Triggering State | I-date with a Japanese Teenager

Wow, she was a cute one. 19 years old… But that was a surprise. I didn’t figure that out until the quick street-date was almost over.

I’ll get into the notes and that little date, but first… Some theory that’s been on my mind lately.

It had been a rough day. Started out by having a client cancel my contract. It was almost a relief… The new person managing that position is a bitch on wheels. Glad I won’t have to work with her… Even though losing the deal hurts my wallet a bit.

And that wallet-punch was a challenge to my state. I was gonna run some daygame that day, but knew it would be hard to feel confident and loose after the bad news. And even though the ax fell the next morning, I was in a much better mood by then… vs after that initial meeting.

As my vibe improved, a daygame session seemed more likely to be successful.

Which reminds me of some comments RSD Tyler said in this otherwise uninteresting free video. I heard it about two months ago, and it’s been on my mind so I dug it up this week… It was a great point:

“The biggest breakthrough for me, was really looking carefully at what triggered an amazing night and what triggered a failed night. And just like really fucking zeroing in on that.”
— RSD Tyler

Okay, he is talking about “nights” here, but we can easily translate this to daygame and seduction in general.

“The biggest difference between an intermediate and an advanced guy, is an intermediate guy has sporadic great nights, whereas advanced guys consciously know how to trigger it. So get really fucking good at TRIGGERING a great night.”

“What triggered this? From the moment I walked out of the fucking house, what mental attitudes did I have, what behaviors did I have, and what could I have done to make this difference.”

“One of the biggest ones for me, and it’s different for everybody, was just high-fiving people on the way to the fucking club. If I just did a couple of stupid little high-fives… my night would blow the fuck up.”

“Find ways to train yourself to let go. Be very aware of each little thing that’ll trigger that in you. Whatever your unique way is, become super familiar with it.”
— RSD Tyler

This ^ is very good advice. It was worth my time to track these comments down.

He is talking about something important here — consciously triggering state. I am loving those comments right now.

Triggering state is about how you design your day. It’s about the moments right before you hit the sidewalk and your rituals while you’re out on the hunt. Did you get your shit done that day? Did you “clean your room?” Were you good to people? It’s hard to spend all morning fighting and then suddenly step into “love” that afternoon.

EX: I physically stretch before I start to approach to get me to loosen up. I raise my arms to the sky and say a little prayer to the Daygame Gods… “May we be entertained!” I often clap my hands a bit, to pump me up, to be a little obnoxious, to get into the “social freedom” of the day. I have written about how I like to help tourists as a means to dialing in my state. And how all the hired guns and social proof in my life help me feel socially connected.

These are ways in which I try to trigger a vibe that is conducive to picking up.

Another practical example from my life is also something I took from Tyler. He does this drill in his Hotseat at Home with the word “hey!” And I use that word as cue, as an anchor, as a drill… to focus me and fire me up.

As I hit the street… After the stretching and the Daygame God Salute… at that point, I warm up my “hey!” Or rather, sometimes I do. And I notice that when I do this pre-game ritual (just like Tyler’s “high fives”), I pop-off better.

“Hey!” Hey…” “Heyyy.” “Hey.” “HEY!!!” “HEY.” “Hey.”

Each of those has a different emotional flavor behind it. Dominance. Excitement. Rapport. Seduction. And then I usually try to settle into a calm, solid, seductive vibe.

So ^ this is not theory. It’s my personal drill to help kick-start my state. It works well for me, to dial in my vibe.

And as I was getting a little beat up at work, I used some state stuff to help me to clear it all out and get me to settle down. TD would say, “…to let go.” And Tyler’s comments were behind me making a conscious effort of that kind of preparation.

It worked… despite the tension in my life, I was able to “let go.” I found some freedom. I felt very on that day.

So… The insta-date:

She stopped pretty easily, took out her headphones and we dropped into the initial moments. She was cautious, looked around a bit. I told her I thought she had an interesting face, which was true. And that I liked her style, which was also true. She took the compliments, still a bit cautious.

As I asked her name it was clear she was Japanese. I told her so. She was surprised I could tell. I was surprised she was Japanese… as you might know from my other stories, we have a lot my Chinese girls here, but fewer Japanese. I used to have a preference for Japanese girls… Now I do not. Too many great Chinese girls out there.

