Krauser the Elder | Daygame Infinite Review

It is my great pleasure to present a bullish review of Daygame Infinite, a fresh edition from Nick Krauser detailing the “how to” of daygame… and quite a bit more. For serious daygamers, this is top-shelf education. For me, it’s a 10 out of 10. And I’ll add that it is possibly the best combination of theory mixed with examples I have ever seen in pickup coaching.

“That’s why my type of daygame is so effective: it’s a weaponised connection system.”
— Krauser, Daygame Infinite, pg 30.

That quote is dramatic, but I like it. It’s sales-y, and it wakes us up a bit before we dive into what is actually a hype-free, sober presentation about daygame… and perhaps more so, about reading the psychology of women.

Much of the book works though the nuance of female psychology. Through concepts and case studies, you’ll find instruction on how to effectively advance from the pickup, to messaging, to early dates, to taking the little girl home and fucking her.

Krausers Daygame Infinite Review

This book is for us, for daygamers… but even for guys that have never run up to a girl on the sidewalk, there is much to learn in these pages.

I took 17 pages of notes as I read it. This review is the “greatest hits” of those notes, focused on the aspects of Krauser’s opus that hit me the hardest… the areas that most appealed to me as an intermediate daygamer, from where I am at today, with my understanding of game.

Let’s dive in.



“[Y]ou are calibrating her intentions, her r/K disposition, and then trying to sync it with what you want and thus how you’ll position yourself. This is constantly evolving as she provides you with more information.”
— pg 337

That ^ line throws us deep into the meat of what Krauser is teaching in this book. If I had to pick one line that sums up Daygame Infinite, that’s where I’d start.

The practical application of taking the “information” she supplies, and using it to read her and advance the seduction is exactly what a guy like me is looking to master. This book is full of that level of content.

“The latter two-thirds of the book represent a course in advanced calibration. At each stage in the seduction, I present a variety of actual scenarios with girls and then discuss how I sent my probes, how I analysed the data, and then why I chose a particular route.”
— pg 11

Yes ^. It’s all this, and more.

Reading the book offered me a series of “wow” moments, watching Krauser demonstrate his thought process with girl after girl… over and over, shining a light in the direction I need to go as I try to move into more advanced levels in these days of game.



Most of Daygame Infinite is about how to explore and read the psychology of the girl. That is how I’d say it, and I think that is true. And there is precious content on those topics.

But the opening section of the book is more about OUR psychology. It’s about the mindsets, behaviors, daily practices and internal psychology of players… specifically as we touch the sidewalk. As we try to “flip the switch” and turn on a vibe that is seductive. Within that context, Krauser is trying to teach us how we can set ourselves up for a lifestyle focused more on the “joy of daygame” and less on “the grind.”

“While the intermediate becomes addicted to getting results, the advanced daygamer becomes addicted to the joyful process of the sets themselves.”
— pg 27

I was reading these ^ lines at the beginning of my last trip to Japan. I was alone in a foreign land, where I didn’t speak the language, I had no local “friends” there, and I was dead-set on working up a Girl Tornado and getting laid. I’m orderly, I’m type-A, I have goals and (sometimes) insane discipline. These are some of the reasons I’ve been successful, and I don’t need help there. While discipline might be a “beginner” problem, it’s not for me.

But this “tone” from Krauser, was exactly what I needed. As I prepared for weeks of “the grind,” the book was like a veteran’s hand on my shoulder, telling me to chill out a bit. To get into the “flow of it.” Good advice.

“Sink back into the daygame river and let the daygame just happen. Anything that forms a barrier between you and a direct authentic connection to the street and the girls on it will make your daygame more tiring.”
— pg 54

Are you surprised to hear this ^ from Krauser? I was. And after reading his blog for the better part of ten years, the change in tone was hard to miss… this is “Krauser the Elder.”

As you read the opening section, and you’ll feel Krauser putting you into a kind of trance, setting you up to absorb his notes on vibe. And as I read those pages while I was in Japan, it had an immediate impact on how I carried myself on the street.



“Vibe is the “x factor” of seduction, both the most powerful and the most elusive element in the game.”
— pg 59

This section… might be the most important section of the book. And it’s the “purgatory” between the “woo” of the first section and the “nuts and bolts” practicality of the latter sections.

