“Hello Motherf*ckers” | Satori PUA “Daygame Decoded” Review

Two years ago I was looking at some statistics about my blog and some related websites, and this name “Satori PUA” came up in the tools I was using. He is a daygamer. I have been exposed to a lot of Game over the years and I’d never heard of him. I was curious, and I want to get better at Game in general, so I bought his product. What follows is a review of Satori PUA’s Daygame Decoded, and a game-focused look at the man himself.

Daygame Decoded is about three hours of video files. It includes one daygame infield of Satori running game in a store (footage is not good, but the game is interesting). There are three infields of students (which aren’t particularly good at all). And he includes a full-length date with with a girl in a park – which was genuinely fascinating to watch. The meat of the product (and most of what I’ll focus on here) is the talk he gives the students.

Satori is an interesting guy and there are bits from his product that I have thought about (off and on) since I first watched it two years ago. I’ve been meaning to write about him, in part as an excuse to look at someone different, and… because I like think about Game.

Let’s take a look at Satori PUA.


Satori has a web presence and a YouTube channel. His infields aren’t great (but I am not sure I could do any better). I have never heard anyone talk about the guy, so I figure this will be new for most of the readers of this blog as well.

Most of the daygamers I know grew out of the London Daygame Model that was developed by guys like Krauser and the Daygame.com crew. They’re mostly British guys and there is a certain proper Western sensibility about them as group. Satori provides a sharp cultural contrast to the London scene… that was partly why I was curious about his game. Different Types… different Game.

“Mostly I go indirect. I do indirect game. I don’t directly go and hit on the girl, and directly say, “I think you look hot, you know, you want to go have coffee?,” I don’t directly do that shit. What I do, I have a conversation based on an indirect approach.”
— Satori PUA

Satori is Dominican. He says his dad is Italian, but he was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. He delivers his instruction through a thick accent – and I preserve some of that in the quotes below. I think his ethnic combination is likely part of his foundation as a man. I am a believer that certain cultures produce “bold men” more naturally. Watching his style, I wonder about the conditions under which he developed his Game.

Satori comes off rough and raw, and so does his daygame product – very rough. I was expecting something more high-quality when I bought it. The reality is that the product is carelessly thrown together. But if you don’t give up on Satori in the first few minutes, he has some very interesting things to say.

I reviewed some of his infield videos from his site as I prepared this post. He lunges for the instadate so quickly (in the first minute, it’s practically his opener in some instances), I was tempted to dismiss his game. One video looks fake to me (I’m not saying it is), as the girl accepts the idate based on nothing at all. Despite all this, I have some faith in the guy. He seems congruent to me. I bet he has game.

I am not endorsing Satori, but I personally learned from him. And the endless contradictions of his personality set up a kind of balance that makes him an interesting case study.


Most of the instruction in Daygame Decoded is in the file labeled “seminar.”

I have seen some an original Mystery presentation (from years ago) and Satori is even more unpolished than that.

His instructional video is basically him and two guys in an apartment in LA. Satori sets up the webcam from his laptop so it films him from behind, over his shoulder, with the two students slumped down in the frame on the couch.

This is low production value taken to an extreme… it’s sloppy. I have watched it at least three times and I’m always tempted to walk away because the “packaging” of his ideas is so poorly done. But to dismiss this man would be a mistake.

Let’s start here:

Satori begins the seminar saying, “I want to get started with questions, you know? So ask me some questions.” And one of his students says, “Yeah, man, I was just going to ask you about, like attraction, about how to create it.” And Satori says “No. A good question, bro.”

He disses the guy. It’s in his words – “No. A good question, bro.” – and it’s also in the look he gives the kid. He smashes him. And I don’t like. That looks like AMOG bullshit to me. It’s a less than charming way to introduce himself, but in this instance, I see it as part of Satori’s psychological profile.

He is dominant. At one point as he breaks down his own infield pickup he says, “I have an exotic look.” But as you can see from the pictures, it’s more of a tough guy look. Dangerous. Later in the video he says, “I have been in fights.” It shows.

