BadBoyPUA vs “Asking Permission”

I was listening to some video product from Badboy.

He’s talking at a seminar of some kind, and he brings a guy up from the audience. The guy plays “the girl,” and Badboy demonstrates what happens when you “ask permission:”

BadBoy: Hey, hey, would you like to go there and sit down?
Girl: Ahh, no.

BadBoy: Can I kiss you?
Girl: Eh, no.

BadBoy: Can I ask for dance?
Girl: Ehh, not now.

BadBoy: Can we go there?
Girl: Uh uh.

BadBoy: Can we go there?
Girl: No.

BadBoy: Can I… *pfffft*… take you home???
Girl: No.

And then he breaks out of the role play and his conclusion is:

BadBoy: It’s always a “no.” So why do you ask??! *laughs* It’s useless. Stop asking for it. Always lead. Get used to it, so you stop asking for something.

We know this is right. But why?

I am very into the concept that 1.) Girls get a lot of sexual attention and various “offers” from men, 2.) If they said “Yes” to the offers, even to simple things like a smile, we know men with any game would quickly escalate to sex, and 3.) She’d be pregnant all the time.

With that said, a girls default has to be “no.” Right? She has to say no, out of sheer “womb management,” if not personal choice. And if she says no by default, she has the classic screen/test, which will weed out the offers w/ the weakest intent behind them. Which is good for her in term of “quality of suitor.” Only the strongest offers get past the default “no.”

So if you don’t want to end up in the default “no” slag pile, don’t ask, just lead. The blue pill world is pushing men to get explicit verbal consent, but players know that is the lamest game. Women roll there eyes at that game, all the time. You lead, as honorably as you can, but don’t ask. This isn’t a “verbal” game, when it comes to leading.

I still struggle a bit here, personally… from face-to-face to text messages, I still “ask” more than I should.

It’s the difference between “9 oclock?” and “9 oclock.” Simple. Don’t ask. He’s right.

I am thinking about how I often open during daygame…

ME: “Can I say something to you?”

To be honest, I rarely hear “no,” most girls stop… but this needs to go. Don’t ask, just lead. I’m going to focus on fixing this next time I’m in the field.