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50 Hour Date with Miss Lips | +1 Daygame

Despite another serious cold, I bedded a new daygame girl. #14 from daygame. Let’s call her Miss Lips. Another interesting experience. The full arc of the story was a pickup last Friday. A first date on Monday. And then a 50 hour date that started Thursday night and just ended an hour or so ago….

I claim my Macau Flag, +1 Daygame

Got busy shaking off some rust in my game this week. Looks like it worked, as I can claim a new daygame lay. And a new flag… a 27 year old Macau girl ended up in my bed on Saturday night. She is lucky number 13… 13th lay from daygame. I didn’t know Macau was…

Korean Girl, My First Tourist, +1 Daygame

I met her this afternoon. It was a “super day.” That is what I call days when I take a lot of leads. I took five numbers today… that ties for my personal record for a single day. She was the 2nd lead of the day… a cute, bubbly little Korean girl. She just left….

Sex with Miss Xi’an (vs Miss Thick), +1 Daygame

The Daygame Gods deliver up another lay off the street. I think this is my 9th daygame lay… and I’m starting to lose count. All hail the Daygame Gods. “We have our next date on Thursday. If the Daygame Gods are generous, and I make good use of the cards I am dealt, we’ll continue…

I Claim My Mongolian Flag, +1 Daygame

I had sex with Miss Good Smell on Saturday night. And again on Sunday morning. And I think she wanted it again before I kicked her out that afternoon… But twice in 12 hours was enough for this old man. She was wonderful. Great girl. It was a very good experience for both of us….

Sex with Miss Thick, +1 Daygame

Ahhhh, +1 daygame. My 8th daygame lay in as many months. Great experience, I like her. Miss Thick is the first new girl I’ve had sex with since I’ve been back from Japan (that’s two months). I’ve dated a bit, and have been getting laid regularly with Siren (which has been a fantastic relationship, she…

TYO: Sex with The Nurse, +1 Tokyo

She just left. I would have loved to have had that little girl spend the night, but she shook her head “no” and gave me a cute little smile. She is 23 and she was delicious. Very good night. Rough math: 8 days from meet to sex. 3rd date. She was my “60th” approach of…

Sex With The Siren.

We had sex last night. The sex, and the night, were remarkable. This girl is amazing. I posted about her a few times now. How we met, and then met again. Our first date. Our second date was Tuesday, I didn’t write about it…. here are some notes. I messaged her Monday (two days after…