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My old friend and mentor Runner looks to be making a commitment to daygame. Yes to that. It’s ironic that he is doing this now, as it was his interest in daygame that was the main reason I got started over two years ago.

When I got back from my first Tokyo trip in 2014, I was dating a girl back at home, but was still committed to game. I was meeting some girls during the day, but no cold approaching on the street. Some cafe stuff, some incidental pickup, but mostly I was running admittedly weak night game, while out with my wing Hurricane. Occasionally we would meet up with Runner, as well. I originally met them both on the local online lair (which doesn’t exist anymore). It think I met Runner back in 2008.

As I returned from my Japan trip, Hurricane and Runner were threatening to get started with London-style daygame. LDM. We had all been reading Krauser, and Runner had just bought a copy of Daygame Mastery (which I need to reread, especially the text game bits).

I was afraid of being left behind. That’s why I got started. It was a bit of good ole’ fashioned male competition, fear of being left behind, and the comradery of getting into daygame at the same time. A mix like that.

The ironic part is, I was the only one that became a daygamer. And also, that despite my lack of initial enthusiasm, daygame has completely revolutionized game for me. Finally opened up the door to everything game ever promised. No purple hat required.

These days, I am one happy daygamer. Because it’s fun. But more so because it works.

I don’t think Runner ever properly sunk his teeth into the daygame opportunity. He has great game in my view — is solid and confident, and his intellect makes him very slick with words and banter. He is cool. He has been a relationship guy a lot of the time, and has worked his online options, despite being very good face to face.

In 2014, Hurricane ran a couple hundred approaches and got laid, twice, pretty fast. I was impressed. As he got his second lay I was straight-up jealous. It took me hundreds of approaches to catch up to him. He has since gone dormant, and also rolled off to online, doesn’t do street game much despite his success there.

So I am excited that Runner is taking this seriously. Excited for him. He is going to kill it — if he puts in the time. His success there will add swag to his social circle, I’m sure. And he lives in a little town called NYC, and should have a girl or two to talk to there. Daygame in NYC. Not a bad training ground.

We have been messaging a bit this year, as I told him this is taking off for me. He has been doing a few approaches, which is great. I’ve been trying to gently nudge him out onto the sidewalk and into more volume. He’s done so much for me over the years. I am really grateful to the guy. I really want to see him make this happen.

Yesterday I sent him this via WhatsApp:

“Ahhh… High return daygame day. 12 approaches. 3 leads.”

“1st girl was a hot college girl, wow.”

“2nd was my first insta date. Which was fun. Little girl that claims to be a model, but is on the cute side much more than the hot side. Good experience. Pawed her to death in Starbucks.”

“And then right after her, I took the 3rd lead… 23 yr old nurse. Not that hot, but charming.. and she came out to dinner with me tonight. Great date, super fem, would not come home with me, but I think she/I are on for Sat. Not bad for a day’s work.”
— Nash

As for that insta-date. I have tried before, but maybe less than 10 times in my life. I know I tried the night I met The Siren, and she declined. This is a classic part of the model, but a part I have neglected, until now.

In this case, I had just come out of the Burton store in Harajuku when I picked her up. She was girly. Like most Japanese girls, she said “no” when I asked if she spoke English, but at least 1/2 of the time that doesn’t actually mean no. The chat was going well and she was into it as I pointed out how much pink she was wearing and how that was “feminine” — and she knew what that meant and liked the comment. Pink on pink, from her high-end hand bag to her coat, her shoes, and her freshly done pink nails.

She was compliant… and I find that so attractive. No joke. Compliance is genuinely stimulating for me. I don’t think I am alone on that one. Nor do I think that that is a coincidence, in terms of evo-psych. My sexuality is greatly enhanced by polarity like this… she’s fem, I go full wolf. I go “lumberjack,” she goes “cheerleader.”

I have been going to the Starbucks on that street over and over as I hunt that neighborhood. I was actually headed there at that moment, which is probably why I tried. And she was a quick and easy yes.