“The primary paradigm shift in Daygame Infinite is making vibe the central driver of your pick-up and allowing everything else to fall into place around it.”
— pg 59

For myself, I had already come to this conclusion. I have been specifically working on my vibe for almost a year. I was working on this everyday in NYC last Fall. And I still work on this now, every day, before the hit the street.

“Vibe” starts at the level of your daily habits… like what you do right before you head out to pick-up. I had a habit of getting into political fights on Facebook all morning, and then, when I’d head out in the afternoon to game girls… I’d spend the first hour shaking off my “fight vibe,” trying to dial into something seductive and “open.”

Vibe matters.

“The foundation of your daygame session is to dial into Good Vibe FM and stay there as long as possible. Your wing’s job is to help you stay tuned in, for as long as you remain in that sweet spot, everything becomes easier and more fun. Your technicals don’t count as much as your tuning: when your vibe is weak, it’s like the girl is hearing music obscured by static.”
— pg 77

I’m dropping in these quotes here, but Krauser is much more specific than this. If the first section was about softer mindsets that will set you up to feel “at ease” with your game, here he gives you practical suggestions for how to get in the right “mood” while you’re out approaching.

“Vibe is the most powerful accelerant of daygame, so we’ll focus on how to maintain it while on the street.”
— pg 96

This is “advanced,” because beginners won’t listen to it… that’s part of why they are beginners. And when they have worked up to a level where they are genuinely curious about how to go “deeper” into the practice and how to increase the “crackle” with girls… they’ll be ready to “hear” all this for the first time.



“First, there simply wasn’t much technical advice on how to recognise girls who will be amenable to your approach. There are all kinds of signals to read and actions to perform before you open that let you choose your targets wisely, yet very little has been written about them. Infinite corrects that.”
— pg 10

Krauser’s talk about “indicators of interest” (IOIs) is an original, straightforward set of lessons, based on his quite sophisticated view of street game. I have never seen this material anyplace else, and for me… this is all dynamite for game.

“Roll the dice and play the numbers game, opening blindly; or 2. Apply a pre-open filter of your own devising to load the dice. Option one will produce many interesting scenarios, and the beginner is so enthused by the novelty of them that he’ll have a high tolerance for wasting his time (and often won’t realise he’s chasing no-hopers). A more seasoned player has worn out his tolerance and is looking for a more sustainable energy spend, and therefore, option two has greater longevity.”
— pg 104

I “open blindly.” Not a “blind stop” (where you never saw the girls face, and you open based only on her body… I don’t recommend that). But “blind” in the sense that 1.) The girl didn’t IOI me and/or 2.) I have no discernible reason to believe she is either “interested or available” (see pg 160 for more on that).

I don’t “spam” approach every girl, I’m more choosy than that… but I still open “blindly,” and that explains several things about my stats. I fuck maybe one in 150 approaches (maybe better than that, but not much). And that’s (partly) because I don’t “pre-approach filter” much at all.

“Something I’ve noticed over the course of my own player’s journey is that with each passing year, Yes Girls make up a greater proportion of my lays.”
— pg 105

Krauser’s content on IOIs and pre-approach help explain the disconnect between my stats and someone like Krauser’s (“one in 30 girls”). Krauser isn’t opening nearly as many girls as me, but he is “reading” them better in the pre-approach, and opening girls that are more ready to be gamed.

“Whatever your situation, applying a pre-approach filter will improve the cost-benefit ratio of performing daygame. This is why smart daygamers pay attention to the pre-approach game.”
— pg 105

He is talking about “energy conservation.” This is related to the “woo” stuff in the first section, but now we’ve taken theory down to the level of the street. Krauser is showing you, specifically, how to tightened up your “conversion rate,” how to save energy, and how to buoy your state… all at the same time.

And there is more:

“A daygamer doesn’t let fate determine which girls notice him – he proactively creates his own opportunities. We’ve already discussed how vibe and street presence increase your odds of drawing favourable attention, but both are still somewhat passive, a shotgun blast at women in general rather than one girl in particular. Let’s get more specific to the girl you want.”
— pg 128

This isn’t just about “noticing” IOIs…. it’s about creating them.

Krauser’s IOI stuff is unlike anything I have seen elsewhere. I am sure Jabba influenced him in the early stages (check out Jabba’s Secret Society product), but Jabba can’t lay it out like this. Excellent stuff and very specific.