We begin to see Satori as a Type. We know he has Latin/Caribbean roots. He is a NYC daygame guy, but from “the DR.” He is tough and – “Hey Motherfuckers” – he talks tough. He is covered in tattoos. His dominance doesn’t seem like an act to me – I believe it. This is who he is.

As I reviewed his work, I could ask myself: Does the type of game that Satori runs apply to my Type? Are the things Satori is saying relevant to the Types of girls I want? Can I see myself applying anything Satori might suggest to the Context of my life?

I have watched the product several times and the answer for me is yes. Satori has a lot to say, he is a very smart guy, and I’m impressed in many ways. While his product is so unpolished it almost collapses in on itself before it can take off… once he gets going… the access to Satori’s mind was worth my effort.

Despite the roughness… Satori is a surprisingly well-rounded guy.


Here is a sample of some of the comments he makes as he first begins to talk about daygame:

“When you meet the girl, in the first few moments, she doesn’t want nothing from you. You need to have the opportunity in be able to make conversation last enough for you to build enough value, attraction triggers, fitness indicators… to make the girl be attracted to you.”

Sound familiar? It does to me.

“I will explain you everything I do it by detail, brother. Everything I do by small details, so you can understand my game and you can understand the structure.”

In fact, in terms of structure, Satori is very much “mainstream” Game. I see several things that remind me of what I know of Mystery Method. But where I think Satori is especially credible is that his examples sound like he has actually worked things out for himself in the field. I assume he is mostly self-taught. I see experience in those details in his stories.

“If the girl is not paying attention to you in the daytime… Go in in an indirect manner, like you’re just looking for directions… everybody will help you. If they doesn’t do it, they going to be seen as a fucking asshole. So you’re gonna take advantage of people’s politeness. You put her on the spot.”

How do I feel about that? I don’t like any of it, to be honest. It’s not my style. But Satori’s game made more sense to me as I had more exposure.

I run direct game. This concept of “take advantage of people’s politeness” sounds like taking value to me. And it sounds like shit game. But he has a lot more to say as he begins to warm up and drop his ideas on his pupils. And going indirect might help him (based on his Type) in a way that would not help me at all. Different game for different Types.

I am not trying to give away all of the best parts of his product, but I’ll definitely go over Satori’s daygame model, in part… as it’s not anything new.

Satori’s indirect daygame looks like this:

Indirect opener. Normal conversation and basic social comfort. He does some simple physical compliance with a high five, etc. Then he builds attraction with DHVs, masculinity, push/pull. When she is attracted and comfortable, he aims for an instadate. He sexualizes the date. He tests to see how “up for it” she is with other physical tests. He pulls if he can.

He calls this “Plan A.”

There is a lot more detail to it than that. I think the “specifics” of his talk are very, very good. He reviews the model a couple of times as he talks to his students, repeating some ideas, saying them different ways, adding detail, doing some demo’s to show the students what he means. His back is to the camera the whole time… it could have been a lot better… but it is surprisingly good just the way it is.


So, Satori is into Indirect Game. As in, he doesn’t immediately hit on the girl. Satori opens with things like, “Hey, do you know where I can find this place?” We can compare that to the London guys, that might open more directly with (the stereotypical), “I want to say you look nice.”

I never liked “you like nice” (which may have originally come from Eric Weber’s, “How To Pickup Girls“), but I like the directness of the London guys better. Learning to go direct was one of the most beautiful things about daygame for me – it actually did change my life. I still can’t come up with anything to say sometimes, but for the girls that really give me what Krauser calls the “DNA tug,” I always do – and I always go direct. “Hey… you have a fantastic walk… I want to meet you.” Something like that.

We know from the opening bit that Satori uses “social politeness” to get his sets to hook. It is a little counter-intuitive, but this may be a better option for his particular “dangerous” persona.

