…baring one’s fangs and jumping in front of her to claim her flesh.”
Daygame in Shitsville

I love the hunt itself. Daygame in Shitsville clearly does too… that’s a great quote.

But the lack of date-conversions gives me a chance to write another post about rejection and failure. That is part of all this too. And I’m glad to share that part of my life as well. That’s real.

Props to all the guys out there earning their wins… and their rejections. The ascendency to mastery means experiencing both.

I have made the claim that I am not a Pickup Artist. Not a “PUA” — I really never think of myself in those terms. I have called myself a Blowout Artist (“BOA”). I like that concept. It points to the inherent part of daygame that is about blowouts, and that flavor of rejection. But this week wasn’t like that.

I can think of only one blowout last week. There were probably more, but I can’t remember them. Almost every girl stopped for me. That’s not my goal (blowouts are normal for a guy at my stage), but it was nice to have so many girls stop.

And I had many great interactions. The Mexican girl from Wisconsin and the short-haired Asian girl with the suspenders… Both had boyfriends, but both were awesome sets. I liked those girls. Super vivid and easy to remember them, even now.

Many of the girls last week hooked. Social hook, if not sexual hook (which is, of course, much more important). I had a lot of good moments on the sidewalk.

And I took a lot of contact info… Numbers, Facebook, and one girl told me to contact her by email (almost always a bad sign, but that’s how I got it started with Siren).

I followed up with all of them… And almost none of them got back to me.

That is the truth of this post.

I’ll say more about that below, but for now… This is a good opportunity to talk about running game. And I love to run game… And to come back to “the fire” and tell the stories of the hunt. That’s what this post is… Me at the fire, smiling, telling stories to other hunters.

Here are some of those stories…

The first girl of the week passed me in the mall, and then dropped down into the subway. Asian, tall, big lips. I gave chase. This was not in a daygame session, I was on my way to do some work. She was here from Korea, studying English. She was shy, in a hurry, barely spoke English, but I took her number. First lead of the week. Kind of shaky, but fun to go after her and close her in the middle of my day.

Next girl was a super cute Asian girl, in my neighborhood. My neighborhood is mostly gay, so I don’t pick up there… She might be the first number I’ve ever taken where I live (that is a little bit of progress, right there). She was Thai… Probably 22? Very sexy little girl in tight jeans, with a bit of belly showing between her belt and her t-shirt. Took her number. Then we ended up riding the train downtown together. Felt reasonable solid, but not totally on. Cute, fashionable girl… And she knew it.

Later that day, another Thai girl. Young, soft, maybe a little cubby, but cute. Art student. Complained about “too many homeworks.” She hooked and her eyes sparkled. Was asking me questions. She was nervous, but interested. She declined the number but we added me to her Facebook account as we wrapped up the chat.

Next day… I was on my way downtown, super beautiful Asian girl. Probably 25, slim, shiny hair, dressed in all black. She had to slide past me as she exited the train, and I felt a small thrill as she went… it was not my stop at all, but I got off anyway and went after her. I have been telling myself that Miss Good Smell has been a good deal (I am really enjoying her), but she is over 30 and while my CEO loves her, some other part of me wants to be dating younger girls. This girl was younger, hotter, tighter in every way. As she got off the train I chased after and stopped her. She is a designer. She is of Korean heritage, but from Russia, just moved here. Asian girls with Russian accents… wow. Wouldn’t give me her number, gave me her card and told me to email her. Such a hot girl.

This one is interesting… I was also not specifically out daygaming but she “really caught my eye,” as I like to say, so I gave chase. Very hot, young Asian girl. Great walk and delicious little hips. But then I noticed a big hearing aid on one ear… Sounds like a joke but it’s true. I knew if there was another on the other ear that would mean she was def, or close to it. And she is was. I stopped her, picked her up like anyone else. She had the strange “accent” that you have when you can’t hear yourself talk. But other than that, she was more fun than average and very cute. Showed me some modeling photos, etc. Asked a lot of questions. I’d date her. I took her number and she messaged me first.

I was downtown, on the same corner where I met The Taiwanese Girl and Miss Good Smell… That is a high-ROI corner for me. Hot, tall Asian girl. From Korea. Pilates instructor. Long legs and nice hips packed into tight yoga pants. Studying English. Set felt very solid, took her number.

Same day as the other Korean, I saw a short, young cutie with a camera. Tourist, here for 9 days, and traveling alone! Those are great logistics, and I caught her on her first day. She was very nervous, super cautious. I roped her in, got her to calm down. She relaxed. It became fun. I took her number. I did a good job of reeling her in, decent game on her despite that initial nervousness.

Then I was out with The Cigar, doing a few approaches downtown. Miss Good Smell had given me a hickie on my lip the night before (she almost sucked my face off), so I had an odd purple spot on my lip, but decided to run a little game anyway. Cool to be out with Cigar. This girl was a lovely, young one, with shiny perfect hair. She popped open, very receptive. In town for a job interview. Took her number. Also felt super solid. Closed her despite the love-bruise on my lip.

That’s eight… There’s one more I can’t remember. At that stage of the model — taking leads — I killed it.

Messaged all those girls. Twice. I had that initial message from the def girl, and two responses from the hot little Thai girl, and then nothing. All dead leads.


I had Good Smell and Siren in my bed. Had my 2nd date with a different Mongolian (the mom) and that one is suddenly very on. Miss Thick “broke up with me,” again, but I calmed her down and we have a date set up for next week.

So my “harem” was good to me, even if the new girls were not.

Since then, a bunch of new leads, and a really awesome day out today, more game with The Cigar, met another daygamer I’ll call the Vicar, say Rauker… Good day.

We hunt. We don’t always take home the kill, but we hunt.

We’re bachelors. We’re bastards of Game. This is what we do.

Viva daygame.