Yohami is always right || 12 More

Out again yesterday, putting in time on my craft. It was a fun day… with zero results… but I’m still smiling.

I write this post, haunted by the voice of Yohami, who thinks I’m wasting my time. That I’m just practicing being a chaser. That I should “stop the nonsense” and that I need to “understand what the girls would have said ‘yes’ to, and become that.”

(My thanks to Rivelino, and his excellent blog on game, daygame and more.)

I think Yohami… is right. He is anti-daygame. I am still radically pro-daygame, but I am trying to hear what he is saying.

I think his points are correct, but don’t rule out daygame as a practice. I can’t prove that daygame is valid, as I’m not that good (that’s my fault, not the model).

I think Yohami’s contribution is certain, at the level of attitudes. I like the post on Riv’s Alpha blog, about how “girls can see you coming miles away.” There, he is absolutely right. That is certainly true in daygame, as in the rest of life. Can Yohami Game be applied to daygame, I think so.

I only asked for one number yesterday, and it was too quick, and she wasn’t going for it. My favorite ones of the day were #8 and #12… details below.

Here are the sets:

1. Conservative looking Asian girl, just out of work. Opened, great smile, was drifting, and told me she was married as she scurried off. Huge smile on the married girl.

2. A bigger, curvier, Philippina girl. She was sexy, but kinda of rough around the edges as I got closer. I chatted for a minute and let her go. No thanks.

3. Another Asian girl, juicy ass, office pants, blew me out.

4. Tiny little Asian girl, so cute. Nice stop. Great little handshake, but was running late. I tried for a quick number close, she wouldn’t give it up.

5. Tall, thin, very lovely Asian girl. Short hair, skinny legs, freckles. Ummm. Not a great stop… but big smile, said she was in a hurry. And she split. I have a “freckles” story I want to try, but didn’t have time w/ her.

6. Beautiful Mediterranean girl. Amazing hazel eyes, like a cat. Such a slow, lovely walk. Opened, she stopped. She wasn’t loving it. I commented that I loved the slow walk, and she said “sorry,” that she was “pondering.” Then said she was in a rush. Which made me laugh… that comment doesn’t make sense, given that slow, ponderous walk. “A slow rush,” I said, “with that walk.” I smiled, amused. She was tight jawed. I ejected.

7. Short hair, Japanese girl? I went in, and she steered around me, avoiding the open, and gave me a little nod of acknowledgment. I was a bit persistent, she gave me another nod and kept rolling. I will say this… that’s a great way to deal w/ an interloping daygamer like myself. That little nod lets me know “message received.” If she keeps going, I know it’s not because she didn’t get it… she’s not buying today. Nope.

8. She was a white girl, with long hair, black dress, boots. Very charming. She was eating a sandwich as she walked. I once had a hysterical set w/ a Russian girl that I opened as she was wolfing down a banana, and I thought this would be similar. It was. So funny to open as she eats. You get all this time to mess with her, and make fun of her, and all she can do is try to chew while smiling. So fun. When she (*eh-hem*) swallowed, we chatted for about a min, before she said she was off to meet her BF for happy hour. I believe her. Very cute girl, nice to meet her. I hope her BF gets hit by a bus… nothing personal, man.

9. White girl, big hips, bangs and a nose pierce. I thought she might be a Lesbian (it’s fucking Pride weekend here). Slight smile but never stopped.

10. Asian girl, tourist. Korean, but living in Canada right now. Stopped to check her phone. Not that cute up close. I tried the rap, I wasn’t into her… I bailed.

11. Skinny Asian girl, in tight pants. Barely stopped. I opened her just to get to “10,” because I’d forgotten the about the Korean #9.

12. Tall Asian girl. All black clothes, with a very nice body and sexy/energized walk. I opened. Great to see her face go from surprise/suspicious to social and a little interested. As the “WTF” came off her face, she looked me up and down and bloomed into a beautiful smile. She liked it. She shook that off and took off for her train. I probably should have reopened her… she was lovely, and we had a hot vibe between us in that 30 seconds on the sidewalk. And that ass as she walked away… ummm.

24 sets this week so far, in 2 days. 1 weak number that won’t go anywhere. 3-4 girls I really liked, but nothing to show. Maybe Yohami’s right…

I’m not going to slow down until I get laid from this. That’s a guarantee. And I will learn a lot from this work, I already am. But… maybe my ladder is on the wrong wall? Thanks Yohami… for extra doubt!

(Still, still!…) viva daygame.