His Type already catches your attention. He is masculine and polarizing, by default. So he can start softer in terms of the structure and the verbals, while his non-verbals (his look and the serious quality in his eyes) does a lot of the work. He doesn’t need as much directness to kick-start the set. In fact, going boring/indirect (at first) might help take the edge off his look and open up a wider range of girls.

But this all starts with him pretending.

“In order for you to be good at doing indirect you have to be a good actor. You have to pretend that you’re asking a question. You have to pretend that you’re busy. You have to pretend that you’re going to the bar that you’re asking to.”

I don’t like it. It’s not that Satori is trying to trick the girls. He’s not a liar, per se. And it’s not “snake seduction.” We’ll see later that he has an uncommonly good sense for true value in a man. But this is how he starts. And I don’t like it – for my Type. And I think for many other Types of men, indirectness is less potent and more “slippery” than direct.

Most guys aren’t as badass as Satori. And they don’t know how to lead and escalate sexually like this man does. So indirect starts a bit weak, shows little intent, “hides your dick,” and presents the same problems indirect game always suffers from – at some point you have to begin to show intent. At some point, she has to know you like her, that this is a pickup, that you want to get her naked. And starting indirect will be a problem for men with less natural sexuality than the Type of man Satori represents.

But while Satori starts with pretending, I’d say he is no pretender. From what I can see, he looks very solid. So I’d caution his students to understand the weakness of an indirect start with a woman, and to consider modifications that might make sense for your Type as a man. You’re likely not as strong as he is, so a weak start will put you further behind.

“An indirect approach work 80% of the time, because she wants to help you. She doesn’t know that you hit on her. But you are in the conversation. That is the goal… without triggering any red flags.”

I think most women aren’t fooled by indirect at all. The guy can say whatever, but his “energy” will show what he is really after. For most men, indirect will (in fact) be a red flag – as it comes of “sneaky” and false. And he will generate more red flags as he tries to transition to being sexual. It can be done, and it can be done well (and Satori is a good example), but I don’t like it.

One of the strengths of the London Model is that the directness gives men a strong start. I don’t think Satori is thinking from his students point of view when he recommends indirect game. He is teaching his game.

And that is fine with me… I have seen enough to be interested. Particularly when I look at what he is saying in the Context of his Type.


An area where Satori and I are in more agreement is around logistics.

The “Plan A” goal of his pickup is the insta-date and I like how he talks about the logistics of that kind of quick, immediate date.

“You know… to be able to take her some place that has a good vibe. ‘I want to show you a really good place, you know. It’s like a nice view, you know?’ You need to know places, you know?”

Nothing ground breaking here, but this is good advice. In my home town, and each time I am in a new city, the first order of business is locking down my logistics. I start scouting date locations. Bars and restaurants, yeah. But other, simple dates, too. A good man knows his territory.

Here is something he might say as he is ready to bounce the girl to the idate:

“‘I know a really cool place. Not all weird, like drinking. I can show you a really cool place, a nice view.'”

(If that sounds like he’s over-selling it, I agree. But he is often breaking-rapport (“push”) at the same time with the sternness of his face. You can see that in his infields. The “push” in his look gives the “pull” in his verbals some balance.)

I like that specific example. It is interesting for me, in part, as he is calling out to the girl that this isn’t about getting her drunk. The London Model is very alcohol oriented. That is fine, but alcohol isn’t necessary at all, and I like how this example emphasizes that part.

In Sapporo earlier this year, I spotted this great “indoor park” in a high rise. It was a space between two retail stores, with some simple benches, it faced some big floor-to-ceiling windows. That was it. When I saw it, I took a mental note – great date location. I used it several times on that trip – meeting the girl, grabbing tea, a short walk to this spot, and we’d sit and talk and I’d run game. Dead simple, but the girls liked it. So did I.

“You need to take her to environments that work in your favor. The environment helps you. You take her to a place that will help you build a romantic connection.”

And he is right, the environment often does have a big impact on a seduction. Excellent comments here.