Now… we’re solidly into the “nuts and bolts” of technique:

“The advanced player knows where the girl is at psychologically and what she wants to happen next. This means the player will send out probes to collect information and then sort it according to his cumulative knowledge in order to make good decisions.”
— pg 11

This ^ is “upper level” game. And he is extremely specific, drilling this level of technique throughout the rest of the book.

“Read back through the chat with a focus on the key text game question: what does this tell me about where she’s at? That’s the question that guides your calibration and thus fine tunes your text game.”
— pg 226

Here ^ he is reading between the lines of the text exchanges with girls, but as we read on… we’ll see him do this in real time, face to face with the girl. Reading her, gathering info, setting up that intel to help him move the seduction forward… and sharing all the post-game analysis with us.

“It is crucial to base your dating on your calibration, and thus send out probes to collect the data upon which your calibrations decisions rest.”
— pg 289

Okay… now, show us exactly what you mean:

[sent to the girl] “‘Send me a photo of you'”
[his note to us, his analysis] “Compliance test and probe for how she wants me to see her.”
— pg 230

When I first read this ^ example, it sounded to me like “send noodz!” But that is not what is going on here…

“The type of photo a girl sends back gives you a ton of information about how she wants you to see her.”
— pg 231

This ^ is an opportunity to watch a very smart man at work, doing something few men can do. It’s not about the photo… it’s about reading what her choice of photo says about the way she wants to present herself… and what that means about how to game her. Excellent.

“The dates with Olya and Diana are already diverging in a likely outcome. While Olya began with a challenge, Diana began with compliance. Olya’s body language was of a self-possessed girl enjoying the entertainment, while Diana’s was of a sexually interested girl anticipating some sexual polarity. You can collect a lot of data in the first few minutes and spend the next hour testing your conclusions.”
— pg 287

There ^ it is. Want to see it again?

“Natalia had dressed to show skin and was padding along beside me to the cafe, suggesting she was in follow mode and waiting to see where I’d lead her. I always prioritise physical/behavioural data over the verbal, so seeing this move in my direction meant the verbals wouldn’t need to carry as much weight. I could proceed to testing her physical compliance.”
— pg 290

I have so many examples of this in my notes, I’m holding back here… there is so much more of this “advanced calibration” in the book. Before we go on… re-read that part about what he “prioitises.” Solid gold.

“… the all important question: where is she at in the seduction?”
— pg 422

Over and over ^, he drills this kind of thinking.

This is EXACTLY what I need in my game… this level of setting up moments to observe, “probing” for details/intel, and then reading the girl… it’s a masterclass.

“Lena had a very bright, bubbly energy both on the street and in her messages, so again I’d placed her as at least a Maybe. As I see her waiting for me, I notice her denim shorts showing a lot of leg and lots of care in her make-up, causing me to revise my estimation of her keenness upwards a little.”
— pg 377

I was running a lot of game while I read the latter half of the book… I was deep into my 60 day daygame streak, and I was applying much of this material within 24 hours of reading it. I think I’ve internalized a layer of this… and will keep working at this as I game through the summer.

“By placing all of these examples together, it’s quite easy to see the pattern. Each girl will be slightly different, but the basic themes are always the same: spike, lead, comfort, chit-chat, be interesting.”
— pg 378

I close the section out with this ^ line… these “basic themes.”

This is some of what he’s doing on dates. Those five things are back down to an beginner-intermediate level of awareness. They are simple and “how to.” He is doing those five things as he “processes” each girl… and the advanced part is how he is not just “doing them,” but using them to probe into her psyche, and mine out datapoints to help him penetrate her world.

“Weaponized connection.” Can you see it?



“At each stage in the seduction, I present a variety of actual scenarios with girls and then discuss how I sent my probes, how I analysed the data, and then why I chose a particular route.”
— pg 11

It’s not necessary to separate the probing from the calibration, and we have already seen him doing both. For this section, I’m focusing on some of Krauser’s lines about calibration, so you can see his emphasis on the concept:

“Calibration is the foundation of advanced game.”
— pg 11

Yes. And a seducer has more experience with social calibration than almost any one else. We are “social scientists.” And calibration is where the game is played.

“I present this section by walking through a series of real conversations with girls representing a cross-section of different interest levels and personalities.”
— pg 194

You will particularly see the “play by play” of his game in the dates. For instance, later in this review I’ll mention Inga… fucking A, that was an amazing case study where you see Krauser’s “decision making” and calibration each step of the way.

