Vampire Theory

Vampire Theory…

I love the vampire analogy for older men and younger women.

(I wrote this as a comment on… but liked it enough I’ll post here as well.)

The classic “vampiric exchange,” is the ancient vampire, consuming the virgin… But she kinda wants it to happen. He needs her naivete and the tonic of her innocence (its the main thing he’s lost) and she is intrigued by his wisdom. That’s a hot exchange. And one, I believe, that the myth of vampires is based on.

Older women don’t need or value my wisdom, in part, as she’s seen it/done it (or she thinks she has), and then, because she is old, laden w/ baggage, and is bitter about the 2nd act of her life. No disrespect… that’s what I see.

An interesting frame for an older man that likes younger women (=all men), is to play with the kink of the vampiric exchange. She will be repulsed by your age, by the smell of decay on you, and yet… drawn into the dark alley of your world, because some part of her knows that you have dark secrets to share. Disgust/love are each a side of the coin… she’s drawn to both.

I like this as a mental frame… And also as “content” to spit at girls in set. I would tell this kind of story mid-date, assuming she was attracted, and I’d do it in part as a way to disqualify myself, and also as a means to bait her into seeing she/I this way. Our “shadows” toast to this kind of seduction. Even telling this kind of story to “mature” girls can have an affect I like, assuming I never apologize for my appreciation of myself as a vampire or this kind of exchange.

I can feel the change in my status as I get older… Some club girl called me “Sir,” earlier this year… She was interested, but could feel the vampiric potential. I can stoke this with, “Ouu, I love it when you call me “Sir,” say that again.” (Credit: Alan Roger Currie) And lure her down the dark alley of my gifts.

Ha… #creepyhot. I love it.

PS… if you like this line of thought, you might check out the intro to The Libertine Reader. Do NOT buy that book. It is the ultimate in long-winded boringness. But the intro essay is brilliant red pill stuff.