Satori doesn’t use the term “Yes Girl” in his product. That is a term I know from the London School. But he does point at some contingencies for Yes vs Maybe Girls.

We know his Plan A:

“Connection, all the shit, take her to the instant date, do all the shit to fuck her.”

Roy Walker might talk about a same day lay in a different way, but Satori is showing his preference for an SDL when possible.

“But most of the time, you’re going to find girls that don’t want to talk to you. Then you have to go through the whole process I told you about.”

Here ^ he is referring to his indirect game, but Satori does have some instances when he goes direct.

“You need to talk to her, you know. And when you talk to her, she is going to give you some different reactions. She is going to start smiling. Because, she is interested. And then, you go direct. ‘Hey, you’re so fucking nice.'”

So, if she hooks on the open, he’ll dispense with the pretending and go direct. Cool. Makes sense.

“If you talk to the girl, if she is not complying to your shit, to your game — ‘I have to go, I have to go’ — ‘Okay, nice to meet you. If you want, we can go for a coffee some time. Do you have Instagram?’ I go for the Instagram. She can see pictures of me… but that’s Plan B.”

Very familiar. Guys like Seven Daygame even have a preference for Instagram Game, but for Satori IG is only for these weak “Maybe” girls.

“Get the number… just in case.”

Good enough.


This is one of the pieces of this review that is most relevant to where I am at in Game and where I want to move toward.

To set this up, I will talk about my Kiss Close. It’s not particularly complicated – I just step in and kiss her. I try to do it on every first date, often in the middle of the date. I have recommended this to other guys. I say that even when the kiss is rejected, that it is a form of “communication” that makes it clear I’m not a “friend.” It sets up sexual expectations. Once I have already made a sexual move, if she comes out again, she knows what to expect.

I say all this. I believe it. I still like that strategy, and yet… it’s a little crude. I can see that too.

“Some people will ask: ‘How do you transition from one thing to the next?’ ‘How do you make it smooth?’ I really don’t make it smooth. When I am ready to talk about the next thing, I just barge right into it.”
Brad P

Here is Brad P talking about conversation, but it fits my physical escalation rather well.

Brad thinks guys over-analyze how to make transitions (sexual/verbal/etc) “smooth”, and then they make no move at all. That is a real problem for beginners. Brad is saying “smooth” doesn’t matter that much. And for beginners and early-intermediates, I think that is true (don’t worry about it). But if you want to work toward Advanced Game and Top Guy status, it seems clear being a little less crude is a good idea. Satori has some specifics.

Satori on the Kiss Close:

“Look in the eyes, and get closer, and you see in her reaction… If she pushes you away, just like go back, stay back, and go back in. If she is comfortable, she is smiling, just go and kiss her. We have to test first. Don’t just go for the kiss really fast. You have to test her to see where she is at.”

That sounds really simple, but it’s good instruction. I am happy for the reminder and the inspiration. I know I can do better here.

That is a sample of some of the detail in Satori’s product and it’s very specific. And it’s also pretty rare to get this level of detail. Yohami was trying to get me see this years ago, and Satori’s example helps me refocus on this area.

“I only escalate when they are going to say ‘yes.’ Lead, tease, ‘swing your dick,’ see what resonates, then double on that. This is how you get a YES from every girl.”

Yohami is a God. And Satori sounds a lot like him.

One of the defining criteria of Top Guy is that he doesn’t hear “no.” Often that is because he is in such strong demand, that girls are especially compliant. But other times it is because Top Guy’s game is so good, she never has to say “no.” She never has to “hits the brakes,” as Top Guy paces her so well. This is part of how she knows she’s with Top Guy.

If “I drive the car in such a way” that she has to hit the brakes, she can immediately tell I am “that kind of driver.” And she will treat me like me all the men she has known before that also lack expert calibration. She’ll show more resistance. She’ll test me more. She’ll give me “puzzles” to overcome. This is how girls treat Bottom Guy.