If giving a guy “a basic plan” is level one of learning game, then “diagnosing the action” is a full step up from there. Advanced game here. Rare and valuable instruction.



And then there was the section on the “Coffee Filter Date.” This section does two things for a guy like me: 1.) Shows me that for Krauser, a “coffee date” has a specific function, and then, 2.) These dates become a set of examples for him to demonstrate his concepts.

“While far from conclusive, it’s another small data point for the calibration decision on how to move her forwards. The whole Coffee Filter Date is about collecting data to inform that decision.”
— pg 287

Here ^ we see a repetition of the themes above.

We’ll need time to have these concepts sink into our consciousness, and the format for how Krauser presents his examples does that perfectly. No crap to sort through, just clean examples to illustrate what we need to learn.

Separately… I’ll add that Krauser’s treatment of “coffee dates” (and daytime dates in general) shows you some of his own “biases” toward dating. These dates are in the daylight and are less likely to involve alcohol… in that way, they are closer to “filler dates” for Krauser, they are “second best” options where he is screening girls when he doesn’t have enough evening spots available, or the girl doesn’t merit that kind of date.

I’ll be personal here and say I’m not 100% with Krauser here. Yes, nighttime and alcohol can help toward the likelihood of getting the girl naked. Definitely. But I’m less sold by this viewpoint, as I date shy, chaste girls, many (most?) of which don’t drink. These girls sometimes “filter me” into daytime dates.

However… I can create romance and escalate in broad daylight, no problem. (And I am quite certain Krauser can as well). For me… a daytime date is as solid as anything else (and can surprise the girl, as she’s not expecting sex at “lunch”). Keep an open mind here… particular about the emphasis of alcohol (it’s really, really not necessary).



Here are a couple of lines where I see Krauser pointing to female psychology… which is a big part of what I love about game.

“It’s better to think of women like a child sitting on the floor playing with a toy. Whatever action or event they experience fills their vision, and they focus exclusively upon it. Their sense of space and time shrinks to right here, right now.”
— pg 71

Smart. And there are a million applications of a comment like this ^.

Consider that line in the context of a concept like “muh hypergamy.” The most angry of the red pill guys see a woman’s propensity to “branch swing” as devious and calculated… and sometimes it is. And other times, she is a “child” absorbed in the shininess of what’s in front of her. This is part of seeing women for what they are… and it’s also an opportunity to see how to game them (be the shiny thing).

Here is a fantastic section specific to the types of girls that respond best to daygame:

“In addition, many girls are more amenable to the type of value daygame can convey in general. As a rule of thumb, daygame is appreciated by women who value an interpersonal experience, but it falls flat on women who value social status. This is to be expected when considering what type of value can be conveyed through daygame: it is an intensely personal experience in which conversation and body language conveys your charisma, confidence, and personality strength.”
— pg 114

For daygamers, the game is played in the quality of the “personal experiences” we can generate. And it’s girls that specifically like “experiences” (as opposed to “things”)… that will eat up the show we put on out on the streets.

One more:

“Highly feminine girls are quite likely to exhibit these traits because all that cute feminine energy that makes girls delightful comes at the cost of the masculine energy that makes them logical and accountable.”
— pg 462

Excellent analysis of “girls” and “femininity.” Do you want her to be bubbly and cute? Or to “show integrity?” I know what I want. And that means no expectations that she will have the honor and discipline I respect in men. I want my girls to be girly (and compliant)… I’ll take care of the rest.



I should show some level of critical read here… so I will.

“You’ll escalate her through the three-venue structure…”
— pg 369

If you read field reports of players, and especially guys that have studied the London Model, you will see religious dedication to “three venues.” I get it… I have heard all the “time distortion” theory, and there is likely something true about some of that.

But it’s terribly rigid. And bouncing the girl around appeals to a “strength” of solid men (handling logistics), but perhaps at the expense of looking for the soft-spots in women (getting intimate). I can see moving the girl around a lot as being as clueless (or more so) than dragging out a given date in one spot. Multiple venues are fine, but they are never my focus. The PURPOSE of the venue (even if it’s only one), is much more important than multiple venues.

For my money… if I take a girl to only one place, and get the “love bubble” around her and I going… that is 1000X more effective than dragging the girl all around town.

