“Red Pill” (Vin DiCarlo) and Approach Anxiety

From Vin DiCarlo’s program Red Pill, which has a lot of content on Daygame. He and one of his partners, Brian, discuss AA. Great stuff… Brian is definitely legit.

Brian: Approach anxiety isn’t a signal saying, “don’t approach.” Approach anxiety is a signal saying “do!”

Brian: I only approach women that make my heart beat faster.

Brian: I love women and I want to meet them. I’ll see a woman that is beautiful and just inherently I want to go for it. I’ll feel that, and my heart beating, and be like, “yeah, this is good.”

Brian: A girl that turns me on gets me a little nervous and gets my heart beating. And that’s like the biological signal saying, “Yeah, you have to go for it.”

Vin: If you’re not feeling anxiety, she’s not worth approaching.

Brian: It’s like a red alarm in your head. Like, “go for it.” You gotta do it.

Note sure this program exists anymore, here’s a link to one of his products (<-- spammy marketing site).