If she never has to say “no,” she has a different experience. And testing the girl (like Satori is teaching) offers a way to escalate and avoid “hitting the wall” and hearing “no.” Top Guy doesn’t hear “no.” This is part of how that is done.

I can (and do) make arguments that you can’t always wait until she is glowing and ready. Sometimes, you have to wade in there, even if what happens is she pushes back. Very often, after the first attempt, your desire kicks off her desire. Less advanced guys could take Satori’s advice as an excuse not to pull the trigger at all, but there is a sweet spot of escalation and testing that is very solid game.

What Satori is teaching here is high-value material.


From the very first time I worked my way through this product I knew I would someday write about his 1-10 “number scale” for women.

Here it is:

“If there’s a 10, she is fucking beautiful as fuck, and she’s a smart, and she’s not crazy.”
“If she’s a 9, she’s beautiful, but she has some flaws. You know? Maybe she’s not smart, or she’s not emotionally stable, but she is beautiful.”
“8, she’s cute. She doesn’t have great titties, but she has a nice ass. She’s not fat.”
“7, she is okay.”
“6, okay, I fuck her.”
“5, ewwwww, you fuck her when you’re drunk.”
“4, that you don’t want to fuck, but you fuck at the bar.”

Perfect. Totally familiar, but I like some of the unique touches Satori brings to this very common rating scale.

Two things jump out at me:

1.) That a “10” for Satori is a lot more than looks. Even referencing qualities beyond looks is a good influence on men as they consider how to evaluate women. And then 2.), That the upper levels include references to her emotional health indicators.

When it comes to what Satori wants, he is clear to add “emotionally stable” to his list. I lot of guys would never mention that. It’s another example of his experience. “Emotional stability” is something we don’t talk about enough in the Community. And by including those points the way he does, Satori again shows some multi-facetedness that is unexpected from a man that is so fond of the word “motherfucker.”


“Let’s talk about lifestyle and attraction. Like how to keep a girl in your life, you know.”

We know how Satori ranks women. And as we start to do the same here with men, we’ll frame it in the Context of not just pickup, but in terms of holding onto a woman once you’ve got her.

“For men, attraction is not from 1 -10. It can be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15….. all the way up. There is no limit to how attractive you can be as a man.”

I like that.

“If you want to make a girl stay in your life, you have to be an attractive guy. You need to develop that character to be that man. Experience a lot of things to become that guy.”

For a guy that specializes in pickup and SDLs, we’d expect more in terms of “tricks” to getting girls interested. But Satori surprises us again with his emphasis on value and character. In his seminar he rattles off a list of traits of an Attractive Man that includes: Being alpha, being a leader, emotionally stability (“relaxed, chill, happy, fun”), protector, risk taker, also smart and romantic.

As a group of men, we could come up with a list like that pretty easily, but I am impressed to see the range of values Satori appreciates in these recommended traits.

“I am developing different areas in my life, that make me be an attractive male. At the end of the day, you want to keep girls around. A good lifestyle, so she is comfortable with you.”

Balanced. Well done.


One more time:

“At the end of the day, you want to keep girls around.”

We know he is into taking the girls from the street to his bed as quickly as possible. He is a Type that can likely do that better than most of us. But it is cool to see that he also wants to “keep girls around” some of the time.

Despite the emphasis on flashy stories and fast sex in our Community, it is a true that a lot men that find any success with Game eagerly turn a pickup into a girlfriend. I think most men are less into ongoing cold approach than Satori might be. When they find a compatible girl they quickly fall into a relationship. I can respect that (even if that isn’t what I want). They make a connection and they want to retain it.

This has been on my mind lately as I dissect some of the darker corners of the Harsh Truthers‘ version of the Redpill scene. I am increasingly convinced that to understand Redpill culture, you have to appreciate that that scene caters to the Type of man that is married or divorced. They are less about Seduction and more about “late term” relationships. “Keeping a woman around” has more emphasis there.