And again, to be fair… Krauser shows more nuance in other areas of the book:

“The milestones impose a logical structure and discipline onto the date, giving you a direction… When reflecting on these… you will tend to drift into logical thought. This is okay, as it’s part of the male role to provide direction and keep things on track. The engine of seduction, however, is in the flow of energies in moving a girl’s mood. On each plateau, your mind should drift towards the ephemeral moment-by-moment energy of the interaction. This is how you balance the logical with the emotional.”
— pg 374

Here he brings us back to what’s important: “The engine of seduction, however, is in the flow of energies in moving a girl’s mood.”

That ^ is exactly right… and it supersedes venues, certainly.

“Light, alcoholic bar…”
— pg 369

Alcohol… I made some comments about this above. I already commented on this… but I think the emphasis on alcohol is overplayed in game in general. I know it is. At 45, I have never had more sex with more girls… and alcohol is less and less a part of my game. In Japan this year, I drank much less than I do at home… and dated more than most men should even try to do.

You don’t need alcohol to fuck girls. The girls don’t need it. Some of Krauser’s transcripts show the girls rejecting alcohol, and I see that in my experience too.


“The key to walking her home is distraction.”
— pg 488

Hmmm… do I believe this? Mostly, no.

I have walked girls back to my place while being conscious to not over-talked the “why” of why I’m taking her home. And I have used conversation to be charming so the walk doesn’t degrade into pre-sex anxiety. But because I don’t believe we’re slipping anything past the girls, “distracting” them is a lesser form of game. I could red-flag a couple of comments like this in the book as less than ideal, as they hint toward being “sneaky.”

And from his notes about sex:

“[Eating pussy is] unbecoming of a man.”
— pg 510

This is more personal, but I think this ^ is bullshit (on one hand) and an interesting view into the minds of men across the Community (Krauser isn’t alone in his take on chowing box).

And to be fair, Krauser put this comment in a section titled, “Please yourself above pleasing her.” And that is dead-on excellent advice. I have noticed my style of sex has moved in this direction since I got better with women… but mostly at the level of my attitude, not the actual things I do with girls in bed.

I eat pussy, as often as I can. I love it. (I wish I was doing it right now.) It’s intimate, it’s nasty, it’s sooo “in there.” The smell of pussy all over my face… nothing like it. But to Krauser’s point, I specifically tell the girls… “this is for me.”

Here is more nuanced criticism:

“The big difference was Natalia knew she wanted to fuck me from the beginning, whereas Lyuba had the complex storm of emotions wanting to fuck me, but her own logical brain was resisting it.”
— pg 189

I will quickly admit Krauser is head and shoulders better than me at bedding women. And (of course), I’ve never met any of these girls (so I am guessing), but… there is something “off” for me in the particular explanation of Natalia above.

“Natalia knew she wanted to fuck me from the beginning…” Hmmm. I don’t think girls think like this.

That is too “goal” oriented, as I see it. I think girls are basically “going forward” (toward you) or “going backward” (away from you and the seduction). So maybe Natalia was really moving toward Krauser… and assuming they’d fuck is a safe bet. But for the girl, in her mind… I bet she wanted “more,” not specifically “to fuck.” It’s a subtle difference, but the distinction is real for me.

I provide these examples to show that while I’m obviously convinced Krauser is one of the best minds in game, I’m not blind in how I read him. I am a critical fuck sometimes… but I also know when to shut up and listen.

This whole book is a “shut up and listen” opportunity. I have basically nothing to complain about.



Here is an example of Krauser showing some charm and humor as he teases a girl on a date:

KRAUSER: Men have a really big brain, and it has to be pushed in, like–
KRAUSER: [makes creaky noise and gesticulates forcing a big brain into a small head]
OLYA: [laughs]
KRAUSER: They have to properly push it into the head, right, because it’s so big and powerful
KRAUSER: Apparently that is the biggest brain, and the next biggest is an orangutan, and then chimpanzee
OLYA: [laughs]
KRAUSER: As you go down, you have bird and mouse and squirrel, and then finally you’ve got the…
KRAUSER: female human brain
0LYA: [Laughin][Shocked tone] No!
— pg 314

I love it.