She had a latte. I had the same green tea I’ve had gallons of since I’ve been here. “Minto. Venti. Arigato onegaishimasu.” It’s a very comfortable Starbucks, and we were side by side on a full leather couch. Her English is actually pretty good. We talked about her family, etc. I asked if she had a BF and she said no. I teased her and told her she has “3 boyfriends! 10 boyfriends!!!!!” She laughed.

I am guessing she is around 22. I asked the kinds of questions I normally ask girls that age. Was she a student? Did she have a job? And she kind of waved off the job thing. A friend of mine that works at the Starbucks in Modi in Shibuya wrote down the way to politely ask about a girls job in Japanese for me, but it’s too complicated. So now I just pull that piece of paper out my wallet and show it girls on the street. It’s lazy, and funny, and they laugh, and I love it.

In this case, she said something about being a model. She is short, conservative, not what you’d would expect in terms, of a model — and believe me, I don’t care at all about “dating models.” I roll my eyes at all that. That’s always been a dumb part of the community to me, and a guy looks try-hard, in my opinion, when he talks about “models.” Girls too. “I’m a model.” Who gives a shit. A girl talking about being a model is like a guy dangling his car keys. A shallow status play. Super douche-y, IMAO.

But as we flipped thru the photos on her phone… damn. A full point higher than the view I had on the street. Lolita-like shots of her, young, in shorts and little shirts. In warm climates, at the beach, on a boat, etc. Like lifestyle pics for a catalog, maybe? Maybe a little sexier than that? Very well done. And some selfies in bed. “I love selfie,” she told me. Ummm. Okay.

And she mentioned something about having two Line accounts — one business, one personal. I had her add me to Line, and made sure it was the personal account.

As I said to Runner in my WhatsApp msg, I pawed the hell out of her. Had my arm around her. Held her hand. Touched her face. I felt a very strong urge to make out with this girl before I even had her on the date. And my cock my CEO was hard the whole time, which is increasingly common, but still a rare event for me outside the bedroom. Surprisingly sexy little coffee date, in a well-lit Starbucks, in the middle of the day, with normal folks surrounding us.

So it was cold that day, and beneath her coat she had a shirt up to her neck, with long sleeves with lace at the wrists. This is not the sexy kind of lace, more the Victorian kind. So I compared this outfit to those shots of her at the beach, and I said, “sometimes conservative, sometimes sexy?” And she giggled and agreed. And I “waved away the heat,” suggesting that I was getting hot from all this and she giggled some more.

Good experience. I liked her.

But I knew I was losing time on the street, with hundreds of other hot girls to approach flittering down the sidewalk just minutes from where we sat. She is just one lead, and if I want a full Girl Tornado I will need many. So after 10 minutes or so, I told her I was going to leave. She was a little surprised, but it felt right. We talked about her plans and I seeded a date idea for Monday or Tuesday, as she had plans the next two nights… which is cool, as I have some dates planned as well. Not quite a tornado, but there is definitely some atmospheric instability going on… and I like it.

And I split.

I was a little emotionally fried from the experience, the newness of it, the rush of chemicals as my body could smell sex in the air. I hit the street, finding it a little hard to focus and get back to business, but I did.

And two sets later I met The Nurse. But that is another story.

Here are the sets for the day.

  1. Dressed in all black, perfect skin, young and beautiful. Econ student. Line App close.

  2. Little, lovely, blowout.

  3. Cute hat, no English. Ummm, cute!

  4. First insta-date of my daygame career. Lots about more about her above.

  5. Tall, going into convenience store, no English.

6 The Nurse. Great walk, skin wasn’t great, but very nice set… somewhat agreed to dinner tonight. Line App close.

  1. Blowout.

  2. Blowout.

  3. No English, tiny, good smile.

  4. On the bridge, perfect skin, couldn’t understand and got nervous.

  5. Ummm, wanted to understand, but could not.

  6. Great walk, great hair, terrible teeth. Couldn’t understand me.

Viva daygame.