And I am critical of the way the Redpill scene presents options to men. Particularly around a favorite Redpill topic – “Muh Hypergamy.” The Redpillers sing in an endless chorus about hypergamy and the lack of loyalty in the girls in their lives. I rarely, if ever, hear much about their own worthiness as they trot out examples of “thots” and “branch swinging.” It’s always someone else’s fault.

Let’s compare them to Satori:

“A woman wants to find a guy she can be in a relationship with. Woman, they only want one guy. They want the best guy. And you can show her you are the best, because you have experience, because you’re a leader, because you’re alpha, because you have skills and you’re smart. You need to build up yourself in different areas in order to become an attractive male that keep woman in your life. Develop your character.”

Satori may be a Redpiller, but he certainly doesn’t remind me of one.

The comment above plays off of the concept of hypergamy very well, except… Satori thinks women “only want one guy.” And it’s no big conspiracy for him that “they want the best guy.” And rather than moan about it, he lays out some notes on how to be that “best guy.” And I am impressed. So refreshing versus the “hypergamy doesn’t care,” victim mentality of some of the low-value Redpillers (they don’t see the lack of value is often the problem).

Satori’s recommendation for “keeping girls around,” for being a man that can retain a woman’s attention, is to “develop your character.” Timeless, easy to understand, and wise. No Redpill crybaby shit. Solid.

Satori is Dominican. And Italian. And he was raised in a more traditional culture, one that likely has stronger masculine roots than the Anglo cultures and most of the West. And we can see it in the radical difference in his expectations for himself (it’s not really about the girls). Satori looks clean, sober. He is much more confident than what I hear from The Harsh Truth Redpill guys. In that way… I think he shows how guys in Game approach these challenges. He is an excellent example for us.

“I have been in fights, physical fights. I am romantic. I sing Italian opera. I speak three languages. I have different shit in my life, that make me seem like a potential partner.”

He may be a skirt-chaser, but he has some smart things to say about being a “potential partner” for the would-be Boyfriends and Husbands out there.

And I will call out – once again – his emphasis on emotional stability. He is specific when he says “relaxed, chill, happy, fun.” This is more contrast to the lopsided bitterness in the Redpill crew. Vibe (your “energy”) matters if you want to keep her around… or attract girls in the first place.

Satori has some shadow and darkness. But he is showing a lot of indications of warmth and light as well. In this way I think he shows up as a more Complete Man. If you want to “keep women in your life,” he has some great notes for you here.

If you’re not getting confident, well-balanced leadership out of TRP… you have a lot of other choices.


There is more to the video than just the seminar. I mentioned some infields, but there is also the “bonus” of the Perfect Date video that is included in his product.

I could do a whole post just on that date, but as a teaser, here is how the date begins:

He walks up to her, and says, “Hey, What’s up?” He looks at her, but not for long. He taps her on the arm. And starts walking… she follows.

Yohami used to teach this… that the physical is more potent than the words. And Jason Savage says “the nonverbal trumps the verbal.” I think that is true.

Unlike the seminar, the date is really excellent footage. She is a proud, “Western,” working girl. She tries to enforce a superior frame on Satori over and over. She tests him. And we have a perfect view as he dances with her and demonstrates great game. And of course… she loves it. The dialog is explosive at times. Excellent.

Just that footage alone is worth taking a look at this product.

I think that is enough.

So… am I going to abandon my direct style and start “pretending” my phone has no service and “I need help finding Victoria Secrets?” No. Definitely not.

But I have a lot of take-aways from this post… things to think about… validation of paths I was already on… and an opportunity to improve my game by doing a little more “testing” when the Kiss Close is on the table. That and more.

How about you? Maybe you’re a different Type of man than Satori, but can you see yourself using any of his comments in the Context of your own Game?

Satori is a very interesting guy and he provides excellent contrast to the London scene. And… I bet he’s is indeed, very good with girls.

I learned from him here. I hope you were inspired, I know I was. And while I shared criticism along with the praise…. I was definitely impressed.

As I give a final round of thanks to Satori PUA, I’ll say, “see you later, Motherfuckers.”

Viva daygame.