I want to show a couple of lines that strike me as “advanced:”

“The quality of your eye contact is not something you can micro-manage with technique alone. It’s mostly determined by your vibe, your intent, your conviction, and your long-term inner game work.”
— pg 138

Eye contact is a “surface marker” of “the quality of your attention.” Don’t underestimate how effective “high quality attention” can be with women. All the factors Krauser relates to eye contact will impact the “quality” of her experience… that’s how I interpret that line. And another “yes” to the reference to inner game.

“Much of the verbal game is about probing her character and availability, while our non-verbal game is probing her physical acceptance of us. It doesn’t need to be flashy when your sub-communication is on point.”
— pg 155

For more of this ^, see page 135 for some notes on “In Set Dominance.” Excellent. I use that stuff almost every day.

“There is no single piece of information from which to judge your odds of banging a girl that is more informative than her very first reply to your feeler text.”
— pg 196

Hot comment ^. I can think of exceptions… but this is mostly true.

“Few things excite a girl and move her from Maybe to Yes than seeing or touching a man’s hard dick.”
— pg 360

Rivelino ^ would approve. And I have been doing this more and more this year… it’s terribly effective. Highly recommend it.

“Don’t confuse The Switch with horniness. Although both frequently occur together and reinforce each other, they are not the same. The Switch is a mental decision in which the forebrain agrees to leave the field (‘Ok, I can fuck this guy now’), whereas horniness is a heating up of the hindbrain (‘I’m so hot right now’) which may still be blocked by the forebrain.”
— pg 484

His comments about “The Switch” are excellent. This is a great section about how to spot when a girl is past resisting the idea of sex and has “switched” to being into it. Great topic, great examples.



We debate this topic a lot on this blog, so here are some comments from Krauser on the topic:

“Assuming an artfully-applied texting filter, a baseline expectation is that the strongest twenty-five percent of girls will have sex on the first evening date.”
— pg 254

There ^ a number. 25%. I think I’m a bit lower than that, and that makes sense… I’m not as good as Krauser is, but even for him… without other info (which is what PROBING/CALIBRATION is all about…), 25% chance a girl will fuck on the first date.

“Do not confuse extreme interest in dating you with extreme interest in fast sex. You can blow a K-select Yes Girl by escalating her like an r-select Yes Girl and vice versa.”
— pg 240

We need to hear this. I know I was not moving fast enough for a long time… and then, I was moving too fast and scaring girls off…

…not all girls are the same:

“A girl’s propensity to put out on the first date depends a lot on context, unrelated to whatever personal qualities you may have. A major influence is where she sits on the r/K spectrum.”
— pg 253

This is what I see. It’s not “one size fits all,” and arguments that suggest that are tired.

“Most seductions, most of the time, will go the same way. You’ll get her number, send a few flirty texts, and then set up an evening first date… you’ll escalate and kiss her somewhere after the mid-point, perhaps an hour or two into the date. You’ll text her some more over the next few days, set up a second date, and make out some more. Perhaps you’ll take her home that second date, and if not, the action will probably happen on the third date.”
— pg 369

This ^ is reality. Guys that claim otherwise are most not helpful, as this ^ will be how it is for MOST GUYS… most of the time. Your skill is key. But so is the girls “timeline for sex,” and much of that is “unrelated to whatever personal qualities you may have.”

This quote matches my experience exactly.



Daygame Infinite delivers killer content and it was a pleasure to read. Nothing generic, all fresh, specific and personal… which is more than we should expect from most products in the Community. I’m thoroughly impressed.

I’ll end this review the same way Krauser ends the book… with the story of Inga.

“I present her story to show how good calibration can light up opportunities that would be hidden from the average man. Taking Inga’s messaging at face value would indicate a girl who was absolutely resolute about never having sex with me. Clearly, that wasn’t the case.”
— pg 505

I could see a lot of Krauser’s game in how he tells that story. In the things he does, and specifically the things he does that “we’re not supposed to do,” and how Krauser used his calibration to know when to break the rules. Excellent… and totally entertaining.

Buy the book. Buy it for the notes on vibe and IOI. Buy it for the instruction on probing and calibration. Buy it for the exposure to all the hundreds of razor-sharp lines about women in those case studies.

And buy it to see how Krauser closes Inga… fucking brilliant.


One ancillary benefit of game for me has been to be in the company of smart men… Reading this book has been such an opportunity. I salute Krauser the Elder. And my thanks for the truly rare and radical education on seduction.

Congratulations, man. You killed it. Thank you.

Viva daygame.