Plausible Deniability | The Cheesecake Trap

Writing about this as a reference point, as I talk about “Cheesecake” in my posts quite often. Or the “Cheesecake Trap” — which is really the center of the concept here.

Cheesecake is bait… for a specific type of prey.

NASH: Hey, do you like cheesecake?
SOME GIRL: OMG… I like, totally love cheesecake!!!
NASH: I’ve got some delicious cheesecake… and you can meet my cats. Let’s go.

This is often how I transition into the “leap of faith” to get a girl back to my place. It starts with a “Yes” to the cheesecake.

I started doing this when I was in Japan running game in 2014.

NASH: “Come with me, we’ll have some cheesecake and I’ll show you my art…”

I would buy new cheesecake just about every day on that trip… And often end up throwing it away (it was three years ago, I didn’t get a laid a lot on that trip). There was this one week when my trash was full of ornately wrapped, fancily-boxed, uneaten Japanese cheesecake… couldn’t get those girls back to my place… But I was prepared.

When I came back from Japan, I brought my new routine home with me. I’ve used this a lot. It’s worked for me as an excuse to bring them home.

The cheesecake is not important. It’s the bait-trap mechanism that we want to focus on here. And more than that, it’s the psychology behind why we offer something like cheesecake instead of saying (for example), “Hey… let’s go to my place and fuck!” I’m sure that works sometimes, but it’s not recommended.

Here are some related stories:

A long time ago, I used to know this natural named Big Bear. Big Bear was a pussy magnet. To help him get girls home (when it wasn’t just about the cocaine…) he would say:

BIG BEAR: “Hey, you want to see my fish??”

“Fish”… that was his cheesecake, his “bait.”

I didn’t understand this concept at the time. Especially for Big Bear. Girls wanted to fuck that guy. He didn’t need help getting laid. But this wasn’t for him. It was for them… it was an excuse for them.

Then, as I started to study game, Lance Mason would talk about his bait:

LANCE MASON: “Hey… I want to play you this song on my guitar… Let’s go.”

And he would use the guitar/song as the excuse to get her back to his place… isolated… in the sex location. This is the point of the “trap.”

This is not “everything,” but it’s a piece of the puzzle. You don’t need bait… But if it helps you, go for it. I remember when guys were using Wii in 2012. Whatever works for you.

As Lance tells the story of doing this bait-trap thing when he was visiting NYC… He tells the girl he’s going to play her a song, just like he always does at home, and he had the girl back at his hotel, and the girl asks about the guitar and he realized… there was no guitar. He didn’t bring his guitar on that trip.

But the guitar didn’t matter… He fucked her anyway.

It’s not really about the bait, and you don’t even need actual bait. It’s about using an offer to help with isolation, and… it’s about plausible deniability.

This whole mechanism is a play at plausible deniability. That is the point. The “cheesecake” is an excuse to come back to your place… So she has something non-slutty to tell her friends:

SOME GIRL: Yeah… We just went back to his place for some cheesecake… But then one thing lead to another and… What was I supposed to do???!!
HER FRIENDS: Oh! Totally!!! It was, like just desert… that’s romantic! I would have done the same thing!
THAT GIRL: Yeah! It was like that!!!
HER FRIENDS: Totally. I would have fucked him too… Besides… OMG, Cheesecake!!!!!

Something like that.

I’m reading this excellent book and one of the ideas they push is:

Women don’t like to take responsibility for… anything.

Plausible deniability is about giving her an excuse to come back to your place. If it was never “about sex,” and sex happens… well, it certainly wasn’t her fault. You know, that she knows, that you know, that she knows… it’s not about the cheesecake.

Lance says the goal is to set her up to be able to tell her friends, “…it just happened? What was I supposed to do???” And then her friends go, “yeah, it totally wasn’t your fault!” That is the point of plausible deniability. That is the best version I have ever heard of how it actually works in the context of the girls mind and her social standing.

SOME GIRL: “He was so nice on the date, and we had so much in common, and he was showing me pictures of his cats… So he invited me back for some cheesecake… It wasn’t even that late… And his cats were like sooooo cute… and he was showing me all his art and… It just happened?! What was I supposed to do???”

^ Nash gets a notch.

That’s the idea.

And that’s the theory behind the Cheesecake Trap. Or Bear’s “fish tank.” Or Lance’s imaginary guitar on that trip to NYC.

I have some philosophical issues with this theory (none of them moral), but I still have this in my bag of tricks. Consistently. Clean house, fresh sheets, drink options, and… cheesecake. Or chocolate cake (which I actually prefer). Or in Japan this last time it was gelato (which kept longer than cheesecake).

As for it being field tested… I don’t know, man.

I don’t know that cheesecake or my trap have ever actually contributed to a lay in a real way. A girl wants to fuck you or she does not. You are either cool or you are not. Desert or fish or a ballad on your guitar will not change that. This is just an excuse. This is a “trick,” but in no way are we really “tricking” the girl here. But this has probably helped me not fuck up an opportunity here or there… and that is a big part of game.

I still like a straight up, “I want to take you back to my place and makeout with you” type of transition, subtle as it is… but having a plan like “the trap” has definitely helped. Knowing my plan so well helps me to appear smooth and confident. More importantly, I *feel* confident and congruent, as I know how it’s going to go.

Back to my story about my natural friend Big Bear… He would bring girls back to his place to see the fish… and he didn’t have any fish either.

SOME GIRL: Yeah! He was like a totally nice guy… But it was getting late, and I like had to go, cause you know, I like always so yoga on Sundays, right? But he was like, ‘You gotta check out my fish!’ I was like, okaaaaayyy… And we get to his place, and he’s like such a sweet guy… But he doesn’t even have any fish!!! What a jerk, right?! And I was gonna leave, but he was like…. So sweet… And it was late… And it’s like dangerous to drive late! So, you know… What was I supposed to do???
HER FRIENDS: OMG, totally.

And Big Bear gets laid. Again. Ha.

The bait doesn’t matters… It’s about the story you enable her to tell her friends. And what she tells herself. This is about female psychology.

“What was I supposed to do???” Lance is right about that.

Anyway… For your extraction game, for your leap of faith, for your entre to full close… maybe think about how you can work some bait into your trap.

Viva daygame.