Logistics… She is a tourist. Properly Japanese, but she is studying English in Oregon. She was here on break, visiting her little friend. She had two nights left, and I had one of those nights off so I was trying to angle for a date and maybe another tourist lay.

I also happened to have been at a Japanese market that morning, as I was cooking for Siren that night. She wanted to know the name, so we looked it up on my phone and I wanted to send it to her… But she didn’t want to give up the contact details. More caution.

I teased her and tried to plow a bit… “argued the toss,” as Krauser would say. She said it was “dangerous to give the contact.” I told her that giving me her Line App would mean I could msg, but that was it. But it wasn’t happening.

I was trying to move on to setting up a date for the next day, but the contact exchange was going nowhere. So I went for the i-date and she agreed.

Hmmm. Cool.

So arbitrary… that she would date me in real time, but refuse to give me something as meaningless as access to her via electronic msg. But just like that, I was on my 2nd i-date here in the US.

Took her to tea. As I walked her into the coffee place and the staff checked us out (they all know me), it felt like deja vu, as I did this so many times with girls in Japan (the staff there would check me out too). It was ironic to have my 2nd i-date here, and it was with a J-girl. If I didn’t know better, I’d think only Japanese girls like to i-date.

We got two cups of sencha and walked back toward where we met. At a certain point, she signaled to sit down (she was leading a tiny bit there) and we did.

She’s a lovely girl. Goes to University in Osaka. She has a boyfriend there, and I told her he was too far away to matter… And she smiled. I told some stories about virgins I met in Japan and asked if she was… She said it was a secret. Totally cute, but I bet she is not.

I assumed she was post-grad, doing some language work, and I guessed her age at 22… Her eyes bugged out and she said:

HER: I’m 19!

I had no idea. She didn’t ask about my age. In my experience, most girls don’t ask until after sex.

By then the love bubble was in full bloom. We had done my now standard “routine” about how a good man will make a girl “comfortable,” but not too comfortable… A mix of safe, but also “exciting.” I had her right in that space.

I tried to kiss her… I mentioned it somewhat before I did it, but only barely, cutting myself off and going for it. She panicked a bit, but I body-rocked back, repeated “Comfortable! Comfortable!” with an exaggerated big grin on my face, and she relaxed and the bubble got even sweeter. She had a look on her face like she was in love. She told me that I really did make her comfortable and thanked me for “respecting her feelings.”

This was fun (19, wow), but was going nowhere and I wanted to get back to hunting. I made her take a photo of my Line ID, so if she changed her mind she could add me later and I told her if she did I would take her out. She seemed very into me, thanking me over and over. Doggy Dinner Bowl Eyes.

Great experience. For both of us.

I walked off smiling about the magic windows of daygame. These brief little fantasy moments that happen out of nowhere. Just another day in the streets and a date with a little girl 25 years younger than me.

This… after starting the day by getting “fired.”

Game is clearly a happy place for me. I used some state exercises to get me in the mood, and then game took that mood to the sweet sensation of a charming teenager’s attention.

It’s not always like this, but often enough. The street can be cold and cruel… But it can be warm and generous as well.

I had already taken two numbers that day. I rolled around and took two more.

Beautiful daygame day. Huge smile on my face.

Went home that night and had another incredible and emotional date with Siren.

Clients are like girls… They come and go like trains through a station. I am that station. I am the center of my life. Girls… are just passing through. And there will be more.

This is not a passive exercise. I have to take the initiative, I have to offer value. I have to lead. But when I do, great things happen.

And as I make myself the center of my life — where girls (and clients) are the “golden eggs,” but I am clear that in my life, I am the “golden goose” — I can be less attached to any specific girl or client.

I can be free.

“That’s really what game is, it’s training your mind to do two things: Take massive action and have a fucking blast by letting go just self amusing and having fun.”
— RSD Tyler

All hail the Daygame Gods! May we be entertained!

And bless all the little tourist girls. All the girls, really. With their perfect skin and curious-soft little minds. The one today was delicious.

Viva daygame.